Places to camp in Lake Salda and what to do

Our path fell to Burdur and we camped on Lake Salda. Lake Salda, known as the Maldives of Turkey, located in the province of Yesilova in Burdur, is known as the lake that grows with turquoise color. It is located 76 kilometers from the center of Burdur to the town of Yeşilova and 4 kilometers from the lake of Salda from the district of Yeşilova.

In order to go to the lake, we had to hitchhike from Isparta towards Burdur with our friend Omer Faruk and then hitchhiked to the vehicles going towards Yeşilova to reach the lake of Salda. You can easily reach Lake Salda from Denizli, Burdur or Isparta.


When you reach the private road from Burdur, you can arrive in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by using the 761 kilometer road on the Kiraatli Road and the D330 on the Salda Lake in Yeşilova. You can also get to Yeşilova from Burdur Otogar for 10 TL by taking Yeşilova minibuses. If you ask the minibus drivers, they will leave you as far as Lake Salda. You can access the map of Lake Salda from the map below



Since it was declared a Natural Site in 1989, it was forbidden to construct buildings around it.

It is known as one of the two regions of Earth that carry the surface features of Mars.

The water is beneficial to the skin and health because it is rich in minerals. Treatment of acne, acne and other skin diseases is possible with the mud bath.

Lake Salda is one of Turkey’s 3 deepest lakes with a depth of 184 meters. It is located in the Lake District in Burdur.

The hydromagnesite mineral in the sky is quite useful.

There is a 3-4 meter withdrawal every year at Lake Salda, 1140 meters above sea level.

The Salda Ski Center with a view of the lake is known as an important place for winter tourism.

In winter 50-100 centimeters thick snow is possible to see.

Water snakes in Lake Salda are poisonous.


Where should I camp in SALDA LAKE?

You can camp at Lake Salda on public beaches, municipal campsites and other campsites. But we liked the serenity, so we camped in the Maldives region just across the section called the small islands. We recommend you to camp in this area.

We learned that building a camping tent is prohibited in the Salda Lake Nature Park. It is possible to encounter tiny water snakes in almost all parts of Lake Salda. We learned that water snakes are non-toxic and can enter the water. In the photo below we see the wooden wall we made to protect from the wind. The trees we use on the wall are the pine trees we find on the ground.


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