There is no time to camp for nature lovers. The campers who camp in the four seasons of the year generally use which camp materials. In this blog I will describe the camping material list and the things that should definitely be taken to camp. First, when choosing camping equipment; How many people will be … Continue reading CAMP MATERIAL LIST


Traditional Drinks must taste their Required

  Is the subject of eating and drinking is essential for our travels. Even we visited, we saw where we discover, we had fun places and more sake of the activities we participate in our sometimes we eat, we drink flavors. Maybe a cookie, maybe alcohol, maybe a local meal. Especially if you have taste … Continue reading Traditional Drinks must taste their Required

Eastern black understandıng

  Eastern Black Sea never searched the sea, incomprehensible! In fact, in the Eastern Black Sea mountain is hidden in the highlands. The slopes of the winking of colorful flowers, crystal clear waters spilled from the rock, suddenly suppress rain is hidden in drops on the leaves. villages lost in the clouds, It is hidden … Continue reading Eastern black understandıng

You can find all shades of green cities in Turkey: Rize

Rize you can see hundreds of different shades of green, a unique place with the beauty and cleanliness of the food from the air. In particular, one of the most important places of mountain tourism and nature with people almost renewing this city, is among the most important tourism centers of the Black Sea. Especially … Continue reading You can find all shades of green cities in Turkey: Rize

Cameron Highlands Tea Fields …

  Cameron Highlands name, cadastral map brings experts in the region in 1885 is from William Cameron. This mountainous place where making something up to 1925, 1925, Sir George Maxwell visit, she decides to develop here. Tea, coffee, fruit and established an Agricultural Experiment Station to cultivate vegetables. together with the construction of the road … Continue reading Cameron Highlands Tea Fields …

About Turkish Tea : The National Drink of Turkey

Meaning “To love is like tea, to be loved is like sugar. The poor like us drink their tea without sugar.” People who are unfamiliar with the country of Turkey assume the national drink is coffee, but in fact, tea is the inseparable drink of Turkish culture. Women, family, and friends often meet in tea … Continue reading About Turkish Tea : The National Drink of Turkey