If a midwestern list of Anatolian cities is made, perhaps one hundred people will write Gaziantep



If a midwestern list of Anatolian cities is made, perhaps one hundred people will write Gaziantep in ninety first place. Because of their fertile soil, the Hittites called Hantap (inn land) and declared the holy city; Evliya Çelebi’s City-i Ayıntap-ı Cihan, which is the city of the world’s pupil, is connected to the kebab and the baklava, the history and cultural heritage of the region thousands of years.

The history of Silvan Road on Gaziantep, which dates back to 4000 years ago, made it a vibrant city throughout history. Antep, a part of the Babylonian, Hittite, Egyptian, Med, Assyrian, Persian, Macedonian, Sevlekos, Komagene, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Eyyubi, Mongolian, Dulkadiroğulları, Mamlûk and Ottoman states reflected this tremendous cultural richness as well. Today, it is said that there are more than 300 kinds of food in Antep Cuisine.
Gaziantep is a city that lives with food. There are a lot of rumors that start burning down the stove, soup for breakfast, katmerciler for all day energy, kebabs that only work at noon to compromise quality. Just a few examples of how the Antepline fills in every hour. The book titled Güneşin ve Ateşin Tadı – Gaziantep Cuisine, which is published by Yapı Kredi Publications and edited by Aylin Öney Tan, is a wonderful fixation related to the positio


In Gaziantep, the entire city is included in the cooking process. The butcher is the house extension, the mahale oven is like a kitchen oven. The craftsman knows the quality of the goods he will give according to the food to be cooked. Bulgur, tattoo, rice, firik, chickpeas are ordered to be made while the meal is reminded. The transfer sets the spice mixture according to the taste of each house. The town is not the meat of the meat, but the name of your meal is said. In Gaziantep, there is a system that works between home, bazaar, bazaar, grocer, butcher and neighborhood oven. As if a magic hand, a whole city is leading the way to build a table …

The day trip of a city like this also happens to be about food. You can also see the city all day when you go from one restaurant to another. In the morning there are 2 breakfast alternatives depending on where you are in the city. Breakfast at Antep means either liver or bean soup. That’s why you need to break the classic breakfast sensation in your head. If you were in the early hours of the morning, the first direction might be the Heifer Ali Haydar near the castle. We need to repeat the early hours of the morning about the shop. Because the shop opened 3-4 against the sabiha 8-9 morning is closing. If you go late at 9:30 am like me, ask the question “What time does the master open at the grocery store”? You will get the answer “It’s closed, you come back tomorrow morning.”

Cigarette Ali Haydar is another alternative to the breakfast buffet. Mayran soup is probably one of the most original flavors of Antep. Everyone in the city says it’s best done at the Metropolitan Restaurant. If you have already entered Metanet, even though it is 8 o’clock in the morning, you realize that all the tables are almost full. One of the finest things about fortune is a garlic wall welcoming you in the entrance. But this is not a physical wall. When you enter most shops from outside, warm / cool air walls are made with air-conditioners and you enter an unrelated pit outside or you enter a garlic wall in Metanet. While the lower floor is divided into men, the upper floor serves as a family lounge.

The timid celeb we call “Beyran” is made as follows: A steel soup case is being taken. Half a handful of tailposts are printed on the floor. On top of it, pre-cooked rice and lamb meat are added. After this point, the beyran is delivered to the furnace. The cooker puts the kettle on a very strong fire and adds plenty of garlic meat and flake peppers. As soon as it is boiled, it is held with a beyon vise which is in the furnace and taken to the service tray and comes to the table.
On Beyran, it is necessary to turn to stratum to suppress. It is said that the city has two best addresses for katmer, the Zekeriya Master in the bazaar, or the Orchid Pastry a little further away. I choose Zekeriya Master because of my classic principle. The walls are full of pictures of famous people who have visited the shop before. Next to the shop is a countertop and stone oven where katmerin is prepared.

Katmer is made of cream, pistachio and white sugar put in a dough that is even finer than baklava dough. Then the dough, which is closed in bundles, is given a stone fountain. Before being served, pistachios are sprinkled on top of it. The katmer from the table is swept away by a four-man crew. The second one is being ordered immediately. If there was a base like a beyran in front of you, it is enough for one person. Katmer is such a food that I will walk around the whole antep bazaar from his shambling taste and content.

