I went into the world’s most beautiful views

What is something that can not be taken never hand your life?

Freedom to the holy …?
Start a dream
Nobody  is one thing. you age you are you know to others if you want, you do not have to account to cikartirsin.kimse from where they wish to put the wish of anlatirsin.herke I dream than olursun.eski that the gods of the moment and I think I connect melancholy because these dreams happen .. “ah bi I leave daydreaming” I’d say, “oh bi from pursuing your dreams .. I will not surrender” by myself, so I was wounded alive until enough …
d the night went something again put my head on the pillow of my mind. myself, you’re how old, look at you said you still dreaming. I can say that as of yesterday, I was discharged from childhood. I will miss the end of the rope and then imagine someone else to live my dream. yo yo dude …

product of theology, to dream, dating from childhood, is it just a malaise?

What happiness do not even need to be on the realization that not another?

“Purest that the action of the human character. According to a human trial can be easily founded by dreams. ”
You understand, do not fear, you are, this is the world’s Spartacus …


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