There is no time to camp for nature lovers. The campers who camp in the four seasons of the year generally use which camp materials. In this blog I will describe the camping material list and the things that should definitely be taken to camp. First, when choosing camping equipment; How many people will be … Continue reading CAMP MATERIAL LIST


Antalya interesting camping adventure

  Has a gandarman opened your tent at night in the camp? It became mine. It is not cold but it is rainy according to other cities that we are living in because we live in Antalya. When we saw the sun in the daytime, we went to a 2 day camp and called the … Continue reading Antalya interesting camping adventure

Darlık Dam camping area

  Darlık Dam is a camp site where people living in Istanbul can breathe easily and receive peace. Darlık Dam; Camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, and off-roading with ATVs. In Darlık Dam there are dozens of places where camping can be done. Each of the coils is beautiful and attractive. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE DAMAGE DAM … Continue reading Darlık Dam camping area

What I want is something different What is similar to wood, nor cloud I go on like this is not country sea separate sea, air separate air I'd see where, where I expect it another color, taste another I can explain my feelings about being on the road until the morning. Just because I'm going … Continue reading

Points to be considered when setting up camp

1- The floor must be flat. If you are inclined to dry land so that it lies above the heads of the tent. Emptied snowy ground if the snow is compressed or hardened. Regional gizzard stones are in place to set up the tents, sharp thorns and roots are removed. Thus, to prevent perforation of … Continue reading Points to be considered when setting up camp

Turkey in the camp, 20 Great Things to Do

4 seasons that has distinguished our country to camp vacation, the trip to the camp was no longer one of the methods frequently encountered holidays. Ours is like 4 seasons, summer, winter, where you can have the best, the cold snow, sun, hot, forest green and hot summer days, we were in a country where … Continue reading Turkey in the camp, 20 Great Things to Do