Addiction to freedom

  Addiction to freedom I lived as a traveler. Like many of my friends, I've decided that I do not want to be obsessed with life anymore. The only thing that made me happy was when I was 5 years old that I was discovering new places. Because when my parents and I were at … Continue reading Addiction to freedom


Fascinating photos Withdrawal Methods

You loved the charming fotoğraffotoğraf draw too, and you may be confronted with a spectacular view, but you can always view the next screen image, as we saw our camera. You can take a look at these methods in order to attract higher-quality photos. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Minimum 3 photo software with the help … Continue reading Fascinating photos Withdrawal Methods

You can not just look to capture the colors of life …

Hello there, I learned that it is much more enjoyable to get a job without giving a period of my life. He and I try to share what I knew from day one what I produce. Life is not as serious as you might think, and think that I try to live accordingly. My Blogs … Continue reading You can not just look to capture the colors of life …