To lose something from the inside to win something outside. In other words, glory, fame, position, makam şatafat, fame, to win singles; To sacrifice peace, leisure and independence, wholly or in substantial measure; It is a great folly. Happiness is very difficult and in us. It is impossible to be found elsewhere. A healthy beggar … Continue reading INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY INDIA … NEW DELHI


Bridge !

Combine nature's lack of people joining hands ... Are vessels connecting the two sides ... There are here, Herein will get you there ... how long or short it is important? Bridges are not kept; It opens ... Connects Bridges; does not distinguish ... Proceeds from the bridge; impassable than half ...

September !

A summer begins to cool the air as people change the colors of nature, in September with effects such as thickening of clothes and outfits I've always stood a step away ... Just the end of summer, a new season, etc ... September came here! " I do not like! Day by day, thicker and … Continue reading September !