Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada

I want to die with the same simplicity
Like a flower in the country, calm, unpretentious.
Stars instead of candles shine on top
The earth is quiet under me.
I am light and liberty
You are to hide the traitors
Under a cold stone
I lived honestly,
Facing sun
I will die.



Che, Fidel, Revolution, Rom, Salsa and Puro
It was the most beautiful country I have ever seen. I think it was the country where I had the best moments and memories I have accumulated in my spare time. I literally “far away” I did not get to Cuba. I loved the hot people in amazing scenery.
If you are thinking of going to Cuba, you should go and do this system unchanged. Your paths are open … It is so unforgettable to see this pure untouched state of untouched that I can not tell. The memory scratching is a must for your soul to leave a trace in your heart.


A Caribbean island that will lead you to another mourning with colorful lives and constant smiles, catching sentence that money and happiness do not coexist …

UNESCO has done a research on the world most wanted to see the country CUBA.
1959 model is called the most new for the car. There is no mechanic around this job, the father goes to the son. Şöförler officer and gasoline state.
Countries that do not have racism due to the color of their crops.
There is ATATÜRK bust in a park in the air.
Cuba has no external debt, no stock exchange, no bank.
There are no advertising signposts anywhere but photo passions.
When Cuba is eating American food from the American side, the medicine industry is suffering a heavy blow. It works in this field and it is successful too. Health is free.
Please have an eraser pen soap on your side when you go.



Almost every year there is a talk of “Let’s do Cuban” between almost every year. I will definitely see it unchanged. The country is going bad and what will happen after Fidel is killed. Mostly my friends say you still do not go to the last years to increase pressure I can say that it is.
If you can stop the caribbean wind and hit your face, you can feel the feeling of discovery. You can feel like you will come running out of the cafe and walk along the road with Fidel.Bu CUBA looks like a dreamer.



It is the most delightful but unfortunate island of the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus discovered the island. Colonies arrived. The people were killed under severe conditions. When the population of the worker decreased, the slaves were brought from Africa. Then the Mexicans came. The Spanish migrated to Spain and the independence was gained. Fidel Castro, who led the way in 1959, writes his name everywhere.



In 1962, the United States began embargoing. Today, he is trying to maintain his life as one of the few countries ruled by his commissar.
Everything is managed by the state. Everything that can come to mind at home. Restaurants, restaurants, cafes, transportation, health and communication. Public food and clothes are given by the state. Television only channel. No store pharmacy in the store. No Veeee internet. You are living a journey to a history of relativity. Life 1950 1960 It is not suitable for life to see the years maybe, but it seemed like it was gone at those times when you were riding a machine.
You want to walk in May 1? If you want to walk with a pepper spray, not with water and muss happy people, and to join a celebration, your ideal address is Cuba.
My road experience is on May 1st, standing in the very top corner, and the place of these moments is not overloaded.
Crying flag swinging poems reading marches. There is another different.






Wherever death comes from and how it comes … If our war slogans are to spread from ear to hand and our weapons will be captured from the hand and others will mourn our festivals with the sounds of war, victory, and victory, death is pleasing …
Che Guevara has become the symbol of social revolutionary movements around the world. This photo of Che is considered “the most famous photograph on the world and the symbol of the 20th century”.



Santa Clara is how Che means Havana is also Fıdel … Havana has also made a bloated revolution and returned to Havana again. Havana and Havana are enjoying their retirement … People really like their leaders very much. Fidel says … Fidel is the only one in the world Country CUBA.
They know the streets of Cuba and cling to the friendly hand of the Cubans; At this point in the world life is colorful, life is full of life with fire. Everyone who falls in Cuba at least once in the way agrees that the real Cuban roman is Havana Club with the sincerity of people with güler face despite the economic strength in this geography.


Island is a joyful and happy music salsadir. People who enjoyed the 60s of American cars like misss, sunbeds under the sun, young people dancing in the squares and another world like this …
Besides, do not finish your journey without looking at the tastes of mojito daiquiri cuba bulb pina colada. Be prepared to pass your Cuba journey with light head and swing.



The Cuban music is energetic. It is Buena Vista Social Club which is one of the important groups of Cuban music. Dancers singing songs play guitar. Street corners are always caught by musicians.
PURO … it’s really about yesterday




All of your friends are expecting a cigar from you. Believe it or not there is no bigger problem.
Do not give up on Cohibo, Romeo and Juilet, Monte Crýsto. Prepare to be rom and cigar parties in your home in the future.


The supermarkets on the streets between the squares will let you fall in love with the aged ladies in the rocking seats with their colorful carpets.
During the trip there is only one song on your lips;


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