Beyond Fears Diyarbakır

In this article I could tell the history of this city, the Ulu Mosque, the Ten-eyed Bridge, but if you can find them already, I want to tell you what I felt about these places.

It is such a place that in Diyarbakır you felt like a piece from you beyond what you see in the news

Yes, perhaps you will not be able to go to the top of those walls when you go, maybe you will not be able to enter the four-footed minaret, but Diyarbakır still appeals to both the heart and the heart with its fascinating atmosphere. As you walk on the streets, you will wonder what’s going on in this land, you will not know what a song on the ground you do not understand, what you are talking about (especially at Dengbej’s house) while listening to it and finally you will look at Dicle and see why I’m so influenced.

Greetings to a city in Diyarbakir, where everyone has to go and see, once in their life, the air to breathe


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