We are going to Karsiyaka quickly to burn the energy from Katmer. We are at Halil Usta, the most important flavor point of Antep journey. This is Antep’s best kebab. The service starts right at the end of the lunch and ends at 3-4 after lunch. In the past, the meat had dried up until 2 o’clock, but they extended the time to avoid hunger for those who opened the Zeugma Museum on the side of the street. First of all, the lahmacun and the spoon salad come to the table. The salad is so beautiful that the person is making a giant spoon salad pool and comes across the face. In the middle, the simit kebabı, çuşbaşı and Halil Usta’s signature act are ordered. Shortly thereafter, it comes crashing after the bagel and the bagel. I have to be Dostoyevski because I can express the feeling of eternity that I reach with the crying crying.

I can not stand and get up from the table and I stand near the counter of Halil Usta. It’s like a recital. Those are the spits on the oven. The cooker dominates the whole of the skins like an orchestra conductor. When will be translated, when will be taken from January; It’s as self-confident as you can keep your eye on. Moreover, after being taken from the quartz, the hot meat that is not to be thrown into the mouth is pulled out with bare hands and divided into plates. After a while, a deep conversation begins. I learn all the strategic information, which is the water of the waiters, which is the reaper, which is not borrowed. The shop is starting to get crowded. We slowly fade away leaving our heart in the shop.

In Halil Usta, we go to the nearby Museum of Zeugma to spread the nirvana, which is worn by the victim and the maverick, for a longer time. Here, the enormous mosaics of the Roman period, which will be flooded by the Birecik Dam and can be recovered, are on display. If they can not be removed, they are in Zeukma Antique city which is under water today in Belkis village in Nizip district of Antep. The new museum remains like a palace when compared to Antep’s old archeological museum. The layout, distribution and presentation of the works are very nice. Moreover, the Gypsy Girl mosaic, considered Mona Lisa of the mosaic world, was exhibited in a specially designed room for her. The animal figures used in the mosaics convey much information about the ecological life of the region at that time. You can see the species of leopards, various birds, wild animals, Euphrates and fish from the Dicle Rivers which are frequently seen in Anatolia for a period in detail in mosaics.

In the morning we are going to Zeki İnal to fill the vacant places after we have prepared the meals in the morning. Zeki Inal is known for his fame in Antep. Despite being a tiny shop, they all received orders for brandy from all over Turkey. After the first bite, the cause is understood. In Antep, baklava is a completely different culture. Baklava masters are raised from a young age with a hard master apprentice relationship. Today, young people are uncomfortable with these occupations. The young people who can not stand to talk about their life devoted to that job are leaving and going in 2 days.
After Zeki Inal you can walk to the bazaar on foot. See the Kurtuluş Mosque on the way. The mosque, originally built as a church, belonging to Sarkis Baylan, known for its works such as Beylerbeyi and Çırağan Palace, is made of cut stone. After seeing the Kurtuluş Mosque, you can walk to Bakırcilar Çarşısı. If you have the right place at the end of the day and have energy to eat, you can go to Imam Çağdaş for Ali Nazik food. After Halil Usta’s sympathetic and modest shop, this place is seen as a tourist attraction, but Ali Nazik is still the standard.

On such a day, we must leave the baklava at the end with the thought that we should complete the summit. When Imam Çağdaş goes to the palace kitchen shop of Koçak who is on top of it, he turns from the bedspread. Antep’s air is ideal for baklava. The moisture free air does not allow the baklava dough to soften and helps to keep its crispness. There is such a plethora of peanuts that a bunch of roasted pistachios are being thrown at the table while baklava packages already packed. The special square in Koçak and the pistachio baklava are incredible. The person about the taste really amazes.

Even if you go to Antep for the day, it is one of the biggest ones you can do to the womb of a person, your tongue and mids. The level of flavor that can be described as food porn is based on the mind of the person. Moreover, it is also gratifying that traditional methods are still used and avoided from industrial kitchens.

