” Although we travel all over the world to find that beautiful place, it will be difficult to find that beauty unless we carry it inside ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson




It looks as if it looks more beautiful from the Zanzibar than in the world. When it comes to Tanzania, it is impossible not to go to Zanzibar, to walk in white sand beaches, to walk in cool waters.
You are passing from Tanzania to Zanzibar with a tiny cranky plane. On the other hand, the island is a sea of oceans.





When Scottish-born traveler David Livingstone saw the candidate, the first thing he said was ” I am totally magical ” I think it applies to all of us.
There is a tide event that will not only get you out of your mind to the island, but even for the gates that are each a masterpiece …
The Zanzibar name comes from the Zanzibar bar. The Zanzis are said to be private. The island is now undergoing fishing and agriculture.
It used to be a port where ships from America and Europe came.





Zanzibar, known as the island of spice, is a white sandy beach where children of gul faces are among the unforgettable among the wonderful nature and your holiday.
It’s the world’s main source of carnation.
In the last century it became a slave trade center.





The island has a very old history. It is caused by the exploitation and management by many countries




There are incredible seas.Malivets Seychelles share the Indian Ocean with Mauritius.If you do not go back without making a safari.The most crazy tones of blue and blue are blue.A little white sand.You are opening a small boat where you will be at sea.And then you come to enjoy the tropical fruits,
The beaches are also very convenient for diving. The pools are very vineyard. Do not neglect to smell the smell of the ocean, do not listen to it. Be ready to see every tone of your mine and green.
When the ocean side says the depths of the forest, the man thinks of Alice coming after the rabbit. Do not forget that we came to a different world.





There is a legendary tide here. You have to experience this experience. You can walk 200-300 meters. You can live in a fairy tale. You are experiencing twice a day in the northern coasts of the island.
Other name is medcezir.
There are people who come to the island to experience these moments. Some love moments when some waters are drawn, others love moments when they rise.
I loved the times I was pulled …
When the sand came like a world, those moments tell me …




Unbelievable, but during the tide, all the sea creatures are between your feet. They come close enough to catch you. The people are running to the beaches immediately. Bags, baskets, collectors of these colors, colorful stones and sea shells.
Then they make it so beautiful souvenir items that you are admired.
While you are in the business, they are making a living. It is very enjoyable to experience seeing this way. It is a truly incredible experience.
The water is lost from under your feet and the waters are taken away. It is an experience that must be experienced. You walk among the sea shells. You are far away from Istanbul.
How hard do you think everyday troubles are.
That’s where travel shows you live.




Ada da görülecek en renkli en keyifli yer şüphesiz başkent Stone Town.Unesco listesinde olan bir başkent.Her yıl 150,000 turist ağarlıyor.Taş şehri gezerken burada uzun yıllar yapılan köle ticaretinin izlerini görmek mümkün.
Kentin farklı bir kokusu var sanki yüzünüze hemen vuruyor.Sizi sarıp sarmalıyor.Ve sanırım yeni bir şehirle tanışma anları genelde böyle oluyor.Tadı ile kokusu ile sizi karşılıyor.Alıp götürüyor.Her adımda geçmişin izlerine rastlıyorsunuz.




The old buildings have a complete photographic atmosphere. The city is decorated with magnificent structures reflecting the unique culture among the coastal cities of Africa. Kent preserves both its texture and untouched nature.
You can observe the mixture of European Arabian Iranian Indian architectural features. You can not see the blurred photos of women in the local costumes when you are walking through the streets in the street.
They do not like to take a little warning portrait portrait to friends who like to take pictures !!!




The roads of the streets are so beautifully preserved that you need to see them. I can say that the streets are like a labyrinth. I am so nervous that these streets are most careful with the wooden doors, each one of which is a work of art. Even these are worth coming here.
You think you will disappear in the labyrinthine roads, you say that this street will not come up. With a great mastery, they bring a masterpiece of art at the tops of wood carving with metal pieces on their tops.
People who play checkers in front of these doors are living in a completely different culture and quite different lives than where you live.




All the old mansions that you will grow up between the streets are serving the hotel. There is an extraordinary atmosphere and you feel it very clearly. You care about your clothes and you do not want to. Do not miss the bazaar for veggies and fish.




