Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast


Sölden, with a full white heaven for ski enthusiasts, a village situated about 287 km from Munich. In particular, a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts Sölden, unfortunately somewhat limited in terms of other alternatives.

For example, food and drink and a bit thin in terms of apres ski. But several Sölden ski lovers who enjoyed the challenging ski slopes, on the other hand, when geçirmelik also hosts the delicious dinlenmelik with beautiful surroundings.

You can switch over to the Village at Munich Airport. Sölden is the ideal period of winter Giggijoch, Gaislachkogl peak and Rettenbach (glacier region) occur in 3 main areas. The Region hotels village narrow the possibilities.

Best 5 star luxury hotel concept “Das Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life.” However Hotel Bergland Hotel Tyrolerhof, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Alphof Soelden, Hotel Liebe Sonne, Hotel Castello Falkner, Hotel Valentin Hotel Sunny and Hotel Stefan is generating other senior with quality facilities.

I mention the 3 regions of Sölden. This may be the 3 main regions Giggijoch Tal. But to reach the runway options really requires a lot of experience and strength. Ideally Giggijoch Gondola bulunarak close from here to begin skiing.

The biggest reason it is so popular with the variety and prices of ski options in terms of compliance village tourists. If you are not beginners blue slopes will offer you numerous areas. Intermediate and audacity on the red tracks for all those to you, “Welcome,” he says.

If I were to talk about the nature of Sölden and stylish new lift; The 151-kilometer ski area, 14 black, 25 red, 27 blue runway track, has 3 snow parks. Things to include in Tiefenbachbahn, Freizeit Arena Sporthutte Fiegl, Schischule Otztal and Hochoetz is located.

Review of Ski Verbier

One of the most notable routes between Verbier ski resorts in Europe. the town is one of the most ideal choice for an adventurous holiday trip in Switzerland, at the right address for ski lovers!

“Ski Paradise” I can term as Verbier, meaning tourist center of the country in the last 10 years have been the case. Kayaksever not only has become a popular spot in the field of professional athletes.

covering the slopes at a level to compete with touches of white clouds. The day of the most naive of the hours of sunset and sunrise time of the day to remove the stone to breed the red card out image.


The ideal period will vary according bride is made to happen. If you want to fly in a wide track winter, spring or summer for trekking and climbing routes, the famous Xtreme Freeride Snowboarding Contest in March to witness can come to Verbier.

You can have transport facilities on the scope of the Verbier for about 1.5 hours from Geneva Airport. If we are to address the hotel options in town almost every period of the tourist season to form a variety of home challenge it is increasing with each passing day. W Verbier, the Hotel Vanessa Hotel Rosalp and Verbier’s most luxurious hotels.

Verbier travel I was quite volatile. I would not be exaggerating if I said I was sitting in a minute. I drink red wine on the sweet taste of the fatigue I still forget. Did you get all that flavor is not known whether or my tiredness was the best red wine I’ve ever drunk.


412 km of ski slopes with you embark on a journey that does not end in Verbier. I learned the errors slip up eventually dropped because I’m not expert in the field. I feel like I want touch on the time you have to Teperi cloud. In some regions at night it is beautiful. With the stars are not required streetlight. You want to catch each one. like clouds in the sky to Verbier. Piercing the sky feeling the recipe really hard.

Days went by my excitement, I add different alternatives. Get pleasure of Human succeeded in grasping how things can be. Snowboarding, paragliding, hang gliding, helicopter skiing and sledding are cocked hat saying I’m going to speak. not content with just getting a taste of Verbier Switzerland buy unwind the field of wine. Apology Sang de Reine and Fava you need to taste the most elegant option.


The town is filled with ambient restaurant. Hotels with racing venue and see the number of different menu offering flavors from each other is difficult indeed to human decisions. Scandinavian and Asian gourmet delicacies to fondue, pizza, French and Swiss flavors here every kitchen that comes to mind to the present. Switzerland already contains a wide variety of cuisine in their own head. The world-famous chocolates, wines, cakes, pastry and cheese in the finger ambitious enough to cause confusion.

Entertainment life is also quite moving. I’m doing a little nap after eating food from the fatigue of the day. After my last day convinced me that I get enough sleep I’m getting Dragos amused. I have a flight in the morning hours but who cares 🙂 Verbier is the most conspicuous of nightclubs Farm Club, Le Rouge, the Casbah and the coup d’etait.
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White wedding dress suits you in Istanbul ..


There also does not like, such as those who love the winter. Long nights, cold and discomfort of dressing in layers, sprinkle ser unable to sit outside with casual clothes like I could write a very negative ..
As we think; olmazmıy du boring if you think our country one season? For example, in Dubai, the countries do not have any winter on the equatorial line. There is no change of seasons.
We can live in a very special position in Anatolia four seasons in style. I think we need to give thanks. the barrage of snow, we overlook the contribution to the blessed land. When the snow wheat yields will be low and this affects the bread. That’s why we think the benefits of winter a little easier for us to love beauty.