Antep Top5 List

1- Halil master

2- Zekeriya master

3- Beyran

4- Koçak baklava

5- Zeugma Museum

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean



In the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean, Pinocchio has a long nose, and the island offers a combination of all the cultures around it. Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is home to a number of strange situations both politically, historically and culturally.

The most widely accepted story about the name Cyprus is that the name of the island is cyprium. Considering the copper resources still active in the island, it does not seem so wrong. The island which Markus Antonius gave to Cleopatra to prove his love, is also considered as the place where Aphrodite was born or emerged. According to Riva, Cleopatra likes the sandy beaches of Cyprus so much that she carries it to Egypt as if there were no sand in her country.

The island, ruled by Egypt, Hittite, Finike, Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Luzinian, Venetian, Ottoman and British respectively, became an independent state in 1960 and the Republic of Cyprus was established. In this state, the Turkish and Greek Cypriots are given the right to political representation according to the population ratio. Greater crowded Greek Cypriots receive the state presidency and some ministries while the Turks receive four major ministries such as the president, the minister of education and the national defense. The people of the island, who have already experienced nationalist tensions, are starting to clash in 1963 for political and social reasons. The Turks are pulling out all the political dharma and are starting to build militia forces called mujahideen. It is already known that since the British colonization of the Greeks settled in the island, they have had the affection of independence and even of being attached to Greece. On the other hand, Turks who have a population of 30% also support Turkey. The island, which started to live violent events in 1963, comes up with various discomforts until the 1970s. However, in 1974, the coup against the Cypriot government in Greece with the support of the cuntan in Greece was the last straw to lift the glass for Turkey and the decision to act as a guarantor country to the island is being taken.

In the first operation that is done, priority is given to the place where the Turks live intensively. After the Geneva Conference in which all the intervening states are participating, the Turkish Army starts the second movement with the password of “Get Ayse Tatile” which is a touchstone in diplomacy literature and enters the capital Nicosia. The Greek junta government falls and the island is divided into two. Population exchanges are taking place between the Greeks and the Turks. People have been forced to migrate from places where their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years. In 1983, the TRNC was established as a de facto republic..

The Turks living in the island are quite dependent on Cyprus. After the Ottomans took Cyprus, the Turkish population that the congregation of children from the Konya-Karaman region formed, really loves and owns. Moreover, the Greek-Turkish-Arab-Maroonian and British cultures that constitute the richness of the island have absorbed in their structures. However, in the 90s, they point out that the unqualified and uncontrolled migration from Turkey has changed the demography of the island a bit.
One important group that should not be missed when talking about island history is Luzinyan. Luzinian, a French-born Catholic group living in Jerusalem, is obliged to cling to Jerusalem after the conquest of Saladin Eyyubi’s Jerusalem. They are bought and bought in the eyes of the island in order to be close to Kudus. After the Luzinans settled on the island, they built churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Their successors are developing Luzinian works.

Cypriots are partially uncomfortable with the image of their country in Turkey. They say that Cyprus is not just a gambling and casino paradise, but a rich cultural, historical, archaeological and natural richness. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has also discovered that the “Mehmet Ali Erbil and eller air” sense has to be broken, and the tourism activities of the country have gained a great impetus in recent years.

There are serious distances between places to see in the island. Transportation is left in the car except for renting a car. Traffic is flowing in British style tersten. If you are renting a car for this reason, it might be a good idea to do some exercises first. In fact, the island has a railroad adventure that began in 1905 and went to 1950. However, due to the pressures of the automotive industry and the lack of managerial visions, the railway is left out in 45 years. The railway adventure that started with the Nicosia-Famagusta line, extends to 121 km in the following years and reaches Güzelyurt and Evrihu.

As Nedim Gürsel once again quotes me in his book Döneceksin, Nicosia is perhaps the only divided city in the world. You can start hiking with the Green Line district dividing the city. Then you can explore the streets of historic Arapahmet neighborhood. Then you can translate the route into Kyrenia. Girne is one of Cyprus’s major ports. You can visit the Girne Kalesi, which houses the shipwreck museum after walking around the alleys of the historical harbor. In the museum you can visit the second oldest ship removed from the Mediterranean. To get a little breathing, you can visit the Ego Bar, which features a magnificent British colonial architecture building.