They are selling sugar cane juice with a tool like a press machine and I try to taste it.
Everything is possible to find in pavilions and parks with small peddlers. See what you look for in chicken prawns. See the taste of the local flavors. The smells are already very inviting.




Both African and Indian hundreds are out of the question everywhere. Children do not leave you alone on the road with their child’s eyes. If you take a pie pen, you can be friends in a much shorter time with me. They will then give you a smile on your lenses.
Maybe they will whisper to you as well as to you; You can lean on your ear and leave behind your big adjectives in the city all vacant right now you can say that these wonderful moments here live to the end …




It seems to me that the money given to the children accustoms them to begging. I think that the health of the mouth is broken in the ceremonies. The experience that I have with the children loves the paint brush the most and is happy to be a gift.




Another surprise of the capital is Freddy Mercury. The artist lived here until the age of 12. The street where the evil is is very lively. You can breathe for coffee in the cafés.
When Muslim human faces gave the skull of Moroccan air in their heads; Wooden doors and spices give Indian air.
97% of the population is Muslim.Hal Islam chooses to live according to traditions.




Zanzibar island spice paradise on the shore where the Indian Ocean and Africa meet. It is the spice capital of the world. The lemon juice is very delicious. Take a lot of ganoderma liquor. Vanilla caraway cardamom fraud does not go from your nose.
In summer the island is relaxed with the rain in the november.





The women are dressed all over the island so colorful that you can not get your eyes. They are all outfits with plain scarves. They cover their heads with pareolar. They are dressing their suits. Each piece of the fabric is written on top of each other.




Primary and secondary education in the island is compulsory. There is a state university and a college. The level of education is very low.
People who chat in front of the narrow streets of the door are worth seeing with their turkish colored waters and delicious food.
Mysterious Zanzibar; The colorful culture of palm and coconut trees came to me like a romance novel that would never end with the crystal clear waters of the fisherman villagers …




To lose something from the inside to win something outside. In other words, glory, fame, position, makam şatafat, fame, to win singles; To sacrifice peace, leisure and independence, wholly or in substantial measure; It is a great folly. Happiness is very difficult and in us. It is impossible to be found elsewhere. A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king. What could be better than complete health and a perfect body? Calm and cheerful. It is a clear, vibrant, penetrating, and accurate intelligence. A moderate, soft desire and a good conscience in accordance with them. All of these ; They are superior to no rank or richness to fill your place …
Rabindranath Tagore


If every country in the world is given a color, what color should INDIA be?








India has a treasure that can not be told with words and photographs. The colorful spirit is authentic airy with a gorgeous image and a different world … It takes many years to travel all around the country. You think you are going back to your life, but you are very mistaken. I think I need a lifetime to finish …






Monsoon rains fillet Indian gods of thousands of poor spices … maybe the first thing that comes to mind, but in reality
“INDIA” is certainly not that much … This geography is one that goes into the blood of a person never leaves.
With a trip to the East, this country will take your mind from you with moments that are not the most memorable and most incredible of the most incredible scenes.






Cinema is not able to describe the colors of many religions brain migration two hundred different languages a billion people … Cultures traditions are not able to describe the colors. You are in India, of course.






I think many people come here to find answers to questions in their life … just like me …
In this geography that wraps up the traveler’s hearts to enrich spiritual sense, there is also an answer to every question. I just want to take it … I changed very much with my feelings that I lived there.
I am someone else. If you want to live a different way of life, I think your road will fall to this geography.
In this sense, the point that affects me the most is; It was a RED CASTLE. In an inscription written in one of its circles, two arrays of Persian poetry:
“If there is a paradise on earth
She’s here, she’s here, she’s here. ”
I think you should definitely see India. If you come back to the world If the soul goes from one body to another You should see this crazy world to come here … no matter what life you are.






… We keep this crazy country like this, we are heartbreaking.Two hundred different languages and a billion people.Hindistan is the heart.We have our hearts holding us together.No place like there are people like me.Lin.Hindistan does not have a heart like heart ….
From Shantaram ….



