There is no time to camp for nature lovers. The campers who camp in the four seasons of the year generally use which camp materials. In this blog I will describe the camping material list and the things that should definitely be taken to camp.
First, when choosing camping equipment; How many people will be camped, the season, weather, how many days will be left and the campsite to be visited. The camping material list should be prepared very precisely and unnecessary materials should not be placed in the backpack. Otherwise, heavier bags will tear you down when trekking and hiking.
On this blog I will list the materials to be taken for a 2-day camp at the weekend. First of all, it is very important that you will go to the camping area by car or walk. If you walk mostly to go to the campground, you should get rid of unnecessary unnecessary goods. Otherwise, after a few hours of walking to find the campground, the question “Do I carry a stone on my back?” May come to mind. Before going to camp, the list of camping equipment and bag should be arranged.


Camping bag: You can usually obtain a camp bag for every budget from Decathlon stores. Quechua brand bags are recommended by all campers. For long-term camps, bags of 70 liters or more are recommended, while bags of 50 and 60 liters are recommended for short-time cams like 2 days.

Tents: Camping tents are generally preferred to four-season tents from Husky and Quechua. You can choose a camping tent, considering how many people you will be going to, how many seasons you will be staying, and how many days you will be staying.
Mat: The mats are generally in standard length. Once you have settled your tent on a suitable floor, you can also tender it in the tent.
Sleeping bag: The choice of sleeping bag is very important for a healthy sleep and body heat. If you do not get a sleeping bag that surrounds your body, your body will be warm and your tent will sweat. Your sleeping bag should be made of cotton and not slip out of mattress.
Camping knife or pocket knife: In order to be used in kitchen, separate knives should be preferred. But for the wood chippings and the hobbies, there are beautiful knives made of deer horns on the market, like the Swiss knobs.
Hand lamp, solar powered lamps and battery: One of the lanterns I will recommend to you is the hand lantern in the 10 th milliwatt power. It will automatically recharge when you are in the sun for a long time and you will not need to use the batteries. If you use classic lanterns, you have to have batteries with you.
Binding threads: Thick, thin and wristbands must be threads. The rope in nature and on the mountain is one of the basic necessities. Optionally, thickness and length may be preferred.
Ax: The ax is preferred according to the hand size of the person. Attention should be paid when using an ax.
Hammock: You can double your camping fun as a hammock if you are comfortable
Foldable chair with armrests: Both armchair and armchair can be put on armchair chair is indispensable for camp lovers.
Rowing: Used to excavate the camping fireplace and, in many cases, to excavate the soil.
Matara: 0.4 liters, 0.7 liters or 1.0 liters of Quechua brand metal mats are preferred. You can get it according to your request.
Mobile phone: It will be useful to have a mobile phone in your home, as it helps you to use it for many jobs nowadays.
Powerbank: Preferably, solar powered power benches should be used. You may prefer solar powered power benches because you are unlikely to find electricity in the mountains or in the country.
Bags: You can choose regular bags to put your items, or you can choose to put your trash bags.
Duct tape Pen, paper and note pad: Notebook and pen are important items for drawing your route to the public or for writing basic materials you need.
Cigarette lighter, match or magnesium bar: It is one of the indispensable camping equipment to burn your camp fire.
Fishing line, hook or mini fishing line set: It is your benefit to have a fishing line with you according to the possibility of fishing.
Torpedo or sounding explosives: Can be used in case of approaching or threatening wild animals.


First aid kit: First aid supplies are of vital importance during camping. You must have a first aid kit with wrapping cloth, needle, thread, painkiller, antibiotic, wound band, antiseptic solution, plastic whistle and similar products.
Sun Cream: Sunscreens must be provided that do not expire in the event of burns.
Toilet paper: Since personal hygiene is also important in the countryside, toilet paper should be used in the toilets.
Towel: Towels should be provided for hand and face drying. Also, when you enter the water, towels are important for drying.
Moisturizing cream: In cold, sunny and frosty weather, you should keep moisturizing cream against cracks in your skin.
Mont: Seasonal can be preferred as summer or winter. Lightweight coats should be preferred to avoid heavy baggage.
Raincoat: Raincoat should be preferred considering the weather.
Lingerie: Spare lingerie should always be taken in the nature. Also, care should be taken to ensure that it is clean and hygienic.

Track suit


Grilled or grilled: Grilled and grilled are required for cooking.
Camping Dishes: Teapots known as black teapots are preferred for sipping your tea or for heating your water.
Mini cookware set: You can cook juicy meals in your pans or make pasta-like dishes with vegetables.
Kuksa or unbreakable glass: Your cup of tea, water and other beverages is a must to drink.
Cutlery, spoon and tea spoon: You need this equipment to mix your meal or tea.
Wooden bottles: You can obtain the branches you find by carving them with a plow.
Canned foods: You can consume cannabis, beans or canola, such as leaf sprinkles. If you heat the fire for a while before you eat it can be more delicious.
Pasta: It can also be preferred in macaroni camps, which are indispensable for student houses. You can cook in boiling water and cook with vegetables.
Package soup
Breakfast products: Cheese, olives and other foods should be available.
Liquid oil: Liquid oil can be used in long-term cams.
Tomato paste: You can buy mince tomato paste. You can use it in long-term camping meals.
Chicken, fish or red meat: may be preferred if it can be kept cold or available from nearby grocery stores.
Various fruits
Loaf of bread, yufka bread or lavash
Nuts, walnuts and nuts: Nuts that give a feeling of satiety for a long time due to their vitamin E content should be preferred.
Beaten egg
Tea, herbal teas and sugar
Chips, core: The student camp is one of the indispensable ones.
Marshmallow: You must be with us as an indispensable part of the camps.

The list of camping materials I mentioned above varies completely. It is also worth mentioning that; You will see that the listen is very long. But some of the materials in the list are team materials. For example, in a 3-person camp, 3 shovels or 3 axes are not taken and 1 person is an ax. Once we use disposable products, we should throw them into the nearest trash can by putting them in a garbage bag that does not throw into the environment. It would be useful to see if we have the chance to go to the wilderness before we do our new camps. Everyone wish camping and nature days




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