What I want is something different

What is similar to wood,

nor cloud I go on like this is not country sea separate sea,

air separate air I’d see where,

where I expect it another color,

taste another

I can explain my feelings about being on the road until the morning. Just because I’m going to this conference on the urban city. D was in the camp and conference in Cyprus.

Human nature does not ever think of yourself in the others. Even if you can not find something to demoralize. Everything commonplace, everything natural. Dirty cheese, a grilled eggplant, over the past insects eating a sausage tiksinmedig the only freedom rink. The earth is already the most, learn tips trek as well.

In the morning, you are beginning to get caught around the tent, so that after a while you have time to collect brushwood, you shoot a smile on his face, frosty the sheet to the other side.
Campers sirtcantali nature or people. Nature is like a cog, you see very arrogance. You and those who feel the same as you will find very easy. Do you experience difficulty too when you leave your tent at night doing a nearest neighbor friend. “I can not stay in ouuuglu tent” Your friend would say. The new camp locations they choose, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the first otostopu from home for the next route for those who watch you.

There are songs that are in your album, year, playlist meaningless unless they stand on. Do The sheer volume of long faces and an always cool head in the camp, the feet are hot, the sea salt on your lips, sun, color acilmistir wind while in the hair, move on you in a world of the other at a time. A disease such as chronic in my face on settlements before I get rid of this stupid smile.
90 in buldugum to each direct-ft-ft of climbing a childhood, happiness, wanted to know ..

It should never end..