India is the seventh largest geographical area and has the most populous population after China. The population of New Delhi is about 18.000.000. If you want to come to see the real India, you have to make a bus journey on a train. It may not be fun for you but be ready for the unforgettable moments …



New Delhi is the capital of India. The first is the crowded smell of colorful life can not hide the confusion. There are rickshaws for intra-city transportation. There is a counter like a taxi meter but there is not much to consider it. Do not get unprofitable but do not insist much. .



In Delhi, be assured that you will not be empty for a single moment. Delhi is a completely different world with its colorful energetic colors that you will lose yourself in shopping to eat your fingers.
As you walk in the streets, chaotic and mystical air will never leave you. There is a gorgeous atmosphere and you will immediately wrap around. You can come to the eye with a temple and a monkey everywhere. You will have an inner and spiritual pleasure.
I enjoy a cultural treasure here.


Many of them lived in the arm of a religion and believed in language. The white hand in hand was part of this geography in peace.
I say a person should love a place first. Then we have to photograph it. It is a job to draw dreams in paper. Another way of doing business. The machine is just a tool. It is used for transferring the idea. The photo is heart. The first excitement is the first encounter …




KITCHEN; It is possible to find an Indian restaurant wherever the world is.It is very common to use the spicy dishes in the kitchen.It is an interesting experience to taste the kitchen in the exact place.Bam is another experience.You can not use the hand cutlery and spoon.Flavored pepper mustard ginger garlic frequently Do not curl your nose to your favorite flavors. Try it. We are on our way to get different experiences.


SHOPPING ; Silk cashmere spices have antique products everywhere.2 shawl 500 rupees 1 silk shawl 2,500 rubies. I will not want to go out from the inside to visit the gifts very enjoyable.
Janpath is a very beautiful textile bazaar. Please spend time here. You will love the products of your business.


To be in the same position as a billion people To breathe in Gandhi’s country To love children, to see the women inside the cows, to the monkey caste system,
Do I want to come back? DEFINITELY YES…


Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada

I want to die with the same simplicity
Like a flower in the country, calm, unpretentious.
Stars instead of candles shine on top
The earth is quiet under me.
I am light and liberty
You are to hide the traitors
Under a cold stone
I lived honestly,
Facing sun
I will die.



Che, Fidel, Revolution, Rom, Salsa and Puro
It was the most beautiful country I have ever seen. I think it was the country where I had the best moments and memories I have accumulated in my spare time. I literally “far away” I did not get to Cuba. I loved the hot people in amazing scenery.
If you are thinking of going to Cuba, you should go and do this system unchanged. Your paths are open … It is so unforgettable to see this pure untouched state of untouched that I can not tell. The memory scratching is a must for your soul to leave a trace in your heart.


A Caribbean island that will lead you to another mourning with colorful lives and constant smiles, catching sentence that money and happiness do not coexist …

UNESCO has done a research on the world most wanted to see the country CUBA.
1959 model is called the most new for the car. There is no mechanic around this job, the father goes to the son. Şöförler officer and gasoline state.
Countries that do not have racism due to the color of their crops.
There is ATATÜRK bust in a park in the air.
Cuba has no external debt, no stock exchange, no bank.
There are no advertising signposts anywhere but photo passions.
When Cuba is eating American food from the American side, the medicine industry is suffering a heavy blow. It works in this field and it is successful too. Health is free.
Please have an eraser pen soap on your side when you go.



Almost every year there is a talk of “Let’s do Cuban” between almost every year. I will definitely see it unchanged. The country is going bad and what will happen after Fidel is killed. Mostly my friends say you still do not go to the last years to increase pressure I can say that it is.
If you can stop the caribbean wind and hit your face, you can feel the feeling of discovery. You can feel like you will come running out of the cafe and walk along the road with Fidel.Bu CUBA looks like a dreamer.



It is the most delightful but unfortunate island of the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus discovered the island. Colonies arrived. The people were killed under severe conditions. When the population of the worker decreased, the slaves were brought from Africa. Then the Mexicans came. The Spanish migrated to Spain and the independence was gained. Fidel Castro, who led the way in 1959, writes his name everywhere.