The other is beautiful winter Sehr-i Istanbul. I looked forward to snow in Istanbul not so white was imbued. I photographed at the city’s center have. Istanbul’s ‘White Wedding’ s that I have witnessed again how nice it was. The ferry took the wheel from simitçi who enjoyed with tea, attracted a selfie behind the tram on Istiklal street in Istanbul with another nice taste abdominal browsing protect the city.

Although very little snow 3 days holiday that showed how a gentle city of Istanbul. Of course, the main reason why the city against a measure di icing on the roads this holiday. Kaka would be a true vacation.

Hailing a two-year profit would miss him to this city. I hope you enjoy my own viewfinder fitted ones.

Stay with love…

selfie suffering in Istiklal street ..


Mecidiyekoy Büyükdere street


Dolmuşçu are waiting out the cold in one çıkmayınca passengers ..


before boarding the ferry wheel taken from mobile vendors is done as you enjoy tea with the ferry ..


Galata Tower in Istanbul ferry profitable photo ..


Bagels sustenance to win it at the beginning of cold work for a living


Strait has been the accommodation of empty pier seagull …


Eminonu New Mosque and seagulls ..


Cold indicator of icicles formed.


on Istiklal street Kestane oil that he does not care about black …


a pair of draws Selfie profit photographing enjoy the heavy rain.


Istiklal street and a distinct pleasure to walk on the card.


a side street off Istiklal Street.



IMM Sarachane ornamental pool was the place to corner the seagulls from the cold.


The radiance of the sun in the evening light snow seemed more beautiful.

Ski Center Mavrovo, Macedonia

Mavrovo ski center, the capital of Macedonia, Skopje is located only 1.5 hours away. From our country in recent years, many ski lovers attracted address him, it is dazzling and impressive nature.

Mavrovo town which was built in a valley in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia, is made up of small villages and houses scattered around the lake. Due to where the most popular ski resort in Macedonia, active in every season of the year’s tourist center. Mavrovo, unlike ridden destinations of mass tourism, quiet and offers a peaceful atmosphere.

Mavrovo Kayak Turu
Mavrovo Ski Track
Mavrovo ski center, spread over 73 hectares along Macedonia’s western borders, is the largest national park in the country is located in Mavrovo National Park area. In Shara Mountains national park area mountains and Pindar prominently covered with pine forest, has 52 peaks of 2000m high.

In 1953, the valley formed by the accumulation of accumulated rain water artificial lake Mavrovo Mavrovo Lake, one of the other exquisite views of the ski resort. Situated 1,220 meters above the Mavrovo lake, 12 km long and covers an area of 13.3 square kilometers and 3 kilometers wide.

Mavrovo Ski

The recently renovated lifts and lifts with capacity increased Zare Lazares the ski resort, overlooking the magnificent views of Lake Mavrovo, a total of 5,700 meters and consists of 3 11 Lift Chair Lift. Ski center with a capacity of 11,000 people, offers the opportunity to ski at an altitude between 1255-1860 meters above sea level.

Mavrovo Ski Center

Mavrovo Ski Center

In the real nature and landscape with a unique, well-crafted tracks consisting of 6 themes, suitable for beginners up to advanced professionals. Alba and the trails in the beauty category Nordisk will love the hearts of experienced ski adventure.

Chair Lift and music in connection with runway lighting as well as being very attractive. According to the weather and track conditions 19: 00-22: 00 are provided the opportunity to ski at night.

established very close to the ski pistes hotel is located at 1250 meters. All season Turkish provided services can be obtained through your hotel or ski services without difficulty. party held in Macedonia with the famous music groups from time to time also adds color to the ski resort.

Mavrovo Climate

Mavrovo summer weather is hot and dry, cold and rainy in winter. The average moisture content of 81% in terms of oxygen-rich air. The highest temperature in August was 30.9 ° C, measured as the lowest temperature -23.4 ° C. The Mavrovo Valley lowest -4.5 ° C, with the highest temperature is 17.4 ° C. What I found at the end of December, there were sunny.

Mavrovo Kayak Merkezi
Mavrovo Ski
Mavrovo how to get there

Turkish air and road as well as Pegasus, holding scheduled flights to Skopje. When reported to the ski center Mavrovo, Mavrovo Skopje airport-shuttle service can be provided if desired. Meanwhile, Macedonia’s visa stated that I want.

Cheap ski holidays, offering transportation, accommodation, transfers and tour packages offer the Skipass including Mavrovo Ski Tour packages can be economical. Browse the site for the tour Macedonia, do not miss if you catch the appropriate tours. Balkan tour are among the cheapest overseas tour.

Mavrovo Hotels

Mavrovo Hotels are easy booking system created by Turkish and offers secure booking facilities. I advise I can give about 3 hotels in Mavrovo Ski Area; Bistra Mavrovo Hotel (4 *), Mavrovo Lodge Hotel (3 *), Mavrovo Sport Hotel (3 *). My stay at Bistra Hotel jacuzzi room was fine. They also had dinner and breakfast was delicious

Mavrovo Otelleri - Bistra Hotel Restaurant
Bistra Mavrovo Hotel Restaurant
Accommodation services that Bistra hotel’s pool and sauna ideal to relieve the fatigue of the day. delicious cuisine Macedonian cuisine is served in the restaurant fireplace. You have been able to find quite fond breakfast here and brewed tea. Turkish tea and Turkish coffee in addition to being well served.

