with Italy’s famous canal city of Venice. Masks city, for some magical city, one of the places to see before you die, for some people, the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, love for others, possible. This is a city street in the sea.

Northern Italy to the east, along the shores of the Adriatic sea, land 4 kilometer long road and rail bridge connecting with Venice is an island city built on about 118 islands. separates the islands of Venice’s 170 channels and 400 bridges connecting.

Venetian transport Venice Marco Polo airport (Venice Marco Polo Airport), you can perform through. However, the central drive of the ban. Cars left the parking lot outside the center. In this sense, while visiting Venice on foot, you can perform using your reach with the vaporetto or water taxis. instead of cars in front of house boats, piers instead of bus stops is located.

Hotel Amenities with options exceeds the number of visitors as the Venice of thousands are forced to choose the kind of facilities. Among the most luxurious hotels in Venice The Gritti Palace, Hotel Danieli Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hotel, Luna Hotel Baglioni Venezia, Bauer Il Palazzo, The St. Regis Venice San Clemente Palace, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Bauer Hotel, Centurion Palace, The Westin Hotel Europa & Regina, Venice, Ca’Sagredo Hotel Metropole Hotel, Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa, Boscolo Venezia, Autograph Collection, Hotel Villa Franceschi, Relais Ca Sabbioni, Palazzina G’s Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa and Hotel Excelsior.

We also love the city, we did not say in vain, that it has a bridge in this city full of bridges, if you kiss you like a gondola under the bridge, kutsanıp eternal love, you will not leave each other until your death. Of course, this is a myth, but can convert into a ritual to make your love forever.

The bridge closed in 1602 as the Duke’s Palace and the Old Jail is a structure built as a binder, the name taken to jail criminals have taken sigh looking at the beauty of Venice for the last time. Last Breath Bridge (Ponte dei Sospiri), Internal Drive Bridge and is also known as torture bridge, there are shows to whom already 🙂 Meanwhile Venetian libertine Casanova is the only one who managed to escape from this prison.

The key word here is to get lost. It means visiting Venice; It means to get lost in the streets. The streets are so close to each other, so uneven and narrow it is impossible not to get lost, so do not panic 🙂

This myth was walking in the step of the city you will come across in every shop mask. the masks, the main reason why the city is so widespread, Venice Carnival ended with Fat Tuesday from Ash Wednesday is a religious day, which is celebrated every year began two weeks ago and known as the Mardi Gras of Christians. But once wearing masks prostitutes to be recognized in the city, he was waiting in the street and began to be masks prostitution symbol in time, in this case the difference elders of the city who, banned the wearing of the mask outside the carnival even sentenced to the flogging who violate this prohibition.

Rio notorious as not, though, than it has a long history the carnival. It is going up to the initial period of paganism, even though at first opposed the church carnival has decided to modify the conditions of acknowledging later. If you are considering going to colorful masks, entertainment, be prepared to eat and drink and the mystery behind the mask!

Everyone costumed and masked oluıp You can not walk to your daily attire carnival time. During this period, more than 3 million people are visiting Venice. days each year varies along with a large ceremonial procession in February and flown by angels drop from the Campanile.

four kinds of masks used in carnival type available. These include Bauta, Moretta, it’s the larvae and Punchinell. Bauta masks covering the whole face is decorated. Moretta, preferred by women, located in front of some of veil, oval, they are the black velvet. Larvae are usually worn with a black cape and tricorn hat type with raised edges, it is more simple structure and resembles a ghost. The Punchinell type mask is a terrible expression with its long drooping nose. Carnival is arranged on a different theme every year.

If you return without one of the most precious places in this beautiful city of the island of Murano & Burano, Venice visit is considered unfinished. Here is brief information about the famous islands of Venice;

Murano Island; Murano, a small island with a population of 5000 and is known as one of the world’s most important glass production centers. The world’s first glasses and mirrors produced on the island. However, glass blowing, stained glass in glass-based fine art as very famous.
Nova vaporetto stop from Fondamenta 41, 42 and LN number can be found on the island of Murano in about 10 minutes with the vaporetto. In addition, the DM No. vaporetto stop in front of the train station going directly to Murano.

Burano island; Island time he makes a living by fishing and lace trade. But the biggest income is now tourism is generating. Of course, sales also lace continues with tourism. All the houses are colorful. Even the choice of color for the home municipality has not left the house, the house was supposed to get permission from the council of those who want to change the color. Here dominate a very sensitive landscaping.
If you get fined if you leave your home neglected. Your first stop to reach the island of Burano Fondamente Nove. Once you have the need to use the bus stop Fondamente Nove 12 numbered sea to go to Burano. You continue to see many places on the road. One of them is right across from Venice Fondamente Nove stop cemetery of San Michele.

Another name for ‘Dead Island’, Venice’s famous cemetery island. Instead, the city has given first decision of the dead to be buried on this island Napoleon. The graves he allowed just ten years to remain on the island. At the end of 10 years, opening graves to make room for new arrivals to be sent to be burned corpse bones.

I suggest you not go back in a few specific dishes from the tasting. “Sarde in Saor” a’d say Venice’s most famous dish. Venice offered a unique sweet and sour sauce, a grilled sardines. “Fegato alla Veneziana” Venice of the other local dishes, the taste of the dish made from veal liver was really delicious “risotto alla Seppia” squid The seafood platter served with ink is made with risotto and lemon and olive oil sauce other major flavor of the city. due to the rise in sea level city, a few inches of water sinking further every year, to see the sinking wish 🙂venedik.jpg