In 1962, the United States began embargoing. Today, he is trying to maintain his life as one of the few countries ruled by his commissar.
Everything is managed by the state. Everything that can come to mind at home. Restaurants, restaurants, cafes, transportation, health and communication. Public food and clothes are given by the state. Television only channel. No store pharmacy in the store. No Veeee internet. You are living a journey to a history of relativity. Life 1950 1960 It is not suitable for life to see the years maybe, but it seemed like it was gone at those times when you were riding a machine.
You want to walk in May 1? If you want to walk with a pepper spray, not with water and muss happy people, and to join a celebration, your ideal address is Cuba.
My road experience is on May 1st, standing in the very top corner, and the place of these moments is not overloaded.
Crying flag swinging poems reading marches. There is another different.






Wherever death comes from and how it comes … If our war slogans are to spread from ear to hand and our weapons will be captured from the hand and others will mourn our festivals with the sounds of war, victory, and victory, death is pleasing …
Che Guevara has become the symbol of social revolutionary movements around the world. This photo of Che is considered “the most famous photograph on the world and the symbol of the 20th century”.



Santa Clara is how Che means Havana is also Fıdel … Havana has also made a bloated revolution and returned to Havana again. Havana and Havana are enjoying their retirement … People really like their leaders very much. Fidel says … Fidel is the only one in the world Country CUBA.
They know the streets of Cuba and cling to the friendly hand of the Cubans; At this point in the world life is colorful, life is full of life with fire. Everyone who falls in Cuba at least once in the way agrees that the real Cuban roman is Havana Club with the sincerity of people with güler face despite the economic strength in this geography.


Island is a joyful and happy music salsadir. People who enjoyed the 60s of American cars like misss, sunbeds under the sun, young people dancing in the squares and another world like this …
Besides, do not finish your journey without looking at the tastes of mojito daiquiri cuba bulb pina colada. Be prepared to pass your Cuba journey with light head and swing.



The Cuban music is energetic. It is Buena Vista Social Club which is one of the important groups of Cuban music. Dancers singing songs play guitar. Street corners are always caught by musicians.
PURO … it’s really about yesterday




All of your friends are expecting a cigar from you. Believe it or not there is no bigger problem.
Do not give up on Cohibo, Romeo and Juilet, Monte Crýsto. Prepare to be rom and cigar parties in your home in the future.


The supermarkets on the streets between the squares will let you fall in love with the aged ladies in the rocking seats with their colorful carpets.
During the trip there is only one song on your lips;

One of the places to visit in Alanya is Aytap Ancient City


There is a lot of coves and lots of coves to see and swim between Alanya, the biggest town of Antalya, which is a tourism paradise, and Gazipaşa, the last town in the east. It is the place where Aytap Antique City is located. <span title=”Kısaca o koydan bahsedeceğim.

“>In short I will talk about that place.

It is an ancient city located 34 km east of Alanya on the old Gazipaşa road and 10 km away from Gazipaşa. Name M.S. King of the Commagene who lived between 38-72 years IV. The wife of Antiochus comes from Iotape. <span title=”Antik kentte en belirgin kalıntı Hamam ve kentin tapınak duvarlarıdır.

“>The most prominent remains in the ancient city are the baths and the temple walls of the city.

After the history of the ancient city, I would mention nature and beauty; Just across from the temple there are flat sections consisting of 3 pieces of malt. These sections can be tent with 5 tent side by side. So you can say hello to the sun with the sun rising from the view of the temple and the sun behind it in the morning sun. Your only trouble will be the nearby cottage houses that ruin the scenery.

When you go to koya under the Maldens you will meet this beautiful cave in the picture on your right. If you like, you can get out of the sea by entering and swimming.

In the early hours of the morning, the locals may be individual fishermen hunting and daytime boats. Apart from that, on weekends you can meet people who want to have a picnic and want to see the ancient city. At night, trucks usually pass because they are old roads.

There is a restaurant of 200 mt walking distance to the area. You can supply electricity and water from here. But I think it’s a good idea to be equipped with everything because there are no settlements or markets nearby. Since the firewood is less in the region, the tube usage is intense. Do not worry about the lack of wood because the night is very hot during the day


I would recommend that you come to Aytap Ancient City and try to make your time by camping and doing tea and food in this ancient town and cove. If you come to Alanya you should definitely stop by.