Moreover Turkish guided Ohrid extra for those who wish to spend time skiing, except for the Turkish guests – Bitola (Monastery) – Skopje, Macedonia is closely organized tour with sightseeing can be diagnosed. Situated in Epinal Casino Casino & City tour in the city of Bitola as an extra if desired also be held for those interested in games of chance.

I highly recommend that you visit the page to learn more about Bistra hotel. Mavrovo Tükçe information can be obtained from the page for Ski Resort.

Other places that can get there from the Mavrovo

Galicnik; also known for its traditional customs Galicnik weddings performed in traditional costumes (Galicnik), it is located 17 km from the Mavrovo.

Üsküp, Makedonya
Night in Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje; Macedonia’s capital Skopje, Vardar River, built on two coasts. History of Ottoman settlement, the city is located 100 km from the Mavrovo. The city’s landmark, the 13-arched stone bridge and the Old Bazaar (Turkish bazaar) among prominent place.

Ohrid; Those who wish can go with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ohrid lake with daily tours. founded on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town is small enough to visit daily with original architecture.

Ohrid, Makedonya
Ohrid, Macedonia
Tetovo; Macedonia is the 3rd largest city of Tetovo other cities to be visited. Tetovo city where the population is mostly Muslim, know as Tetovo.

Macedonia is among countries without a visa, economic skis are seeking opportunities to address the review Mavrovo Ski Resort during the winter season gives all team, which includes the services of assistants who speak Turkish. Mavrovo, whether in the winter semester breaks and holidays; One place where you can enjoy a winter holiday wish Valentine’s Day romantic ski lovers who want to enjoy skiing.


10 Reasons to go to Kars

The gateway to Anatolia to the Caucasus Kars, set in a region bearing the traces of different civilizations. East of the country’s rich historical past with serhad opened in Kars, cultural and ethnic differences in state integrated with the understanding of tolerance.

In recent years the changes and successive steps taken by the shining star of tourism in Eastern Anatolia Kars turns into a great potential importance. To visit the city center and in the surrounding districts to be seen, there are many historical monuments and natural beauty to be visited. I can say I like the city I visited for the first time in winter season.

10 Reasons to visit Kars

Ani Ruins


There are also many ancient cities in Anatolia, even without knowing their name yet. I always wondered about the ancient city of Ani and I want to see one of them. Ani ruins are among the most important ancient cities of Anatolia, was carrying past a gate duties between Anatolia and the Caucasus. The ancient city on the banks of the River Arpaçay forming the Armenia-Turkey border, length of 5 kilometers long walls, the cathedral, with impressive churches and mosques, as well as residential areas.

Sarıkamış Ski CenterSarikamis-Kayak-Merkezi-Kars-640x400.jpg

I had never done before in my life skiing. I slipped last year, but I find sledding in Palandöken Ski Center ski opportunity. Sarikamish was the first time where I learned skiing. Snow quality Sarikamish equivalent to the Swiss Alps ski resort, one of the best reasons to visit Kars. 13 kilometers long ski slopes, crystal wife, luxury hotels, with pine forests and ski school, world-class ski resort. In the ski resort 45 minutes away from the city center of Kars November-April period of the ski can be made. My advice to stay at the hotel Habitat Hotel or Hotel Dolina. I stayed in both of ICS.

Wild Lake


Wild Lake is located in Ardahan, Kars, recently was one of the most interesting places in my Instagram. Wild Lake District soğuğu hard frost that seems to be an exquisite film set. Sezen Aksu had pulled the clip here. The thickness of the winter months so pleasant to walk around with slide on the lake at approximately 1 meter. Both sled owners are quite pleasant conversation and fun. Savour caught carp and mullet frozen lake in makeshift restaurant on the lake shore. If you are lucky you can even testify to that made in open ice fishing holes.

Sarıkamış cemetary


To prevent the invasion of Russia in Eastern Anatolia during the First World War in Sarıkamış Operation carried out by the Ottoman Empire, was killed over 90,000. That’s why we need to Dardanelles Sarikamish our vigor as the place for me. In the district of Kars Sarikamis martyrs remembered with a ceremony every year. Unfortunately, not much is remembered for being in a remote corner of the country. See Go!

Holy Places


In regions inhabited by different nations and religious groups throughout history it has many holy places. Kars and the surrounding churches, mosques, symbolizes the rich cultural history of the area structures such as shrines. the remaining churches Armenian mosque of Jaafari, Kars Airport, also gave his name and one of the first from the saints in Anatolia Abul Hasan Harakani Tomb and Mosque, among the most visited holy places in the city.

