World’s Most Beautiful Temples

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Tibetan Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is extremely important for Buddhism among the most impressive temples in the world. Not so easy to get out here alone.

After the enormous power of the climb requires you to view, then you believe it’s worth it. 7-8 in the temple hosts a monastery, it is home to visitors from around the world.

  • Wat Rong Khun temple

Located in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai is located in the temple made entirely of white glass processing products and a complete work wonders. Built to reflect the cleanliness of the faith such as Buddhism Wat Rong Khun, the famous painter and sculptor Chalermcha Kositpipat output from them.

  • Kaaba

The holy place of Muslims in Mecca, the Kaaba is a cube-shaped building is a place of worship that flock to many citizens who want to fulfill the Islamic faith.

Every year millions of Muslims to this holy place to visit, one of the world’s most magnificent structures.

  • Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda)

The temple is located in Myanmar allegedly made in 2500 according to the legend, Myanmar / Yangon, the nature of the symbol.

Golden temple with a view of both the elegant luxury image, the eyes of those who dazzles.

  • Temple of Heaven

Tao temple located in the Chinese capital of Beijing, was built by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century.

The exterior of the thin workshop applied the circular of the northern part, where you have a view as the square of the southern part of the Temple of Heaven, the circle of heaven according to the beliefs of the time, was believed to be a similar shape to the world the field frame.

– Vatican
by earth to millions of people have been recognized as a bishop center Vatican, was established in 1929.

  • Borobudur

2700 Borobudur hosting relief panels and 504 Buddha statues, is located in Indonesia’s Java Island.

In 1997, when surrounded by lush area surrounded included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument is one of the world’s oldest temple.

  • Harmandir Sahib

India’s Amritsar Situated on the water’s alias in the city ‘Golden Temple’, the top of the gold, the lower section is also a Sikh temple painted white. The temple also has four side entrance symbolizing tolerance and openness.

  • Srirangam temple

A lively and colorful image, the floors and the majestic height of the Srirangam is not used in one of India’s most valued temple now actively Temple is an extremely important place.

  • Angkor Wat temple

12th century King II. Built for Suryavarman temple, as Cambodia’s treasure. The temple is an example of Khmer architecture, as well as the walls of the gigantic statues of guardian angels and Hindu mystic who also has a color image



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