Nice people, good fun

Addiction to freedom


Addiction to freedom

I lived as a traveler. Like many of my friends, I’ve decided that I do not want to be obsessed with life anymore. The only thing that made me happy was when I was 5 years old that I was discovering new places. Because when my parents and I were at work
One by one, constantly escaping to the sea,

I’ve always been a fan of freedom. I just realized that I had forgotten it for a long time while I was struggling with problems such as school graduation, livelihood, trying to make money. I constantly went into different jobs and when I went to the office from home to office, I realized that I spent more than 2-3 hours on the road going to work every day and how many things I played in my life. There was a huge world out there, and I realized that I just missed it when I struggled to get a good house and a car to fit into the classical society. I was also very active in university life. I’ve always been open to learning new things from paragliding to dancing in motor sports. Of course, when graduation and work force entered the business, things changed. I do not know when I’m living. I was not happy.

Well, I finally stopped working. I was not doing the job I already graduated. My main job is geological engineering. Later I started developing Graphic and Web Design. Now I decided to go on freelance and spend the rest of my time spending my time with my dogs and my dog ​​more interested in my work. Am I sorry? No! Am I free? Yeah! But I am peaceful because I have not chosen a life in my business life that I have to spend in the office to attract dozens of unhappy faces. I do everything I love and I am happy with small things.


I always fell in love with the sea when I came to the things I love, and it was always like me therapy to sit on the edge and hear the sound of the wave. So the promise of one of my favorite songs; “I did not like people who do not have a beach.” Even if I can not do anything, I can sit on the seaside for hours without ever getting bored. After that, camping is coming. Yes, I can not say I have camped for hundreds of times, but I can say that I can escape to nature at every opportunity. Once there is no unnecessary city crowd. Unhappy faces no traffic noises. There are no minors, no rifles, no riffs. It’s just the sound of the wind. In the morning you are opening your eyes to a thousand shades of green, not in the dark of the dark rooms. You can not even enjoy it in the most expensive rooms of the most comfortable hotels. I hope that one day everyone will get rid of the metal masses and realize their beauty and beauty



There is no time to camp for nature lovers. The campers who camp in the four seasons of the year generally use which camp materials. In this blog I will describe the camping material list and the things that should definitely be taken to camp.
First, when choosing camping equipment; How many people will be camped, the season, weather, how many days will be left and the campsite to be visited. The camping material list should be prepared very precisely and unnecessary materials should not be placed in the backpack. Otherwise, heavier bags will tear you down when trekking and hiking.
On this blog I will list the materials to be taken for a 2-day camp at the weekend. First of all, it is very important that you will go to the camping area by car or walk. If you walk mostly to go to the campground, you should get rid of unnecessary unnecessary goods. Otherwise, after a few hours of walking to find the campground, the question “Do I carry a stone on my back?” May come to mind. Before going to camp, the list of camping equipment and bag should be arranged.


Camping bag: You can usually obtain a camp bag for every budget from Decathlon stores. Quechua brand bags are recommended by all campers. For long-term camps, bags of 70 liters or more are recommended, while bags of 50 and 60 liters are recommended for short-time cams like 2 days.