You can go to St Hilarion Castle to watch Girne and even the Mediterranean from the hill till the Turkish coasts. It is almost like an eagle nest built into one of the hills of the castle Besparmak Mountains. Because of his name, he does not feel himself partly like Battal Gazi. You can enjoy the magnificent view by drinking lemonade on the balcony of the kalen, which is the brightest period in Luzinian period. It is also said that the castle is one of the qualities that inspired Walt Disney’s symbol. The Bellapais Monastery near Girne is also considered as the most beautiful gothic art in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was built by the Augustinian sect priests who migrated to the island after Saladin’s Ayyubid took Jerusalem. After the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus, it was taken from Catholics and assigned to Orthodox worship.

Magosa or Famagusta is another important port in Cyprus. On the other hand, it is home to the most important archaeological remains on the island. The ruins of Salamis are a huge antique city dating back to Roman times. Moreover, it is said that close to 90% is still underground. The part of Mağosa which is in the city walls is like an open air museum. There are old houses, narrow streets and a calm life inside the walls of Magosa. Built on the same plane as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Do not forget to visit the Nicolas Cathedral, the present state and its name, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Since the mosque is a Gothic Catholic building, it was transformed with a dome without a dome and a short minaret. Unfortunately, all the frescoes in it are covered with water. You can also visit the dungeons where Namik Kemal is sent close to you, after the game of Vatan or Silistire, near the window.

The most original place Magosa has is closed Maraş region. During the Peace Operation, Maras, which has been closed since 1974 due to the strategic position of the Turkish Army, is in fact the most expensive and popular place of the island. Marash, Monaco and Beirut, where the world’s most luxurious hotels, casinos and homes were located, was the favorite holiday destination of the European jet society. At the moment he can go around by car. Abandoned, you can see the empty houses from which the trees have risen. The best place to see the magnificence of the Maras district is the beach of Arkın Palm Beach Hotel. From this point you can watch all Maras beach and ghost shops.

Karpaz National Park is located on the north eastern side of the island like a bar. The national park, home to many endemic species, is famous for its wild donkeys. If they are wild, they live in nature in their own right. Otherwise, they will cut out the front of the cars and demand food, even people will be able to love themselves. The fact that so many of you are in Karpaz is due to the gathering here of the locusts in the villages that were left unattended after the peace campaign to find food.


One of the most beautiful places of the national park is Altinkum Beach near Zafer Burnu. It is a long sandy beach with its shimmering sand and the seas even in October and even November. Moreover, it is one of the most important symbols of Caretta Carettalar, one of the most important symbols of the Mediterranean. Another interesting point in Karpaz is Dipkarpaz Village. The most important feature of this village is that it is one of the two villages where Turks and Greeks are still living together. The Greek Cypriots in the region, still active in a Greek primary school, did not leave their villages during the exchange, saying, “This is our home, our land is here.”

Although Cyprus is an island, meat culture dominates instead of fish. There is even a joke as if the most suitable product to be produced for Cypriots is an unbreakable barbecue. As baking techniques, old methods such as stone oven are being continued. Kleftiko cooked in a stone oven is a tremendous flavor. Kleftikoy with molohiya, magarina bulli, pirohu and peach kebab also special flavors to Cyprus. For a Kleftiko meal, you can be a guest in a loose table in Agora Bakery Kebab in Mağosa.

Cyprus offers accommodation suitable for all sorts of occasions. Arkın Palm Beach Hotel in Mağosa is a luxurious and beautiful option with high comfort and service quality. The most important feature is that the ghost town is right next to Marash. Another advantage is that the cuisine is also strong. Bellapais Monastery Village in Girne is a more economical and motel-style accommodation option. The View Hotel in Karpaz is a modest retreat. The terasta in front of it offers a Mediterranean view starting from Egypt and covering Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Kıbrıs Top5 List

1- Karpaz

2- Maraş

3- Kleftiko

4- St Hilarion castle

5- Eko Bar


Emmanouíl Phokás thought what he was going to do in the city walls when the giants of Mehmet II, who had not yet received Fatih title, beat the thick walls of Constantinople. After the Eastern Roman Empire had mixed up with the dusty pages of history, he decided to pack the cart and settle in Kefalonia. Their children grew up here, their family expanded and became a grandchild named Ioánnis.
This torner, who learned all the virtues of maritime at a young age, arrived at the Mediterranean. To explore distant lands, he entered the patronage of Spain, one of the two greatest maritime forces of the time, Juan de Fuca, and quickly ascended to his own fleet. Atlas, the Indian was not yet, went to the Pacific Ocean. The day came, he stepped on a island. It is centuries after the island of Vancouver; Foot walk and a long reconnaissance walk with the crew began to be called Juan de Fuca.