Historical places


different routes of Kars city center and residential district of historic and architectural drawing available. Ani ruins in Kars Fortress, Stone Bridge, Kars bastion of the Small Baths, oppressed son Hamam, Topçuoğlu Bath, İlbeyioğl of Bath as well as Ottoman, Russian, four can be seen near the city traces of Armenian and Georgian architecture. Exit to the city castle, see the sights of the city.

Sarıkamış Trekking Routes


The world’s highest quality snow with ski resorts in Ski Center Sarıkamış shown not only by winter tourism, waiting to be discovered with delightful trekking route. 21 different routes, 256 km of hiking trails Sarikamish which has 356 km and 428 km of mountain bike trails offer you to enjoy nature with splendid views of the driveway.

Original Russian Architectural Works


At the end of the Ottoman-Russian War (1877-1878) began and 40 years of Russian occupation of Kars, can be seen in a quarter of the city next to the buildings. As declared by the Russian military garrison city of Kars in the 19th century architecture of the Baltic influence is felt comfortably constructed buildings and implemented city plan. Revenue Building, Physician Home, Health Department, Old Governor’s Mansion and Tuncer Güvensoy home of the most important examples of these structures.

Kars cheese and goose meat


In cheese production different in Kars in Turkey, which is one of the most important brand, it is possible to buy the different kinds of delicious cheese affordable price. as I never go shopping where I filled my purse with two kinds of cheese. One of them, the Russians invaded in the process of 40 years, which is the most important legacy they leave Kars gruyere cheese. Its construction is almost takes exactly 10 months. Kars in the most demanding cheddar cheese. It also offers lots of local flavor to the famous city with goose meat eating and drinking enthusiasts. Taste!

Reasonable Prices


Turkey, which is one of the most affordable cities in Kars eating and drinking, transportation, lodging prices are much lower than the average in Turkey. the city where the most important budget item the cost of traveling, you can also enter this feature places a priority for those who travel plans.

Hospitable and tolerant people, fantastic flavors, historical and cultural areas, winter and outdoor sports centers, Kars, with reasonable prices, one of the most beautiful cities of our country. Different expectations that meets city, a great option for those who want to explore new places.

Fascinated With The Beauty Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center

Palandöken Ski And Things To Do …

Erzurum, a city founded in the Palandöken Mountains foothills. Plateau 2000 meters in altitude over 3,000 meters and still has a mountain that surrounds the city of Erzurum, Turkey’s highest city. This feature of the city, a center of attraction for 6 months of the year has made skiing.

In January, Turkey travel portal Gezimany and Sway Snow White was in Erzurum due to a blogger etkilinlig organized with the cooperation. I reached to Erzurum with direct flights from Izmir SunExpress. We arrive at the airport by car Sway Hotels transfer took 20 minutes. Is there another airport so close to the ski resort rather not know?


In the evening I have, Sway Hotels / Snowplus watched those who enjoy skiing on slopes thanks to lighting, I envy. enjoy skiing here, the driving after dark.

Palandöken Ski Center

Snow quality, quality facilities owned by all levels of skiing and ski slopes Palandöken appeal to lovers of exquisite Center, one of the winter tourism centers of Turkey’s favorite. Palandöken Mountains 70 km along the extended, since 1993, has been declared a winter tourism center. Universities in the World in 2011 to host the Winter Games have proven their quality on a global scale in a way.

Giant Slalom and trademarked by the International Ski Federation FIS for slalom competitions has 2 tracks. The New York Times, the list ranks the 18th in the world as a place where 41 ski resort Palandöken Ski Center, with runways, among the longest and steepest slopes in the World.



Palandöken Ski Center, located between 2,000 and 3,176 meters of 10 ski lifts, 1 chairlift, 2 baby lifts, 1 gondola service offering. One of the high points of the Dragon Hill, which you can reach by gondola lift. 12,000 people in the region have the capacity to provide services, a total of 7 easy, 8 medium, next to the runway serving the professional category had 2, 4 also has a natural slope.

Alpine skiing and snowboarding centers that provide convenient for runway, climbing out of them, paragliding, snowtub also offers alternative activities such as paintball. In Palandöken season long. Starting in November until the end of season in April are stretched. The most popular type of profit in the form of powder snow for skiers conquers hearts for all seasons.



In this region, 2 and 3 of 5 stars 4-star hotel also serves to provide the ski lovers to stay and ski equipment.

Snowplus Winter Sports

Snowplus 3,176 meter high mountain in the Great Dragon itself to a total of 12 km of private ski and sports paradise in Palandöken Turkey’s crystal snow slopes with snowboarders, adrenaline and entertainment offers at the summit



Turkey’s longest and with different degrees of difficulty, blue-red and black in three different difficulty levels, including, in particular with karlandır track system, it is possible to enjoy the snow throughout the season. Those who spread the Palandöken Ski 50 km radius, offering a total of 21 km of ski enjoyment, you can get 18 different tracks.

Snowplus Winter Sports, skiing is like giving a high level of service under the supervision of experienced instructors beginners. For starters, it prepared a section of track Sway Hotels output. This area of the equipment from the ski slopes and ski lifts that provide direct access to the room can reach the runway.


