Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean



In the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean, Pinocchio has a long nose, and the island offers a combination of all the cultures around it. Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is home to a number of strange situations both politically, historically and culturally.

The most widely accepted story about the name Cyprus is that the name of the island is cyprium. Considering the copper resources still active in the island, it does not seem so wrong. The island which Markus Antonius gave to Cleopatra to prove his love, is also considered as the place where Aphrodite was born or emerged. According to Riva, Cleopatra likes the sandy beaches of Cyprus so much that she carries it to Egypt as if there were no sand in her country.

The island, ruled by Egypt, Hittite, Finike, Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Luzinian, Venetian, Ottoman and British respectively, became an independent state in 1960 and the Republic of Cyprus was established. In this state, the Turkish and Greek Cypriots are given the right to political representation according to the population ratio. Greater crowded Greek Cypriots receive the state presidency and some ministries while the Turks receive four major ministries such as the president, the minister of education and the national defense. The people of the island, who have already experienced nationalist tensions, are starting to clash in 1963 for political and social reasons. The Turks are pulling out all the political dharma and are starting to build militia forces called mujahideen. It is already known that since the British colonization of the Greeks settled in the island, they have had the affection of independence and even of being attached to Greece. On the other hand, Turks who have a population of 30% also support Turkey. The island, which started to live violent events in 1963, comes up with various discomforts until the 1970s. However, in 1974, the coup against the Cypriot government in Greece with the support of the cuntan in Greece was the last straw to lift the glass for Turkey and the decision to act as a guarantor country to the island is being taken.

In the first operation that is done, priority is given to the place where the Turks live intensively. After the Geneva Conference in which all the intervening states are participating, the Turkish Army starts the second movement with the password of “Get Ayse Tatile” which is a touchstone in diplomacy literature and enters the capital Nicosia. The Greek junta government falls and the island is divided into two. Population exchanges are taking place between the Greeks and the Turks. People have been forced to migrate from places where their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years. In 1983, the TRNC was established as a de facto republic..

The Turks living in the island are quite dependent on Cyprus. After the Ottomans took Cyprus, the Turkish population that the congregation of children from the Konya-Karaman region formed, really loves and owns. Moreover, the Greek-Turkish-Arab-Maroonian and British cultures that constitute the richness of the island have absorbed in their structures. However, in the 90s, they point out that the unqualified and uncontrolled migration from Turkey has changed the demography of the island a bit.
One important group that should not be missed when talking about island history is Luzinyan. Luzinian, a French-born Catholic group living in Jerusalem, is obliged to cling to Jerusalem after the conquest of Saladin Eyyubi’s Jerusalem. They are bought and bought in the eyes of the island in order to be close to Kudus. After the Luzinans settled on the island, they built churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Their successors are developing Luzinian works.

Cypriots are partially uncomfortable with the image of their country in Turkey. They say that Cyprus is not just a gambling and casino paradise, but a rich cultural, historical, archaeological and natural richness. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has also discovered that the “Mehmet Ali Erbil and eller air” sense has to be broken, and the tourism activities of the country have gained a great impetus in recent years.

There are serious distances between places to see in the island. Transportation is left in the car except for renting a car. Traffic is flowing in British style tersten. If you are renting a car for this reason, it might be a good idea to do some exercises first. In fact, the island has a railroad adventure that began in 1905 and went to 1950. However, due to the pressures of the automotive industry and the lack of managerial visions, the railway is left out in 45 years. The railway adventure that started with the Nicosia-Famagusta line, extends to 121 km in the following years and reaches Güzelyurt and Evrihu.

As Nedim Gürsel once again quotes me in his book Döneceksin, Nicosia is perhaps the only divided city in the world. You can start hiking with the Green Line district dividing the city. Then you can explore the streets of historic Arapahmet neighborhood. Then you can translate the route into Kyrenia. Girne is one of Cyprus’s major ports. You can visit the Girne Kalesi, which houses the shipwreck museum after walking around the alleys of the historical harbor. In the museum you can visit the second oldest ship removed from the Mediterranean. To get a little breathing, you can visit the Ego Bar, which features a magnificent British colonial architecture building.