This story is in my mind when preparing the bags for the way Juan de Fuca said that we need to walk since the day we met. I think of the idea of walking as a Turk and a Brazilian from the places where a Greek cruiser based in Istanbul roots centuries ago discovered in the Spanish patronage. On the other hand, we are in a hurry to put together a bag of dozens of pieces

The 47 km Juan de Fuca is a road that connects to the shore, mainly through the forest. Some parts are closed during the day due to the tide, and there is no risk of landslide as we will walk in the spring. But there is another risk that spring brings. Black bears wake up from all winter beauty sleeps and mountain lions, although very rare; Leopards with other names. For this reason, we carry a bear spray next to all the camping equipment. If it comes to the moon, we will either take it or we will draw mortu from the heart, but we still take our precaution. “The battle of the moon is spraying, leopard is fighting,” he warns, while honor is being prepared.

One of the most important parts of the preparation is eating and drinking. We prefer dry foods that are specially prepared for this type of walk and can be cooked with a small amount of hot water, since it will be too heavy to carry canned or regular packaged foods. The best part of doing such walks in Canada is the abundance of water resources. It is possible to get clean water from all sources with a small water filter without having to make a lot of water accounts.

We fill in the morning bags, jump in the car and head towards Juan de Fuca’s starting point, China Beach. When we stop to get nuts from a giant supermarket on the way, I can not resist the sausages inside and I get Renata and Onur to convince them to move and get a package. After 2 hours, we park our car at China Beach after lunch. On the first day, we have a medium-difficulty track of 9 km to Bear Beach. We dive into the forest and start the walk. There is no exit to the 29th km.

First we arrive at Mystic Beach, which marks the end of the first two kilometers. We are accelerating to arrive at Bear Beach without the weather. With the honor we both take on the role of the light that we see everywhere or everywhere in the landscape and still want to take a picture of the Renata, and he continues to lead us again with broken Turkic “Come on, come on!”

We go beyond the kilometrics by sliding in the light, muddy slope. We take power from the energy jellies in our hands. Before the evening sun sets, Bear Beach appears at the end of the slope. Honor is as excited as we are, even though Juan de Fuca had walked before. We finish the first day without disability, without fallen or bears.

Our first job is to identify areas where we will have tents. We calculate the tide and we set up the tents. Then we take our food that evening and hang the other food away in a high tree. Normally there are lockers in the Canadian National Parks that can not open the bears for these foods, but when you are searched for, we take care of it naturally.


Now it comes to burning fire. I am going to the wood collecting when honor is interested in this work. A great day goes by. We start to watch the sunset as we burn the fire and stack the trees. Then, the tiredness, the difficulty of the uphill slopes, the footsteps of the feet, the tree roots, and the sloped logs that have fallen over them all turn into beautiful memories.

When the day sinks, we are starting to prepare the final dishes that come from our stomachs. The sausages we put in the trash are starting to heat up. We make pasta with you. The mp3 list we have prepared by spending 3.5 hours without going out on the road honors the fonda. We make fun translations of Turkish songs we love to Renata. I understand why fire magic and hunter-gatherer societies are in the fire so often. I do not get my eye. The first day we go to bed early and we will walk the next day on the most pile park on the route.

We wake up early in the morning. After breakfast with oatmeal and dried hot dogs, Honor makes us a surprise and takes out the charcoal in the bag and the Turkish coffee. If it is the most difficult today, then we should not start walking on the deserted coast of the Pacific without drinking Turkish coffee, and we put the fire to the fire. Then we collect the tents, replenish our water stocks and set off.