Tents: Camping tents are generally preferred to four-season tents from Husky and Quechua. You can choose a camping tent, considering how many people you will be going to, how many seasons you will be staying, and how many days you will be staying.
Mat: The mats are generally in standard length. Once you have settled your tent on a suitable floor, you can also tender it in the tent.
Sleeping bag: The choice of sleeping bag is very important for a healthy sleep and body heat. If you do not get a sleeping bag that surrounds your body, your body will be warm and your tent will sweat. Your sleeping bag should be made of cotton and not slip out of mattress.
Camping knife or pocket knife: In order to be used in kitchen, separate knives should be preferred. But for the wood chippings and the hobbies, there are beautiful knives made of deer horns on the market, like the Swiss knobs.
Hand lamp, solar powered lamps and battery: One of the lanterns I will recommend to you is the hand lantern in the 10 th milliwatt power. It will automatically recharge when you are in the sun for a long time and you will not need to use the batteries. If you use classic lanterns, you have to have batteries with you.
Binding threads: Thick, thin and wristbands must be threads. The rope in nature and on the mountain is one of the basic necessities. Optionally, thickness and length may be preferred.
Ax: The ax is preferred according to the hand size of the person. Attention should be paid when using an ax.
Hammock: You can double your camping fun as a hammock if you are comfortable
Foldable chair with armrests: Both armchair and armchair can be put on armchair chair is indispensable for camp lovers.
Rowing: Used to excavate the camping fireplace and, in many cases, to excavate the soil.
Matara: 0.4 liters, 0.7 liters or 1.0 liters of Quechua brand metal mats are preferred. You can get it according to your request.
Mobile phone: It will be useful to have a mobile phone in your home, as it helps you to use it for many jobs nowadays.
Powerbank: Preferably, solar powered power benches should be used. You may prefer solar powered power benches because you are unlikely to find electricity in the mountains or in the country.
Bags: You can choose regular bags to put your items, or you can choose to put your trash bags.
Duct tape Pen, paper and note pad: Notebook and pen are important items for drawing your route to the public or for writing basic materials you need.
Cigarette lighter, match or magnesium bar: It is one of the indispensable camping equipment to burn your camp fire.
Fishing line, hook or mini fishing line set: It is your benefit to have a fishing line with you according to the possibility of fishing.
Torpedo or sounding explosives: Can be used in case of approaching or threatening wild animals.


First aid kit: First aid supplies are of vital importance during camping. You must have a first aid kit with wrapping cloth, needle, thread, painkiller, antibiotic, wound band, antiseptic solution, plastic whistle and similar products.
Sun Cream: Sunscreens must be provided that do not expire in the event of burns.
Toilet paper: Since personal hygiene is also important in the countryside, toilet paper should be used in the toilets.
Towel: Towels should be provided for hand and face drying. Also, when you enter the water, towels are important for drying.
Moisturizing cream: In cold, sunny and frosty weather, you should keep moisturizing cream against cracks in your skin.
Mont: Seasonal can be preferred as summer or winter. Lightweight coats should be preferred to avoid heavy baggage.
Raincoat: Raincoat should be preferred considering the weather.
Lingerie: Spare lingerie should always be taken in the nature. Also, care should be taken to ensure that it is clean and hygienic.

Track suit


Grilled or grilled: Grilled and grilled are required for cooking.
Camping Dishes: Teapots known as black teapots are preferred for sipping your tea or for heating your water.
Mini cookware set: You can cook juicy meals in your pans or make pasta-like dishes with vegetables.
Kuksa or unbreakable glass: Your cup of tea, water and other beverages is a must to drink.
Cutlery, spoon and tea spoon: You need this equipment to mix your meal or tea.
Wooden bottles: You can obtain the branches you find by carving them with a plow.
Canned foods: You can consume cannabis, beans or canola, such as leaf sprinkles. If you heat the fire for a while before you eat it can be more delicious.
Pasta: It can also be preferred in macaroni camps, which are indispensable for student houses. You can cook in boiling water and cook with vegetables.
Package soup
Breakfast products: Cheese, olives and other foods should be available.
Liquid oil: Liquid oil can be used in long-term cams.
Tomato paste: You can buy mince tomato paste. You can use it in long-term camping meals.
Chicken, fish or red meat: may be preferred if it can be kept cold or available from nearby grocery stores.
Various fruits
Loaf of bread, yufka bread or lavash
Nuts, walnuts and nuts: Nuts that give a feeling of satiety for a long time due to their vitamin E content should be preferred.
Beaten egg
Tea, herbal teas and sugar
Chips, core: The student camp is one of the indispensable ones.
Marshmallow: You must be with us as an indispensable part of the camps.

