Addiction to freedom


Addiction to freedom

I lived as a traveler. Like many of my friends, I’ve decided that I do not want to be obsessed with life anymore. The only thing that made me happy was when I was 5 years old that I was discovering new places. Because when my parents and I were at work
One by one, constantly escaping to the sea,

I’ve always been a fan of freedom. I just realized that I had forgotten it for a long time while I was struggling with problems such as school graduation, livelihood, trying to make money. I constantly went into different jobs and when I went to the office from home to office, I realized that I spent more than 2-3 hours on the road going to work every day and how many things I played in my life. There was a huge world out there, and I realized that I just missed it when I struggled to get a good house and a car to fit into the classical society. I was also very active in university life. I’ve always been open to learning new things from paragliding to dancing in motor sports. Of course, when graduation and work force entered the business, things changed. I do not know when I’m living. I was not happy.

Well, I finally stopped working. I was not doing the job I already graduated. My main job is geological engineering. Later I started developing Graphic and Web Design. Now I decided to go on freelance and spend the rest of my time spending my time with my dogs and my dog ​​more interested in my work. Am I sorry? No! Am I free? Yeah! But I am peaceful because I have not chosen a life in my business life that I have to spend in the office to attract dozens of unhappy faces. I do everything I love and I am happy with small things.


I always fell in love with the sea when I came to the things I love, and it was always like me therapy to sit on the edge and hear the sound of the wave. So the promise of one of my favorite songs; “I did not like people who do not have a beach.” Even if I can not do anything, I can sit on the seaside for hours without ever getting bored. After that, camping is coming. Yes, I can not say I have camped for hundreds of times, but I can say that I can escape to nature at every opportunity. Once there is no unnecessary city crowd. Unhappy faces no traffic noises. There are no minors, no rifles, no riffs. It’s just the sound of the wind. In the morning you are opening your eyes to a thousand shades of green, not in the dark of the dark rooms. You can not even enjoy it in the most expensive rooms of the most comfortable hotels. I hope that one day everyone will get rid of the metal masses and realize their beauty and beauty



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