Our second day goal is to get to Chin Beach, 13 km away. Now, there is a climb and a step with a lot of ridges. Our plan is to complete it in 9 hours. The first part, which is relatively easy to cool in the morning, becomes increasingly difficult with the pressure of noon. The climbing slopes are rising, the bags are getting heavy. Moreover, the course is becoming increasingly muddy. From time to time we are entering the mud until the wisdom. We find a canopy nook and a lunch break when the sun is hovering.

Along with the carbohydrates and the energy gels, the team is picking up again. We continue to walk in muddy ways. We are talking about the fact that Canadians do not know any job at this time, so it is not possible to come up with a tea garden in such a scenic area with their minds. When I have been listening to Onur and Renata for a short while, I start walking from the front. The forest is almost enclosing me. In a magnificent symphony, I light up and disappear. The sounds of birds, the glory of the forest, sunlight leaking from the voids are beginning to carry me. One bag on my back loses the importance of sweat over the miles I’ve walked since the morning. I feel like I’m walking in a river.


After a while, they catch me with Onur and Renata’s smile on my face. We continue together again. The last mile is making all of us hard. For this reason we apply music. Eventually the sunny Chin Beach looks and Pink Floyd plays on the back. When we get to the place where we feel like we will never end, we have a crispy grin. We understand that there is no ending. All of you have an end. As long as you walk out of your way. We leave the bags that we almost found with our backs on for the first time and we are walking around on the beach for a while.

Then we find the camp site and we open the tents. Before our forecast, we have more time to sink the sun because we have the plaza in about 8 hours. For this reason we build tents and collect wood for fire without haste. This time we are putting the food on the top of a large rock in the distance.

We burn the fire after we put our feet in the Pacific waters like ice and relieve it. The day is fast. We’re preparing dinner. After the meal, Renata’s pain is increasing due to the chronic knee problem that reminds herself during the day. We agree on giving the decision about finishing the race the next morning, based on the final situation.


We have strengthened the fire after having served Turkish Kahves with food as a luxury service for walking. Because it was Hidrellez that evening. We are talking about Renata from Hidrellez, the daily life effects of shaman cultures. On the other hand, I am taking away my little pussy that I kept for this evening. We offer our wishes for Khidr, who we left for thousands of miles away, and a toast for our loved ones who are watching us from the top. In our day we look at the supply-figurative sky-dome and remember our little boy in the world. We jumped over the fire and put out the fire.

I wake up the next morning and go for a short walk on the beach. In the first step I encounter the sable traces of the sands on the sand that the nightly tide has soaked. Then I walk on the rocks as the water pulled off allows. There are thousands of mussels on the rocks. I go back and agree to breakfast. In the meantime, probably the owner of the trail is coming soon.


Bad news comes from Renata after breakfast. The series will not allow you to complete the entire route. Then we decide to end the march on Sombrio Beach, the first exit point. However, we still have an 8 km park that we need to walk on. We are not in a hurry to be able to listen to Renata a little more to get out of the park, which is relatively easy. However, we can not extend this time much because of the risk of closure of Chin Beach’s exit point due to the tide.


Çantaları yüklenip yola koyuluyoruz. Bir gün öncesi kadar iniş çıkış olmasa da aynı oranda çamur var yolda. Vaktimiz olduğu için bol bol mola veriyoruz. Sombrio Plajına yaklaşırken bir asma köprüden geçiyoruz. Tam çıkışında öğle yemeği için mola veriyoruz. Juan de Fuca rotasındaki son yemeğimiz olduğu için keyfini çıkarta çıkarta yiyoruz.

We walk a little further after dinner and we meet a small waterfall pouring into the sea. We think that the view is very beautiful and we stop here. When we are fully seated and quite open to the public, there is a slight movement of the sea surface and we are witnessing the passage of a humpback whale. With the last sips of the little whiskey we are wetting our beads to celebrate this transition.

When we arrive at Sombrio Beach, we come across a lot of campers because of the weekend. When people are coming, we are going back. While Renata and I are waiting in the parking lot, Honor hitchhiking to China Beach and takes the car. When I returned to the city, I had the wishes I wanted in Hıdrellez the previous year. I would like to thank Khidr for giving me even more and always bringing out wonderful people on the road.