The list of camping materials I mentioned above varies completely. It is also worth mentioning that; You will see that the listen is very long. But some of the materials in the list are team materials. For example, in a 3-person camp, 3 shovels or 3 axes are not taken and 1 person is an ax. Once we use disposable products, we should throw them into the nearest trash can by putting them in a garbage bag that does not throw into the environment. It would be useful to see if we have the chance to go to the wilderness before we do our new camps. Everyone wish camping and nature days



Places to camp in Lake Salda and what to do

Our path fell to Burdur and we camped on Lake Salda. Lake Salda, known as the Maldives of Turkey, located in the province of Yesilova in Burdur, is known as the lake that grows with turquoise color. It is located 76 kilometers from the center of Burdur to the town of Yeşilova and 4 kilometers from the lake of Salda from the district of Yeşilova.

In order to go to the lake, we had to hitchhike from Isparta towards Burdur with our friend Omer Faruk and then hitchhiked to the vehicles going towards Yeşilova to reach the lake of Salda. You can easily reach Lake Salda from Denizli, Burdur or Isparta.


When you reach the private road from Burdur, you can arrive in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by using the 761 kilometer road on the Kiraatli Road and the D330 on the Salda Lake in Yeşilova. You can also get to Yeşilova from Burdur Otogar for 10 TL by taking Yeşilova minibuses. If you ask the minibus drivers, they will leave you as far as Lake Salda. You can access the map of Lake Salda from the map below



Since it was declared a Natural Site in 1989, it was forbidden to construct buildings around it.

It is known as one of the two regions of Earth that carry the surface features of Mars.

The water is beneficial to the skin and health because it is rich in minerals. Treatment of acne, acne and other skin diseases is possible with the mud bath.

Lake Salda is one of Turkey’s 3 deepest lakes with a depth of 184 meters. It is located in the Lake District in Burdur.

The hydromagnesite mineral in the sky is quite useful.

There is a 3-4 meter withdrawal every year at Lake Salda, 1140 meters above sea level.

The Salda Ski Center with a view of the lake is known as an important place for winter tourism.

In winter 50-100 centimeters thick snow is possible to see.

Water snakes in Lake Salda are poisonous.


Where should I camp in SALDA LAKE?

You can camp at Lake Salda on public beaches, municipal campsites and other campsites. But we liked the serenity, so we camped in the Maldives region just across the section called the small islands. We recommend you to camp in this area.

We learned that building a camping tent is prohibited in the Salda Lake Nature Park. It is possible to encounter tiny water snakes in almost all parts of Lake Salda. We learned that water snakes are non-toxic and can enter the water. In the photo below we see the wooden wall we made to protect from the wind. The trees we use on the wall are the pine trees we find on the ground.

Beyond Fears Diyarbakır

In this article I could tell the history of this city, the Ulu Mosque, the Ten-eyed Bridge, but if you can find them already, I want to tell you what I felt about these places.

It is such a place that in Diyarbakır you felt like a piece from you beyond what you see in the news

Yes, perhaps you will not be able to go to the top of those walls when you go, maybe you will not be able to enter the four-footed minaret, but Diyarbakır still appeals to both the heart and the heart with its fascinating atmosphere. As you walk on the streets, you will wonder what’s going on in this land, you will not know what a song on the ground you do not understand, what you are talking about (especially at Dengbej’s house) while listening to it and finally you will look at Dicle and see why I’m so influenced.

Greetings to a city in Diyarbakir, where everyone has to go and see, once in their life, the air to breathe

Go as far as you can see; You’ll see more when you get there


Gaziantep, my mind always comes with dishes and baklava. However, believe in the places where nature and places to be seen are as wonderful as their meals. Gaziantep was a city we always wanted to go to. The dates on which the plans were made were finalized. Of course, we had to do some preliminary research and found Rumkale by chance. It was a place we never even heard of, never seen before. I can not tell you how excited we are.

Rumkale is approximately 50 km away from the center of Gaziantep. From Yavuzeli District, you are going to curl among the peanut gardens towards the village of Kasaba. When we went, the peanuts were exactly right.

When we got to Rumkale, the opposite city was very different from the photographs that we see enchanted and alive.

For this; “It’s hard to tell where your rock ended, where your work started.” It really is … The harmony with nature is wonderful. Assyrian, Persian, Hellenistic and Roman settlements. With the relocation of the Archbishop in 1113, he became an important religious center for Christians.
In 1516, with the entrance to the Ottoman domination, Rumkale; It has been turned into an accident center connected to Birecik Sanjak of Aleppo Province.