After skiing or boarding a drink or eat hot line if you want the hotel to the ski lift and terrace overlooking the existing runway. Ski room hotel adjacent to and quality ski and snowboard equipment rental service is available, and materials are very new and clean.

Separate toboggan run, snow tubing, mini curling like also offered different activities that appeal to guests of all ages. I record twice sledding, he has enjoyed a phenomenal!

Sway Hotels

Sway Hotels with its modern architecture, it offers the comfort of a city hotel. Honestly I did not expect so modern and good service. Do not know Hani ski well, it’s possible to interpret it as a holiday hotel.


It is mentioned as the best hotel in Erzurum. The rooms are very elegant and spacious. Design and the materials used have proved the quality. We stayed in a room with views overlooking the hills of the Dragon. Quite comfortable and decent. Breakfast wealth, he offered more than expected from a ski hotel.

Sway Hotels of the on-site Shang-Du Spa center is perfect to relax when not skiing or boarding. Daily exercise can be done in a fitness center and spa units, Turkish bath, drophead 280 m2 heated indoor pool and the installation of 2,500 m2. Massage snowboarders can take advantage of the spa. 1 hour Balinese massage was wonderful made by Nyoman.


Sway Hotels,, +90,442,230 30 30

Palandöken Ski, whether in winter semester breaks and holidays; Want Valentine’s Day in one of the best addresses in the ski resorts where you can enjoy a romantic ski skiers who want to enjoy the winter holiday experience. 4 km from the city center of ErzurumPalandöken Ski Center, the airport is located only 15 km away.

We Stayed At The Heart Of St. Moritz

St. Moritz Has A Unique Beauty In The Alps

How can I put this beautiful city, I did not know where I start. St. Moritz in the Engadin region of Graubünden, Switzerland, between the Alps seemingly endless winter, holding ice on the shore of the lake, 1856 m above sea level in the installation, a world-famous ski and resort area. Eastern Alps highest peak Piz Bernina which is a few km south of the city. St. Moritz has two distinct regions: Dorf and Bad St. Moritz. Dorf, the world-famous brand shops on the street is expensive and crowded, Dorf lush Bad is more modest.

A very stylish travel sites, described as elegant and lively city, showing the second address of the rich and famous. (So we :)) Although the population of 5,600, 250,000 per year (an incredible figure) found that tourists come here. Per year, the sun shines 322 days of the St. Moritz, famous for its many winter to summer tourism. 1928, which hosted the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, a skiing and snowboarding paradise with a total length of 350 kilometers long track (tested personally). In addition, each year in February, the ice holding the city to watch the races on the lake at more than 100,000 visitors coming. All I have to say I do not know this information, but after St. Moritz, unfortunately, I can imagine a lot more expensive cities. After so much information about the city, let’s get to what we do …



As always I made the reservation in advance from’ (never happens troubles do not go without reservation), we settled in to find our hotel. Albana Art & Genuss Hotel. We liked soon as you enter the door, we made our hotel sipping champagne our login process, a restaurant, a favorite even after we meet with bar and spa :). Let me also add a picture for you.

Just the desire to shoot ourselves in the mountains, skiing and skiservice snowboard’u our rent, we took in the breath of the runway. Skiing and I add a map showing the areas where you can snowboard down immediately. detailed maps about the track when you go to your hotel or at St.Moritz, can be obtained from tourist offices in major centers or from all stations. If that office is creating a lot of work for us.

03012012 (50)


St. Salastrains Corvatsch and Corviglia shift in the 3 days we stayed in St. Moritz, Pontresina in the sled (sled run, they say there) was not possible for us. We set out without knowing the length of skid trails were full 4.2km’y. we knew we would not attempt to do good, but maybe we have done that was very enjoyable. I suggest that you take you a few hours if you go to it. Meanwhile, before I forget, Salastrains’ down from the train, go up to the floor with a separate pleasure in the carriage. Think phaeton to climb the Alps


ENGADIN ST. MORITZ - St. Moritz, der weltberuehmte Ferienort auf 1'856 m.ue.M. 5'600 Einwohner, 5'600 Hotelbetten in 40 Hotels (ueber 50 % in 4- und 5-Stern Kategorie), 7'300 Betten in Ferienwohnungen, wobei 2'900 vermietet werden. 350 km Ski- und Snowboardpisten, 55 Bergbahnen, 180 km Langlaufloipen, 150 km Winterwanderwege. 150 attraktive Veranstaltungen pro Saison. Grosses, z.T. weltweit einmaliges Sportangebot. St. Moritz, the famous holiday resort at 1,856 m. altitude. 5,600 inhabitants, 5,600 hotel beds in 40 hotels (over 50% in the 4- and 5-star categories), 7,300 beds in holiday apartments, of which 2,900 are rented out. 350 km. skiing and snowboarding runs, 55 mountain lifts and railways, 180 km. cross-country skiing trails, 150 km. winter hiking trails. 150 exciting events each season. Virtually unique in the world for its broad sports offering. Copyright by ENGADIN St. Moritz By-line:

Now let’s talk a little restaurant and amusement. We also of course the first day with a traditional Swiss fondue dinner try. St. Moritz the best in the Engiadina Cheese Fondue Restaurant ( learned that we can eat, we breathe in Engiadina. Welcome A letter by the sign on the door as I enjoyed our Turkish. We have never seen in the kebab St. Moritz In this article rather with a very warm and charming wooden decor came to us. I’ve ordered the bacon-like çemensiz they also dry red wine and beef first. (I add the picture) Then came the expected moment and fondue. Presentation appearance was all very nice, but I can say the same thing impossible to taste. If anyone asks I say the trial.

