Emmanouíl Phokás thought what he was going to do in the city walls when the giants of Mehmet II, who had not yet received Fatih title, beat the thick walls of Constantinople. After the Eastern Roman Empire had mixed up with the dusty pages of history, he decided to pack the cart and settle in Kefalonia. Their children grew up here, their family expanded and became a grandchild named Ioánnis.
This torner, who learned all the virtues of maritime at a young age, arrived at the Mediterranean. To explore distant lands, he entered the patronage of Spain, one of the two greatest maritime forces of the time, Juan de Fuca, and quickly ascended to his own fleet. Atlas, the Indian was not yet, went to the Pacific Ocean. The day came, he stepped on a island. It is centuries after the island of Vancouver; Foot walk and a long reconnaissance walk with the crew began to be called Juan de Fuca.

This story is in my mind when preparing the bags for the way Juan de Fuca said that we need to walk since the day we met. I think of the idea of walking as a Turk and a Brazilian from the places where a Greek cruiser based in Istanbul roots centuries ago discovered in the Spanish patronage. On the other hand, we are in a hurry to put together a bag of dozens of pieces

The 47 km Juan de Fuca is a road that connects to the shore, mainly through the forest. Some parts are closed during the day due to the tide, and there is no risk of landslide as we will walk in the spring. But there is another risk that spring brings. Black bears wake up from all winter beauty sleeps and mountain lions, although very rare; Leopards with other names. For this reason, we carry a bear spray next to all the camping equipment. If it comes to the moon, we will either take it or we will draw mortu from the heart, but we still take our precaution. “The battle of the moon is spraying, leopard is fighting,” he warns, while honor is being prepared.

One of the most important parts of the preparation is eating and drinking. We prefer dry foods that are specially prepared for this type of walk and can be cooked with a small amount of hot water, since it will be too heavy to carry canned or regular packaged foods. The best part of doing such walks in Canada is the abundance of water resources. It is possible to get clean water from all sources with a small water filter without having to make a lot of water accounts.

We fill in the morning bags, jump in the car and head towards Juan de Fuca’s starting point, China Beach. When we stop to get nuts from a giant supermarket on the way, I can not resist the sausages inside and I get Renata and Onur to convince them to move and get a package. After 2 hours, we park our car at China Beach after lunch. On the first day, we have a medium-difficulty track of 9 km to Bear Beach. We dive into the forest and start the walk. There is no exit to the 29th km.

First we arrive at Mystic Beach, which marks the end of the first two kilometers. We are accelerating to arrive at Bear Beach without the weather. With the honor we both take on the role of the light that we see everywhere or everywhere in the landscape and still want to take a picture of the Renata, and he continues to lead us again with broken Turkic “Come on, come on!”

We go beyond the kilometrics by sliding in the light, muddy slope. We take power from the energy jellies in our hands. Before the evening sun sets, Bear Beach appears at the end of the slope. Honor is as excited as we are, even though Juan de Fuca had walked before. We finish the first day without disability, without fallen or bears.

Our first job is to identify areas where we will have tents. We calculate the tide and we set up the tents. Then we take our food that evening and hang the other food away in a high tree. Normally there are lockers in the Canadian National Parks that can not open the bears for these foods, but when you are searched for, we take care of it naturally.


Now it comes to burning fire. I am going to the wood collecting when honor is interested in this work. A great day goes by. We start to watch the sunset as we burn the fire and stack the trees. Then, the tiredness, the difficulty of the uphill slopes, the footsteps of the feet, the tree roots, and the sloped logs that have fallen over them all turn into beautiful memories.

When the day sinks, we are starting to prepare the final dishes that come from our stomachs. The sausages we put in the trash are starting to heat up. We make pasta with you. The mp3 list we have prepared by spending 3.5 hours without going out on the road honors the fonda. We make fun translations of Turkish songs we love to Renata. I understand why fire magic and hunter-gatherer societies are in the fire so often. I do not get my eye. The first day we go to bed early and we will walk the next day on the most pile park on the route.

We wake up early in the morning. After breakfast with oatmeal and dried hot dogs, Honor makes us a surprise and takes out the charcoal in the bag and the Turkish coffee. If it is the most difficult today, then we should not start walking on the deserted coast of the Pacific without drinking Turkish coffee, and we put the fire to the fire. Then we collect the tents, replenish our water stocks and set off.

