Darlık Dam camping area


Darlık Dam is a camp site where people living in Istanbul can breathe easily and receive peace. Darlık Dam; Camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, and off-roading with ATVs. In Darlık Dam there are dozens of places where camping can be done. Each of the coils is beautiful and attractive.

Darlık Dam; It was established between 1986-1988 on Darlık Stream in Istanbul Şile. Darlık Dam provides a large amount of drinking water and water for Istanbul. Darlık Dam provides 108 hm3 drinking water every year.


Darlık Dam is known as one of the dam lakes located on Şile road. The distance between Darlık Dam and Istanbul is known as 60-70 kilometers. From Istanbul to the Şile Motorway; Sultanciftlik You can arrive at Taşlıtepe State Forest, Alemdağ Forest, Hacikoru Nature Park and Yeşilvadi through Darlık Dam. One of the greatest advantages of Darlik Dam is that the roads are beautiful and only one kilometer of land is being driven from the road. We recommend that you do not forget to go to Şile Saklıgöl from Darlık Dam.

DISTANCE DAM COORDINATOR: 41 ° 6 ’54 “N, 29 ° 34′ 4.08” E
You can access the map of Darlık Dam from below

Darlık Dam reservoir camping area, hotel, cafe, pension and so on. No structures are found. But you can camp in the bay of Darlik Dam. The dam; Toilet, accommodation, electricity, drinking water, internet and shower facilities.

In Darlık Dam, the phone is in some areas. By collecting firewood from the forests, you can burn your campfire with pleasure, brew your tea, and cook your food. It would be more advantageous if you go to camp by checking the weather. I would also recommend you leave early so that you do not get stuck in Istanbul traffic on the way back

You can fish your fishing rod next to you.
You can drive a mountain bike around the dam.
You can offroad with ATV.
You can hike nature.
You can dive into the depths of the forest and take pictures with high climbs.
At night, you can watch the perfect view of the dam.



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