This is the story of the famous dishes as follows: At the end of that century ahead of the Swiss summer and autumn, he produces and stores of bread and cheese to eat as food supplies during the winter. But this time bayatlayıp bread hardens and becomes sometimes but have to be chopped with an ax. Cheese, she petrified day by day. But once again, the local wine is a product of Switzerland they see that they can achieve a thick and tasty sauce mix this heat cured cheese. Moreover, this sauce can be eaten stale bread to dip bread they soften, even if he was taking quite a delicious state. Here are stacked in front of the stove, on top of that family, the black pot boiling on the fire, this sauce to dip the flag they discovered that these new food.


Winter Tale In The Alps

Alpine winter seasons of the transition from the Art of Living in the mountains sunbathing dog sledding trips and torches for night walk through another

Alps thru the Apennine of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia on the coast extending the Carpathian Mountains, takes you into the Balkans and the Carpathian Mountains. continuing with a number of intervals with the Taurus in Asia Minor, and from there extends to Central Asia through Iran.

Alpine is divided into three sections in it: Western, Central and Eastern Alps. Alpine Mountain West in Maritime, Cotia, the Dauphine, Graia and Pennine Alps substantial one.Maritime Alps, rises during the Riviera coast and Italy plains and has peaks over 3000 meters. The most striking of the Pennine Mountains, has a length of around 96 kilometers and the most worth seeing peaks of the Alps. At the western end, in the peak of Mont Blanc, France and Italy combined it is available. From this hill covered with snow at sea level is 4810 meters high of Continental Europe (as part of the Balkans in Europe.) Is the highest peak. Monte Rosa is 4634 meters high at the other end of the Pennine Alps. The Matterhorn in Switzerland and Italy border reaches 4478 meters, rising like a knife.

A branch of the Central Alps in the Bernese Alps on the banks of the Rhine River Valley.Finsteraarhorn (4274 m), Aletschhorn (4195 m) and Jungfrau (4158 m), as has the world’s most beautiful dunes. Penn is located about 30 km apart and parallel and form the most substantial view of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. Central Alps, Lepontine, Todea of Glarus, Bernie, are substantial arms Albula and Silvretta.

Eastern Alps, the highest peak less money to attract attention from the beauty of the direction they are owners. Bavarian Alps, Julian and Carnic Alps are substantial arms.Dolomite, is famous for its limestone cliffs crumbling. valley in the eastern Alps, as they have dense forests, agricultural land is very little available.
Alpine valleys are quite noticeable. Some hosts numerous waterfalls of the river where the current steep slopes, some of which are in the form of broad valleys running parallel to the main mountain. These are found in the valleys which provide short pass.



The snow line of the particles are found in areas with snow and ice in the hills above cut ice. This glacier is the largest in Aletsch’ covering an area of 1689.6 square kilometers in length and 25.6 kilometers. This is called the glacial ice of the river bed. This remarkable rivers of ice that is exclusive to the high mountains and polar regions were examined for the first time in the Alps. The movements are slow and complex. slowly withdrawing as in other regions of the world suggests that the earth’s heat.
Some areas are up to 1000 meters altitude in the mountains and are lost in the lower back. Glaciers are brought into shape by extending many V-shaped valley. earth and stone they leave the melting of glaciers on land is found to no longer separately.
Glacial lakes are also one of the remaining track. Lago Maggiore and Como in the south are very beautiful tourist lake in Italy. Geneva, Lucerne and Constanceis are located in the area covered by mountains, but also very beautiful. Geneva lake, similar to an ocean tide event but an event that has a completely different origin. cause of the event of changes in atmospheric pressure.

Europe is a substantial team rivers carry the Alps melted snow. Rhône river flows into the sea at the exit from the Western Alps in France. Po river, which is fed from the Alps of Italy’s substantial and in an easterly direction through the plains of Lombardy, is poured into the Adriatic. The Rhine River is the merger of Alpine stream flows circulating among the valleys in the northern direction.

In the Alps in the border of Oman and the black wind abuhav it is generally temperate.However, the different climatic conditions according to location and height is not suitable for agriculture. Precipitation vasati are quite high. Most rainfall is 3000 mm Conia. 2900 meters in height has continuous snowfall in the region. It is therefore convenient to ski and sporting events.

forages in alpine vegetation is rich and varied. Two thousand one hundred meters have been encountered on the kinds of plants that flower.

