Go as far as you can see; You’ll see more when you get there


Gaziantep, my mind always comes with dishes and baklava. However, believe in the places where nature and places to be seen are as wonderful as their meals. Gaziantep was a city we always wanted to go to. The dates on which the plans were made were finalized. Of course, we had to do some preliminary research and found Rumkale by chance. It was a place we never even heard of, never seen before. I can not tell you how excited we are.

Rumkale is approximately 50 km away from the center of Gaziantep. From Yavuzeli District, you are going to curl among the peanut gardens towards the village of Kasaba. When we went, the peanuts were exactly right.

When we got to Rumkale, the opposite city was very different from the photographs that we see enchanted and alive.

For this; “It’s hard to tell where your rock ended, where your work started.” It really is … The harmony with nature is wonderful. Assyrian, Persian, Hellenistic and Roman settlements. With the relocation of the Archbishop in 1113, he became an important religious center for Christians.
In 1516, with the entrance to the Ottoman domination, Rumkale; It has been turned into an accident center connected to Birecik Sanjak of Aleppo Province.


From Rumkale you can go to Halfeti by boat. The boat takes you from here to the Savaşan Village, which is flooded with the construction of the dam.

The fighter is attached to Şanlıurfa and is about 120 km away from Urfa center. While the boat that we rode from Rumkale was driving us in the waters of the Euphrates, it was actually taking another town.

Seeing the village does not see the inside of the people hurts. It was under the waters of the Euphrates by the construction of Birecik Dam; The village people moved to their new homes above. Only the village camisole, the minaret and the roof part are visible. Village school is completely under water. It has become very difficult for me to leave the places where people are born and where they are born.
After this little mall in the country, the direction is; Halfeti. These are two places that have been a bonus to our tour. In fact, it is very good because the restoration work in Rumkale continues to go inside. This is because we did not feel very upset because the surroundings and our own image were enough to entice us.


Halfeti is also connected to Şanlıurfa and is 120 km away from the center. From the Assyrians to the Greeks, from the Syrians to the Arabs, from the Byzantines to the Mamluks, and to Yavuz Sultan Selim during the Ottoman period. But again, a large part of the city was flooded with dam construction.

When we got to Halfeti, we got one of our floating restaurants. Since the water is constantly descending here, the restaurants are usually built on the dubas; You can eat both the food and the water a little more. There are also a few hostels for those who want to stay.

You can see the city from the other side better than the suspension bridge that says “Halfeti Gerdanı”. But he is so swaying that he will not go past the human mind, ‘Now he will break.’

Ulu Mosque; Its construction began in 1804 and was completed in 1807, but it was taken from the rising water and the bottom part was about 40 centimeters below water.

After we sipped our kahves against the Euphrates, we got back on the boat for the return and started to enjoy the refreshing air. If you want to experience this experience, April to May are very ideal. You can roast after lunch


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