” Although we travel all over the world to find that beautiful place, it will be difficult to find that beauty unless we carry it inside ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson




It looks as if it looks more beautiful from the Zanzibar than in the world. When it comes to Tanzania, it is impossible not to go to Zanzibar, to walk in white sand beaches, to walk in cool waters.
You are passing from Tanzania to Zanzibar with a tiny cranky plane. On the other hand, the island is a sea of oceans.





When Scottish-born traveler David Livingstone saw the candidate, the first thing he said was ” I am totally magical ” I think it applies to all of us.
There is a tide event that will not only get you out of your mind to the island, but even for the gates that are each a masterpiece …
The Zanzibar name comes from the Zanzibar bar. The Zanzis are said to be private. The island is now undergoing fishing and agriculture.
It used to be a port where ships from America and Europe came.





Zanzibar, known as the island of spice, is a white sandy beach where children of gul faces are among the unforgettable among the wonderful nature and your holiday.
It’s the world’s main source of carnation.
In the last century it became a slave trade center.





The island has a very old history. It is caused by the exploitation and management by many countries




There are incredible seas.Malivets Seychelles share the Indian Ocean with Mauritius.If you do not go back without making a safari.The most crazy tones of blue and blue are blue.A little white sand.You are opening a small boat where you will be at sea.And then you come to enjoy the tropical fruits,
The beaches are also very convenient for diving. The pools are very vineyard. Do not neglect to smell the smell of the ocean, do not listen to it. Be ready to see every tone of your mine and green.
When the ocean side says the depths of the forest, the man thinks of Alice coming after the rabbit. Do not forget that we came to a different world.





There is a legendary tide here. You have to experience this experience. You can walk 200-300 meters. You can live in a fairy tale. You are experiencing twice a day in the northern coasts of the island.
Other name is medcezir.
There are people who come to the island to experience these moments. Some love moments when some waters are drawn, others love moments when they rise.
I loved the times I was pulled …
When the sand came like a world, those moments tell me …




Unbelievable, but during the tide, all the sea creatures are between your feet. They come close enough to catch you. The people are running to the beaches immediately. Bags, baskets, collectors of these colors, colorful stones and sea shells.
Then they make it so beautiful souvenir items that you are admired.
While you are in the business, they are making a living. It is very enjoyable to experience seeing this way. It is a truly incredible experience.
The water is lost from under your feet and the waters are taken away. It is an experience that must be experienced. You walk among the sea shells. You are far away from Istanbul.
How hard do you think everyday troubles are.
That’s where travel shows you live.




Ada da görülecek en renkli en keyifli yer şüphesiz başkent Stone Town.Unesco listesinde olan bir başkent.Her yıl 150,000 turist ağarlıyor.Taş şehri gezerken burada uzun yıllar yapılan köle ticaretinin izlerini görmek mümkün.
Kentin farklı bir kokusu var sanki yüzünüze hemen vuruyor.Sizi sarıp sarmalıyor.Ve sanırım yeni bir şehirle tanışma anları genelde böyle oluyor.Tadı ile kokusu ile sizi karşılıyor.Alıp götürüyor.Her adımda geçmişin izlerine rastlıyorsunuz.




The old buildings have a complete photographic atmosphere. The city is decorated with magnificent structures reflecting the unique culture among the coastal cities of Africa. Kent preserves both its texture and untouched nature.
You can observe the mixture of European Arabian Iranian Indian architectural features. You can not see the blurred photos of women in the local costumes when you are walking through the streets in the street.
They do not like to take a little warning portrait portrait to friends who like to take pictures !!!




The roads of the streets are so beautifully preserved that you need to see them. I can say that the streets are like a labyrinth. I am so nervous that these streets are most careful with the wooden doors, each one of which is a work of art. Even these are worth coming here.
You think you will disappear in the labyrinthine roads, you say that this street will not come up. With a great mastery, they bring a masterpiece of art at the tops of wood carving with metal pieces on their tops.
People who play checkers in front of these doors are living in a completely different culture and quite different lives than where you live.




All the old mansions that you will grow up between the streets are serving the hotel. There is an extraordinary atmosphere and you feel it very clearly. You care about your clothes and you do not want to. Do not miss the bazaar for veggies and fish.




They are selling sugar cane juice with a tool like a press machine and I try to taste it.
Everything is possible to find in pavilions and parks with small peddlers. See what you look for in chicken prawns. See the taste of the local flavors. The smells are already very inviting.




Both African and Indian hundreds are out of the question everywhere. Children do not leave you alone on the road with their child’s eyes. If you take a pie pen, you can be friends in a much shorter time with me. They will then give you a smile on your lenses.
Maybe they will whisper to you as well as to you; You can lean on your ear and leave behind your big adjectives in the city all vacant right now you can say that these wonderful moments here live to the end …




It seems to me that the money given to the children accustoms them to begging. I think that the health of the mouth is broken in the ceremonies. The experience that I have with the children loves the paint brush the most and is happy to be a gift.




Another surprise of the capital is Freddy Mercury. The artist lived here until the age of 12. The street where the evil is is very lively. You can breathe for coffee in the cafés.
When Muslim human faces gave the skull of Moroccan air in their heads; Wooden doors and spices give Indian air.
97% of the population is Muslim.Hal Islam chooses to live according to traditions.




Zanzibar island spice paradise on the shore where the Indian Ocean and Africa meet. It is the spice capital of the world. The lemon juice is very delicious. Take a lot of ganoderma liquor. Vanilla caraway cardamom fraud does not go from your nose.
In summer the island is relaxed with the rain in the november.





The women are dressed all over the island so colorful that you can not get your eyes. They are all outfits with plain scarves. They cover their heads with pareolar. They are dressing their suits. Each piece of the fabric is written on top of each other.




Primary and secondary education in the island is compulsory. There is a state university and a college. The level of education is very low.
People who chat in front of the narrow streets of the door are worth seeing with their turkish colored waters and delicious food.
Mysterious Zanzibar; The colorful culture of palm and coconut trees came to me like a romance novel that would never end with the crystal clear waters of the fisherman villagers …




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