They come across the palm-type and semi-tropical plant species in South coast. This area is called olive strip. The valleys and on the lower slopes of oak, beech, there are trees such as maple. Heights pine, larch and spruce are dominant. They located on the prairie. 2430-2895 m in forages are disappearing in snowy regions begin.

mostly mountains in the Alps a few species are found in the highlands. an intermediate generation found in Alpine meadows above the tree line that holds the depletion of wild goat, mountain access up to 60 centimeters in length mouse are the most common animals. They hunt rabbits and various types of wild animals as outside, the fox and the rare brown bear is observed. European bison, long-haired wild ox and the wolf is extinct.


Bird species are quite abundant. Ormantavug of woodpeckers, grouse and waterfowl are among them. Eagle to, the swan birds and birds of prey are found high in the hills.Kızılcan located in crows and ravens. If the grouse are found in the snow border. The lakes and rivers are full of trout and other fish species.

A variety of mountain passes are available. In addition to the previously used Montegnevr Passage passage (1854 m), the Mont Cenis Pass (2082 m), Small St. Bernard Pass (2188 m), Great St. Bernard Pass (2472 m), Simplon in Central Switzerland (2008 m) and St. Gotthard (2112 m) are gateways. Rates Brenner combines the east Italy to Austria (1370 m) gateway is available. All of which about 50 to more passages need to be added.

Subsequent roads, bridges, tunnels and passageways are connected with France and Italy. 1965 finished the Mont Blanc tunnel 11.6 kilometers, is the world’s longest car tunnel.

There is a substantial industry in the Alps. Mining is not considered substantial.Northwest removed the bullet and mercury in some places in Slovenia. In some places rock salt is very high. Iron, copper, zinc, gold, and silver, and carbon, present in mikdar hudutlu. Odds many rivers which used to seize hydroelectric power. Plateau chapter in cereals and potatoes are grown. Animals and related products are produced than is captured from the mountainous region. In particular, Swiss cheese is famous. Wood reymecilig, clock manufacturing and excellent map oppressiveness also holds an important place. It is another substantial tourism industry handle. Landscape and healthy climate, a factor that attracts tourists. Low valleys, is cooled by the wind from the snowy hill.

Switzerland is the center of winter sports in the international playing field. Climbing is a sport with a separate appeal to these regions.

There are also alpine separately in New Zealand. Longitudinally from the island’s west it has been covering Southern Alps. The highest peak in the Southern Alps with Mount Cook in the country with approximately 3764 m altitude is the highest point. Mountains are contained up to 32 km from shore. There are about 16 units on the hills of the Southern Alps. Their lowest is around 3048 m. There is a great deal on the eastern slopes of the Alps glacier lakes. They are the Tasman, Josef and Fox glaciers are the largest.

Curious to ski in Mullsjö

Isaberg lovers challenging tracks

Selman weeks of snow waiting for the rain, the snow in the nearby ski resorts Following that were the case. That is enough snow the past weekend in Mullsjö and learned the track opened on Friday after I drifted toward the inevitable. ‘Doom I say’ fine to rejoice because this year is the thin snow to the few, not going on this weekend to ski every Saturday he was feeling relieved myself to a week. The reason for this last year

(Isaberg ski) I began to overcome my skis for the first time after a break of a year was the emergence gibi- fears have now is he never again.

Selman has gathered all of us drive on Sunday morning and we set off towards Mullsjö 7. After the trip takes about two hours we were able to wake up in our faces, but the shock of the cold when they’re there. Still, one of de se ‘so that cold, cold skiing is not made, that promise was in a position to run the car immediately take seriously. When did we borrow skis, we wear, we stopped on the belly, I knew then it was time to face my fears.


I started for the first warm-up for the easiest runway. After recording several times in this very short runway, the time taken to lift himself slipping saw that last longer. Maybe it’s time I had come to take the next step!

Hande and I fear the next time I come to a track that already passed the peak of Peace would be lying if I said. This track appears other than what I am, a sliding left and right, I slipped in some way by balancing my slow pace. I have successfully ended in the fall had come over my confidence


we provide a lunch break in the cafe at the entrance of the track, also all of our time outside a coffee break in the afternoon, we learned we had to remember to slip last year. It will be closed for runway we were off to the right in Gothenburg 5 hours. What follows are the results we get when we made the critical day in the car; We remember everything exactly, but rather at the end of the day we were better from where we left off last year, and we should have done this years snow season closed for several days without necessarily skiing holiday in Sweden! Where peace, which we have to go with transport, we stay several days, many people who have begun to make plans about that, I was proud to be returning home in one piece into the back seat




A Festive between the Caucasus Mountains Geography: Dombay

Dombay ski resort in the ski season begins in December and lasts until April

Dombay, the North Caucasus, Karachay – Cherkessia Republic is located at the border, a terrestrial paradise with an exceptional geography. Dombay on the border with Georgia, Russia, the height of 4,046 meters in height built in the valley surrounded by the majestic mountains Dombay-Ulgen, a small town with seyfe accommodation facilities that will appeal to almost every budget.