You can go to St Hilarion Castle to watch Girne and even the Mediterranean from the hill till the Turkish coasts. It is almost like an eagle nest built into one of the hills of the castle Besparmak Mountains. Because of his name, he does not feel himself partly like Battal Gazi. You can enjoy the magnificent view by drinking lemonade on the balcony of the kalen, which is the brightest period in Luzinian period. It is also said that the castle is one of the qualities that inspired Walt Disney’s symbol. The Bellapais Monastery near Girne is also considered as the most beautiful gothic art in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was built by the Augustinian sect priests who migrated to the island after Saladin’s Ayyubid took Jerusalem. After the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus, it was taken from Catholics and assigned to Orthodox worship.

Magosa or Famagusta is another important port in Cyprus. On the other hand, it is home to the most important archaeological remains on the island. The ruins of Salamis are a huge antique city dating back to Roman times. Moreover, it is said that close to 90% is still underground. The part of Mağosa which is in the city walls is like an open air museum. There are old houses, narrow streets and a calm life inside the walls of Magosa. Built on the same plane as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Do not forget to visit the Nicolas Cathedral, the present state and its name, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Since the mosque is a Gothic Catholic building, it was transformed with a dome without a dome and a short minaret. Unfortunately, all the frescoes in it are covered with water. You can also visit the dungeons where Namik Kemal is sent close to you, after the game of Vatan or Silistire, near the window.

The most original place Magosa has is closed Maraş region. During the Peace Operation, Maras, which has been closed since 1974 due to the strategic position of the Turkish Army, is in fact the most expensive and popular place of the island. Marash, Monaco and Beirut, where the world’s most luxurious hotels, casinos and homes were located, was the favorite holiday destination of the European jet society. At the moment he can go around by car. Abandoned, you can see the empty houses from which the trees have risen. The best place to see the magnificence of the Maras district is the beach of Arkın Palm Beach Hotel. From this point you can watch all Maras beach and ghost shops.

Karpaz National Park is located on the north eastern side of the island like a bar. The national park, home to many endemic species, is famous for its wild donkeys. If they are wild, they live in nature in their own right. Otherwise, they will cut out the front of the cars and demand food, even people will be able to love themselves. The fact that so many of you are in Karpaz is due to the gathering here of the locusts in the villages that were left unattended after the peace campaign to find food.


One of the most beautiful places of the national park is Altinkum Beach near Zafer Burnu. It is a long sandy beach with its shimmering sand and the seas even in October and even November. Moreover, it is one of the most important symbols of Caretta Carettalar, one of the most important symbols of the Mediterranean. Another interesting point in Karpaz is Dipkarpaz Village. The most important feature of this village is that it is one of the two villages where Turks and Greeks are still living together. The Greek Cypriots in the region, still active in a Greek primary school, did not leave their villages during the exchange, saying, “This is our home, our land is here.”

Although Cyprus is an island, meat culture dominates instead of fish. There is even a joke as if the most suitable product to be produced for Cypriots is an unbreakable barbecue. As baking techniques, old methods such as stone oven are being continued. Kleftiko cooked in a stone oven is a tremendous flavor. Kleftikoy with molohiya, magarina bulli, pirohu and peach kebab also special flavors to Cyprus. For a Kleftiko meal, you can be a guest in a loose table in Agora Bakery Kebab in Mağosa.

Cyprus offers accommodation suitable for all sorts of occasions. Arkın Palm Beach Hotel in Mağosa is a luxurious and beautiful option with high comfort and service quality. The most important feature is that the ghost town is right next to Marash. Another advantage is that the cuisine is also strong. Bellapais Monastery Village in Girne is a more economical and motel-style accommodation option. The View Hotel in Karpaz is a modest retreat. The terasta in front of it offers a Mediterranean view starting from Egypt and covering Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Kıbrıs Top5 List

1- Karpaz

2- Maraş

3- Kleftiko

4- St Hilarion castle

5- Eko Bar



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