From Rumkale you can go to Halfeti by boat. The boat takes you from here to the Savaşan Village, which is flooded with the construction of the dam.

The fighter is attached to Şanlıurfa and is about 120 km away from Urfa center. While the boat that we rode from Rumkale was driving us in the waters of the Euphrates, it was actually taking another town.

Seeing the village does not see the inside of the people hurts. It was under the waters of the Euphrates by the construction of Birecik Dam; The village people moved to their new homes above. Only the village camisole, the minaret and the roof part are visible. Village school is completely under water. It has become very difficult for me to leave the places where people are born and where they are born.
After this little mall in the country, the direction is; Halfeti. These are two places that have been a bonus to our tour. In fact, it is very good because the restoration work in Rumkale continues to go inside. This is because we did not feel very upset because the surroundings and our own image were enough to entice us.


Halfeti is also connected to Şanlıurfa and is 120 km away from the center. From the Assyrians to the Greeks, from the Syrians to the Arabs, from the Byzantines to the Mamluks, and to Yavuz Sultan Selim during the Ottoman period. But again, a large part of the city was flooded with dam construction.

When we got to Halfeti, we got one of our floating restaurants. Since the water is constantly descending here, the restaurants are usually built on the dubas; You can eat both the food and the water a little more. There are also a few hostels for those who want to stay.

You can see the city from the other side better than the suspension bridge that says “Halfeti Gerdanı”. But he is so swaying that he will not go past the human mind, ‘Now he will break.’

Ulu Mosque; Its construction began in 1804 and was completed in 1807, but it was taken from the rising water and the bottom part was about 40 centimeters below water.

After we sipped our kahves against the Euphrates, we got back on the boat for the return and started to enjoy the refreshing air. If you want to experience this experience, April to May are very ideal. You can roast after lunch

Antalya interesting camping adventure


Has a gandarman opened your tent at night in the camp? It became mine.

It is not cold but it is rainy according to other cities that we are living in because we live in Antalya. When we saw the sun in the daytime, we went to a 2 day camp and called the road. We started on the way to the west of the city. We went to the Paradise Bay, which we heard on Camyuva, but we never wondered until that day. We arrived at the tent, we did not burn a faint fire, the rain did not pass. I went to the tents that burned the firewood with gasoline and then took the fire with confidence and got hooked for a while. If we did not get in. When I was talking a few feet of voice voice at night, my fortune, blind chance, the gendarmerie opened up my chain of tents directly and yelled, “Get up, get up, get up.” With that enthusiasm, I will call you a command. (I did not go to the troops) .. They have removed all the tents in the coastal areas that gave me the warning of the meteorological storm that it is forbidden to tent there. This is my dear soldiers, so we came here so you have 6 sap here you have an identity check. We do it, of course, that control is important, we gave them their identity. Lan boy, check it out, let the guys go. But the IDs went to the checkout to be checked.


Did you say someone comes in and says everyone can go then you say your name and you come with us? Said. Did you take me? He took. Night 4 and we’re at the gendarmerie station. Luckily this is not the commander, they said you will stay until morning


Somebody got up with his pajamas in the man looking for a commander. However, a little too nervous. The right-left has given me 2 days time or I will take the search warrant from my home or work and I will tell you. Anyway, when we say that the camp is a lie, we have a storm on the coast and we say we go up to the mountains. Somewhere in the night, we burned instantly with the experience just before it was established. We are telling the events and laughing. I mean, I mean blind luck; The gendarmerie came again. You do not have to worry about camping, but pigs or something can come and pay attention. Fortunately, after the days when we were less afraid of pigs …
We woke up and woke up pleasantly and sadly, at the pleasure, the gendarmerie of the night wondered about us. In the past, my tea was shared by my sausage eggs. The second day we went out to the hills to say that we should not stay here. Luckily we found an abandoned house and spent the day in the jungle tents that we drove into and returned to the night.
This is one of my ordinary camps for me. I am attracting interesting events in a way

Footnote: As a result I did not pay too much attention to the writing and writing of one of these experiences.