A Spectacular Safari Tour in Maun

Maun is the Botswana’s fifth largest residential area and tourism capital. My only motivation to visit Maun is, in fact, safari, but I’m looking forward to visit must-see places as well.

The first thing that gets my attention is the contrast in city structure. On one side, I see old cottages; on the other side, there are modern hotels and shopping malls. That’s why my emotions constantly fluctuate.

The ideal month to visit is April, and you can use Maun Airport for arrivals. In Maun, you can find accommodation in the nature. Rather than luxurious hotels, there are camping sites that are especially convenient for safari lovers. Dombo Farm, Magkadigkadi Camp and Cresta Riley’s Hotel are the most popular places to stay.

Because I’m planning to try as many activities as I can, my trip to Maun is full of adventure. The first stop is the Okavango Delta. As I walk by the river, I take lots of pictures of sunrise and sunset. Then I continue with the exciting safari.

After two days, I take a helicopter tour that has been quite popular lately. It is a perfect opportunity to see bird’s eye view of the city and to explore the city with an excessive amount of adrenaline.

Okavango Delta

What to eat?

Then I stop by at Motsana to have lunch. It’s a modest, but an indeed elegant restaurant. Right before I take off, I overhear the lady sitting at the next table orders brownie, and I decide to stay a bit longer to have the same. Despite the desserts, Motsana is a really cheap restaurant, and I strongly recommend it.

Maun cuisine is not so different from Botswana’s. Fruite purees, large-grained corn starch, vetkoek and boerewors are the traditional delicacies here. Salty meat pudding “seswaa” is another popular dish in Maun. However my favorite is river fish. Lamb meat and steak are two other alternatives. Kalahari Cafe, Bon Arrivee, Hilary’s, French Connection, Sports Bar & Restaurant, Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken and Matsana Restaurant are the restaurants I can definitely recommend.

Formed by Batawana tribe in 1915, Maun is now one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. In addition, the variety of living creatures doubles the pleasure. Lastly Maun is a perfect place for the couples who want to take a safari tour for their honeymoons.


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