'' Although we travel all over the world to find that beautiful place, it will be difficult to find that beauty unless we carry it inside '' Ralph Waldo Emerson     It looks as if it looks more beautiful from the Zanzibar than in the world. When it comes to Tanzania, it is impossible … Continue reading “TURKUAZ IS A PLEASANT ZANZIBAR”



To lose something from the inside to win something outside. In other words, glory, fame, position, makam şatafat, fame, to win singles; To sacrifice peace, leisure and independence, wholly or in substantial measure; It is a great folly. Happiness is very difficult and in us. It is impossible to be found elsewhere. A healthy beggar … Continue reading INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY INDIA … NEW DELHI

Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada

I want to die with the same simplicity Like a flower in the country, calm, unpretentious. Stars instead of candles shine on top The earth is quiet under me. I am light and liberty You are to hide the traitors Under a cold stone I lived honestly, Facing sun I will die. JOSE MARTİ Che, … Continue reading Cuba Please Please Close to hepp Canada

One of the places to visit in Alanya is Aytap Ancient City

  There is a lot of coves and lots of coves to see and swim between Alanya, the biggest town of Antalya, which is a tourism paradise, and Gazipaşa, the last town in the east. It is the place where Aytap Antique City is located. <span title="Kısaca o koydan bahsedeceğim. ">In short I will talk … Continue reading One of the places to visit in Alanya is Aytap Ancient City

Addiction to freedom

  Addiction to freedom I lived as a traveler. Like many of my friends, I've decided that I do not want to be obsessed with life anymore. The only thing that made me happy was when I was 5 years old that I was discovering new places. Because when my parents and I were at … Continue reading Addiction to freedom


There is no time to camp for nature lovers. The campers who camp in the four seasons of the year generally use which camp materials. In this blog I will describe the camping material list and the things that should definitely be taken to camp. First, when choosing camping equipment; How many people will be … Continue reading CAMP MATERIAL LIST

Places to camp in Lake Salda and what to do

Our path fell to Burdur and we camped on Lake Salda. Lake Salda, known as the Maldives of Turkey, located in the province of Yesilova in Burdur, is known as the lake that grows with turquoise color. It is located 76 kilometers from the center of Burdur to the town of Yeşilova and 4 kilometers … Continue reading Places to camp in Lake Salda and what to do

Beyond Fears Diyarbakır

In this article I could tell the history of this city, the Ulu Mosque, the Ten-eyed Bridge, but if you can find them already, I want to tell you what I felt about these places. It is such a place that in Diyarbakır you felt like a piece from you beyond what you see in … Continue reading Beyond Fears Diyarbakır

Go as far as you can see; You’ll see more when you get there

  Gaziantep, my mind always comes with dishes and baklava. However, believe in the places where nature and places to be seen are as wonderful as their meals. Gaziantep was a city we always wanted to go to. The dates on which the plans were made were finalized. Of course, we had to do some … Continue reading Go as far as you can see; You’ll see more when you get there

Antalya interesting camping adventure

  Has a gandarman opened your tent at night in the camp? It became mine. It is not cold but it is rainy according to other cities that we are living in because we live in Antalya. When we saw the sun in the daytime, we went to a 2 day camp and called the … Continue reading Antalya interesting camping adventure