Our second day goal is to get to Chin Beach, 13 km away. Now, there is a climb and a step with a lot of ridges. Our plan is to complete it in 9 hours. The first part, which is relatively easy to cool in the morning, becomes increasingly difficult with the pressure of noon. The climbing slopes are rising, the bags are getting heavy. Moreover, the course is becoming increasingly muddy. From time to time we are entering the mud until the wisdom. We find a canopy nook and a lunch break when the sun is hovering.

Along with the carbohydrates and the energy gels, the team is picking up again. We continue to walk in muddy ways. We are talking about the fact that Canadians do not know any job at this time, so it is not possible to come up with a tea garden in such a scenic area with their minds. When I have been listening to Onur and Renata for a short while, I start walking from the front. The forest is almost enclosing me. In a magnificent symphony, I light up and disappear. The sounds of birds, the glory of the forest, sunlight leaking from the voids are beginning to carry me. One bag on my back loses the importance of sweat over the miles I’ve walked since the morning. I feel like I’m walking in a river.


After a while, they catch me with Onur and Renata’s smile on my face. We continue together again. The last mile is making all of us hard. For this reason we apply music. Eventually the sunny Chin Beach looks and Pink Floyd plays on the back. When we get to the place where we feel like we will never end, we have a crispy grin. We understand that there is no ending. All of you have an end. As long as you walk out of your way. We leave the bags that we almost found with our backs on for the first time and we are walking around on the beach for a while.

Then we find the camp site and we open the tents. Before our forecast, we have more time to sink the sun because we have the plaza in about 8 hours. For this reason we build tents and collect wood for fire without haste. This time we are putting the food on the top of a large rock in the distance.

We burn the fire after we put our feet in the Pacific waters like ice and relieve it. The day is fast. We’re preparing dinner. After the meal, Renata’s pain is increasing due to the chronic knee problem that reminds herself during the day. We agree on giving the decision about finishing the race the next morning, based on the final situation.


We have strengthened the fire after having served Turkish Kahves with food as a luxury service for walking. Because it was Hidrellez that evening. We are talking about Renata from Hidrellez, the daily life effects of shaman cultures. On the other hand, I am taking away my little pussy that I kept for this evening. We offer our wishes for Khidr, who we left for thousands of miles away, and a toast for our loved ones who are watching us from the top. In our day we look at the supply-figurative sky-dome and remember our little boy in the world. We jumped over the fire and put out the fire.

I wake up the next morning and go for a short walk on the beach. In the first step I encounter the sable traces of the sands on the sand that the nightly tide has soaked. Then I walk on the rocks as the water pulled off allows. There are thousands of mussels on the rocks. I go back and agree to breakfast. In the meantime, probably the owner of the trail is coming soon.


Bad news comes from Renata after breakfast. The series will not allow you to complete the entire route. Then we decide to end the march on Sombrio Beach, the first exit point. However, we still have an 8 km park that we need to walk on. We are not in a hurry to be able to listen to Renata a little more to get out of the park, which is relatively easy. However, we can not extend this time much because of the risk of closure of Chin Beach’s exit point due to the tide.


Çantaları yüklenip yola koyuluyoruz. Bir gün öncesi kadar iniş çıkış olmasa da aynı oranda çamur var yolda. Vaktimiz olduğu için bol bol mola veriyoruz. Sombrio Plajına yaklaşırken bir asma köprüden geçiyoruz. Tam çıkışında öğle yemeği için mola veriyoruz. Juan de Fuca rotasındaki son yemeğimiz olduğu için keyfini çıkarta çıkarta yiyoruz.

We walk a little further after dinner and we meet a small waterfall pouring into the sea. We think that the view is very beautiful and we stop here. When we are fully seated and quite open to the public, there is a slight movement of the sea surface and we are witnessing the passage of a humpback whale. With the last sips of the little whiskey we are wetting our beads to celebrate this transition.

When we arrive at Sombrio Beach, we come across a lot of campers because of the weekend. When people are coming, we are going back. While Renata and I are waiting in the parking lot, Honor hitchhiking to China Beach and takes the car. When I returned to the city, I had the wishes I wanted in Hıdrellez the previous year. I would like to thank Khidr for giving me even more and always bringing out wonderful people on the road.



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