Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast

Sölden, with a full white heaven for ski enthusiasts, a village situated about 287 km from Munich. In particular, a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts Sölden, unfortunately somewhat limited in terms of other alternatives. For example, food and drink and a bit thin in terms of apres ski. But several Sölden ski lovers who enjoyed … Continue reading Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast


Review of Ski Verbier

One of the most notable routes between Verbier ski resorts in Europe. the town is one of the most ideal choice for an adventurous holiday trip in Switzerland, at the right address for ski lovers! "Ski Paradise" I can term as Verbier, meaning tourist center of the country in the last 10 years have been … Continue reading Review of Ski Verbier

White wedding dress suits you in Istanbul ..

  There also does not like, such as those who love the winter. Long nights, cold and discomfort of dressing in layers, sprinkle ser unable to sit outside with casual clothes like I could write a very negative .. As we think; olmazmıy du boring if you think our country one season? For example, in … Continue reading White wedding dress suits you in Istanbul ..

Ski Center Mavrovo, Macedonia

Mavrovo ski center, the capital of Macedonia, Skopje is located only 1.5 hours away. From our country in recent years, many ski lovers attracted address him, it is dazzling and impressive nature. Mavrovo town which was built in a valley in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia, is made up of small villages and … Continue reading Ski Center Mavrovo, Macedonia

10 Reasons to go to Kars

The gateway to Anatolia to the Caucasus Kars, set in a region bearing the traces of different civilizations. East of the country's rich historical past with serhad opened in Kars, cultural and ethnic differences in state integrated with the understanding of tolerance. In recent years the changes and successive steps taken by the shining star … Continue reading 10 Reasons to go to Kars

Fascinated With The Beauty Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center

Palandöken Ski And Things To Do ... Erzurum, a city founded in the Palandöken Mountains foothills. Plateau 2000 meters in altitude over 3,000 meters and still has a mountain that surrounds the city of Erzurum, Turkey’s highest city. This feature of the city, a center of attraction for 6 months of the year has made … Continue reading Fascinated With The Beauty Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center

We Stayed At The Heart Of St. Moritz

St. Moritz Has A Unique Beauty In The Alps How can I put this beautiful city, I did not know where I start. St. Moritz in the Engadin region of Graubünden, Switzerland, between the Alps seemingly endless winter, holding ice on the shore of the lake, 1856 m above sea level in the installation, a … Continue reading We Stayed At The Heart Of St. Moritz

Winter Tale In The Alps

Alpine winter seasons of the transition from the Art of Living in the mountains sunbathing dog sledding trips and torches for night walk through another Alps thru the Apennine of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia on the coast extending the Carpathian Mountains, takes you into the Balkans and the Carpathian Mountains. continuing with a number of … Continue reading Winter Tale In The Alps

Curious to ski in Mullsjö

Isaberg lovers challenging tracks Selman weeks of snow waiting for the rain, the snow in the nearby ski resorts Following that were the case. That is enough snow the past weekend in Mullsjö and learned the track opened on Friday after I drifted toward the inevitable. 'Doom I say' fine to rejoice because this year … Continue reading Curious to ski in Mullsjö

A Festive between the Caucasus Mountains Geography: Dombay

Dombay ski resort in the ski season begins in December and lasts until April Dombay, the North Caucasus, Karachay – Cherkessia Republic is located at the border, a terrestrial paradise with an exceptional geography. Dombay on the border with Georgia, Russia, the height of 4,046 meters in height built in the valley surrounded by the … Continue reading A Festive between the Caucasus Mountains Geography: Dombay