To lose something from the inside to win something outside. In other words, glory, fame, position, makam şatafat, fame, to win singles; To sacrifice peace, leisure and independence, wholly or in substantial measure; It is a great folly. Happiness is very difficult and in us. It is impossible to be found elsewhere. A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king. What could be better than complete health and a perfect body? Calm and cheerful. It is a clear, vibrant, penetrating, and accurate intelligence. A moderate, soft desire and a good conscience in accordance with them. All of these ; They are superior to no rank or richness to fill your place …
Rabindranath Tagore


If every country in the world is given a color, what color should INDIA be?








India has a treasure that can not be told with words and photographs. The colorful spirit is authentic airy with a gorgeous image and a different world … It takes many years to travel all around the country. You think you are going back to your life, but you are very mistaken. I think I need a lifetime to finish …






Monsoon rains fillet Indian gods of thousands of poor spices … maybe the first thing that comes to mind, but in reality
“INDIA” is certainly not that much … This geography is one that goes into the blood of a person never leaves.
With a trip to the East, this country will take your mind from you with moments that are not the most memorable and most incredible of the most incredible scenes.






Cinema is not able to describe the colors of many religions brain migration two hundred different languages a billion people … Cultures traditions are not able to describe the colors. You are in India, of course.






I think many people come here to find answers to questions in their life … just like me …
In this geography that wraps up the traveler’s hearts to enrich spiritual sense, there is also an answer to every question. I just want to take it … I changed very much with my feelings that I lived there.
I am someone else. If you want to live a different way of life, I think your road will fall to this geography.
In this sense, the point that affects me the most is; It was a RED CASTLE. In an inscription written in one of its circles, two arrays of Persian poetry:
“If there is a paradise on earth
She’s here, she’s here, she’s here. ”
I think you should definitely see India. If you come back to the world If the soul goes from one body to another You should see this crazy world to come here … no matter what life you are.






… We keep this crazy country like this, we are heartbreaking.Two hundred different languages and a billion people.Hindistan is the heart.We have our hearts holding us together.No place like there are people like me.Lin.Hindistan does not have a heart like heart ….
From Shantaram ….



India is the seventh largest geographical area and has the most populous population after China. The population of New Delhi is about 18.000.000. If you want to come to see the real India, you have to make a bus journey on a train. It may not be fun for you but be ready for the unforgettable moments …



New Delhi is the capital of India. The first is the crowded smell of colorful life can not hide the confusion. There are rickshaws for intra-city transportation. There is a counter like a taxi meter but there is not much to consider it. Do not get unprofitable but do not insist much. .



In Delhi, be assured that you will not be empty for a single moment. Delhi is a completely different world with its colorful energetic colors that you will lose yourself in shopping to eat your fingers.
As you walk in the streets, chaotic and mystical air will never leave you. There is a gorgeous atmosphere and you will immediately wrap around. You can come to the eye with a temple and a monkey everywhere. You will have an inner and spiritual pleasure.
I enjoy a cultural treasure here.


Many of them lived in the arm of a religion and believed in language. The white hand in hand was part of this geography in peace.
I say a person should love a place first. Then we have to photograph it. It is a job to draw dreams in paper. Another way of doing business. The machine is just a tool. It is used for transferring the idea. The photo is heart. The first excitement is the first encounter …




KITCHEN; It is possible to find an Indian restaurant wherever the world is.It is very common to use the spicy dishes in the kitchen.It is an interesting experience to taste the kitchen in the exact place.Bam is another experience.You can not use the hand cutlery and spoon.Flavored pepper mustard ginger garlic frequently Do not curl your nose to your favorite flavors. Try it. We are on our way to get different experiences.


SHOPPING ; Silk cashmere spices have antique products everywhere.2 shawl 500 rupees 1 silk shawl 2,500 rubies. I will not want to go out from the inside to visit the gifts very enjoyable.
Janpath is a very beautiful textile bazaar. Please spend time here. You will love the products of your business.


To be in the same position as a billion people To breathe in Gandhi’s country To love children, to see the women inside the cows, to the monkey caste system,
Do I want to come back? DEFINITELY YES…



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