Summit always sheltered valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains in a unique, built on Dombay Teberda River, the region’s most beautiful ski slopes, reviews mountaineering, skiing and winter sports resort with like snowboarding. Amateur or professional, every level of climber and a skier’s favorite geography here. Even if you do not ski like I know, this is where nature’s wake, go to Dombay to see a paradise to be discovered in spring as the snow melts.


The highest peak in the Western Caucasus can not Dombai-Ulgen get myself looking at the breathtaking summit had been so. After all, the resort Dombay, between Karachai-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Bindağ or infinite as the famous mountain called the 5642-meter high Mount Elbrus is located 60 km away.

Albeit somewhat controversial, situated between the border of Europe and Asia can be considered the highest peak in Europe due to the region. That’s pretty close to heaven here, a geography evokes different feelings in people.


Dombay Caucasus Mountains located on the back when considered from one end to the other end can be called a fairly small place. New Zealand, for some reason he felt myself very famous in town. As I said to a lot of friends, you want to see the mythical geography of New Zealand that the Caucasus Mountains, Dombay go easier. Moreover, this is both closer and more affordable.

Dombay, offers world-class alpine skiing. varying in height between 1,630 and 3,168 meters, ski slopes in total, approximately 25 km in length. The total length of which is transportation to the slopes with 5 lifts 4.7 km.

Dombay ski resort in the ski season begins in December and lasts until April. Sometimes it is also lengthened until June, but now the ski season due to climate change seems difficult to see this season.


He began to return to the summer of manages to pull itself out of this delicious alternative with the guests of the ski region. Jeep, motorcycle, ATV or a segway to be able to explore this beautiful region.

It’s best if you go horseback stroll in these beautiful mountains, this is the most enjoyable and interesting experience. For those who like extreme sports can be done while rafting and paragliding activities.

Full-day ATV trip in the Caucasus mountains I took part in my memories as an unforgettable experience. 2,000 meters in height, the height at which growth is now out of the tree, you can see almost the same altitude to the summit of the Caucasus mountains extending parallel to each other. ATVs from the walk up and down in this delightful meadow, picnic should be done, should follow the long view.


Nature walks to the path of the route starting from the most beautiful town Teberdinsky Dombay Nature Reserve. In the shade of emerald tree leaves shining under the sun light, not too difficult walking route.

Although Alibek in Kaps see the mountain from the Falls, the splendor of the container and photos Dvuyazichniy Teatralna summit of the glacier. Mountain Sulahat (Sleeping Beauty) is an exquisite view of the mountains just behind the exhibits.

Karagöl to be seen on the road before reaching Dombay a picnic place for those who live in this region. One of the activities to be carried out to fish in the lake.

One of the places I most affected Tumanly-Kel (Misty Lake) was. This is one of the most beautiful places on Earth must have been. rising like knife-edge on one side, the mountains where the snow at the summit, on the other hand, green slopes and valleys, the other side is yummy yummy Is it a lake. Here is a full day to swim, picnic, you need to watch the lake and mountains.
This Dombay to lag behind about 15 km, Karagöl (Black-Kel) Navigating the road before reaching sling. Gonachkh concrete way on the river after a while later, you arrive in this beautiful tourist attraction of the Soviet Union in the lake.
If you come at the market located near Dombay eleferik, wool sweaters, scarves, browse for handmade hats. Jams made from pine cones and walnuts, honey flavor derived from the Caucasus Mountains and fragrant flowers.

rather stylish cafe and boutique hotels in town able to rid of stress while on vacation in real nature. Maybe not smell like chocolate town of Alba, but welcoming refreshments that of Caucasians, it’s not so easy to find this place to enjoy delicious cuisine rich in another place.


In the past century Anatolia migrated en masse, if many still living in our city and community Karaçaylılar holding cookies in the kitchen culture is a very important place. Traditional Caucasian dances accompanied by the chorus in the restaurant offered delicious food.

Meals are based on more meat and dairy products and can be as much as a vegetable. Meals are usually made with butter. Caucasian dishes flavored with aromatic spices derived from the mountain, flavors need me, was quite satisfying as well as presentation. Potatoes, meat, flat bread with cheese in basic foods.

Haluzz the triangular fried cheese puff pastry fat (Haluj); solid of dough long and three fingers were cut meterej put it in the neck after a fine round; Sips of famous Circassian chicken; hıngal, from corn flour stuffed meatballs, shashlik (shish kebab) and the so-called Circassian cheese. What am I satisfied if they bring forward.


Dombay offers quite a wide choice in terms of accommodation. Who wants economical, high quality alternative accommodations wanting. Almost every major hotel sauna and indoor pool. I Zulu, Dombay I stayed in the hotel.

Dombay nearest airport is located in Stavropol. Turkish Airlines flies to after reaching the city of Pyatigorsk in Stavropol (2 days), Dombay (3 days) and Arhız (2 days) in the form of a route becomes exquisite. in Stavropol it would be nice if you can 1-2 days.

Majestic mountains, gushing waterfalls from every slope, affluent rivers, lakes and ancient forests with exquisite explore this amazing region of the Caucasus region Dombay.