Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada

I want to die with the same simplicity Like a flower in the country, calm, unpretentious. Stars instead of candles shine on top The earth is quiet under me. I am light and liberty You are to hide the traitors Under a cold stone I lived honestly, Facing sun I will die. JOSE MARTİ Che, … Continue reading Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada


Afghanistan World Heritage Areas

  Bamiyan (Bamyan) Valley Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains Located in the valley of Bamyan in Afghanistan, the presence of the Buddha statues dating from the 6th century contains previously thought. Buddhist art in the most beautiful place he represented Bamiyan (Bamyan) statue stands in your way in the valley carved rock in its most … Continue reading Afghanistan World Heritage Areas

Glamorous East Africa from 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    UNESCO objective, all mankind adopted as a common heritage, to promote cultural and natural assets with universal values, to protect, to create awareness in the society and deteriorated for various reasons, do not have that explains as to provide cooperation to preserve these values. According to 2016 records, protected by UNESCO on the … Continue reading Glamorous East Africa from 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Red’s Pride Aqaba Travel Guide

I şehrind Aqaba in the Red Sea coast of Jordan. Wadi, the two most important tourist point of the country's wealth from Greek and I am here for the ancient city of Petra. Our country has somehow ignored the tourist destination of Aqaba, Jordan's favorite holiday destination is the only city where the Red Sea … Continue reading Red’s Pride Aqaba Travel Guide