One of the places to visit in Alanya is Aytap Ancient City


There is a lot of coves and lots of coves to see and swim between Alanya, the biggest town of Antalya, which is a tourism paradise, and Gazipaşa, the last town in the east. It is the place where Aytap Antique City is located. <span title=”Kısaca o koydan bahsedeceğim.

“>In short I will talk about that place.

It is an ancient city located 34 km east of Alanya on the old Gazipaşa road and 10 km away from Gazipaşa. Name M.S. King of the Commagene who lived between 38-72 years IV. The wife of Antiochus comes from Iotape. <span title=”Antik kentte en belirgin kalıntı Hamam ve kentin tapınak duvarlarıdır.

“>The most prominent remains in the ancient city are the baths and the temple walls of the city.

After the history of the ancient city, I would mention nature and beauty; Just across from the temple there are flat sections consisting of 3 pieces of malt. These sections can be tent with 5 tent side by side. So you can say hello to the sun with the sun rising from the view of the temple and the sun behind it in the morning sun. Your only trouble will be the nearby cottage houses that ruin the scenery.

When you go to koya under the Maldens you will meet this beautiful cave in the picture on your right. If you like, you can get out of the sea by entering and swimming.

In the early hours of the morning, the locals may be individual fishermen hunting and daytime boats. Apart from that, on weekends you can meet people who want to have a picnic and want to see the ancient city. At night, trucks usually pass because they are old roads.

There is a restaurant of 200 mt walking distance to the area. You can supply electricity and water from here. But I think it’s a good idea to be equipped with everything because there are no settlements or markets nearby. Since the firewood is less in the region, the tube usage is intense. Do not worry about the lack of wood because the night is very hot during the day


I would recommend that you come to Aytap Ancient City and try to make your time by camping and doing tea and food in this ancient town and cove. If you come to Alanya you should definitely stop by.

Nice people, good fun


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