Antalya interesting camping adventure


Has a gandarman opened your tent at night in the camp? It became mine.

It is not cold but it is rainy according to other cities that we are living in because we live in Antalya. When we saw the sun in the daytime, we went to a 2 day camp and called the road. We started on the way to the west of the city. We went to the Paradise Bay, which we heard on Camyuva, but we never wondered until that day. We arrived at the tent, we did not burn a faint fire, the rain did not pass. I went to the tents that burned the firewood with gasoline and then took the fire with confidence and got hooked for a while. If we did not get in. When I was talking a few feet of voice voice at night, my fortune, blind chance, the gendarmerie opened up my chain of tents directly and yelled, “Get up, get up, get up.” With that enthusiasm, I will call you a command. (I did not go to the troops) .. They have removed all the tents in the coastal areas that gave me the warning of the meteorological storm that it is forbidden to tent there. This is my dear soldiers, so we came here so you have 6 sap here you have an identity check. We do it, of course, that control is important, we gave them their identity. Lan boy, check it out, let the guys go. But the IDs went to the checkout to be checked.


Did you say someone comes in and says everyone can go then you say your name and you come with us? Said. Did you take me? He took. Night 4 and we’re at the gendarmerie station. Luckily this is not the commander, they said you will stay until morning


Somebody got up with his pajamas in the man looking for a commander. However, a little too nervous. The right-left has given me 2 days time or I will take the search warrant from my home or work and I will tell you. Anyway, when we say that the camp is a lie, we have a storm on the coast and we say we go up to the mountains. Somewhere in the night, we burned instantly with the experience just before it was established. We are telling the events and laughing. I mean, I mean blind luck; The gendarmerie came again. You do not have to worry about camping, but pigs or something can come and pay attention. Fortunately, after the days when we were less afraid of pigs …
We woke up and woke up pleasantly and sadly, at the pleasure, the gendarmerie of the night wondered about us. In the past, my tea was shared by my sausage eggs. The second day we went out to the hills to say that we should not stay here. Luckily we found an abandoned house and spent the day in the jungle tents that we drove into and returned to the night.
This is one of my ordinary camps for me. I am attracting interesting events in a way

Footnote: As a result I did not pay too much attention to the writing and writing of one of these experiences.


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