Take all the good things of Europe like art and gastronomy, put a lot of North American civilization into it and put it together with multiculturalism and sprinkle good people into it. The resulting city can be called Montreal.

In order to understand Montreal, we need to understand a bit about Quebec, the state it is in. We are talking about the very exclusive state of Canada. Official language is French. The main reason for this is that most of the French who come from Canada, first a French colony, settled in this area. Afterwards, they decided to protect it, without sacrificing their culture as a reaction to the United Kingdom. They are so determined in this regard that they sometimes even hold a referendum to leave Quebec and establish independent Quebec. They have not been successful so far. However, in the referendum in 1995, the number of rejected votes could be reduced to 50.6%. The increase in the French national identity and the Quebec population is so highly regarded by the local government that it is very helpful to have children. The cost of a nursery in Toronto was about $ 1,500 Canadian dollars, down by $ 300 in state support in Montreal.

This French, Anglo-Saxon mixture in Canada is based entirely on historical reasons for the multicultural situation. In fact, the first European group to reach the region is the Vikings. This situation corresponds to 1000 years, but it is temporary and no settlement is established. Montreal’s modern history begins when French explorer Jaques Cartier enters the St Lawrence River to escape the cold weather in the Atlantic in 1642. Prior to that, only the geography of the local groups is rapidly gaining importance with their fur trade. The Iroquisler, the strongest indigenous group, is still in French domination until 1763, despite the resistance. It is the coming United Kingdom. It is occupied by Americans with the support of the Quebecans in the American Revolution. Montreal, which lasted for a while in an anonymous state, became part of the autonomous federation by joining the Quebec Confederation as a province.

It is also necessary to talk about the situation of the inhabitants of the First Nations. In the late nineteenth century, the natives suffered systematic racism and assimilation in the federation under British control, with great support from the church. Indigenous children were expelled from their cultures in boarding schools established by the Canadian Catholic Church and the Canadian Anglican Church, and were exposed to sexual and physical abuse. Towards the end of the twentieth century, schools began to be closed down when the people who lived in these schools appeared and begged the state to apologize at the highest level. At present the proportion of the population to the population is around 4.5%. The biggest problems are collective adaptation, unemployment and alcohol / substance dependence. Fortunately, in recent years, the cultures of the locals have begun to be protected by the state because of their touristic values.

Montreal is becoming a sin city because of its proximity to alcohol bans in the United States after World War I. However, thanks to Jean Drapeau, who came there in the ’50s and modernized the city in terms of transportation and city planning, it is becoming today. During the Drapeau era, which governed for 30 years, important organizations such as the 1976 Summer Olympics and the Expo, celebrated with the participation of Badi Ekrem, are being undertaken. The city is also home to the Montreal Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival in the world, since 1980.

People are warm, sympathetic and helpful, rather than cold-blooded and distant urban North American characters. They mainly use the weather to open the conversation, chat, and listen to you with respect. Moreover, every shop or restaurant employee always comes to you without asking for your benefit. The individual relations in the country are based on good intentions and trust. Despite all this heat, there is certainly no intervention in the personal space.

Montreal ülkenin gece hayatı en hareketli şehri denebilir. Avrupalı köklerinden midir bilinmez özellikle haftasonları pek canlı hale geliyor. Casa del Popolo indie severler için salaş bir bar. Geç saatte ilginç tipler olabiliyor. Bar Barmacie adından anlaşılabileceği gibi eczane konseptiyle, ağzınıza içkileri tüple dayıyorlar. Dieu du Ciel kendi biralarını yapan güzel bir birahane. Bir de alternatif bar olarak Big in Japan var. Dünyanın en önemli caz şehirlerinden birinde olunca caz kulüpleriyle ilgili beklenti de yüksek oluyor haliyle. Bazılarında kıyafet mevzusuna dikkat edilse bile bana öyle bir durum denk gelmedi. Dièse Onze, 7 gün canlı müzik olan, ufak, sempatik ve yemek de servis edilen iyi bir caz kulübü. Onun alternatifi ise Upstairs olabilir. Blues severler içinse Bistro à Jojo 1975’den beri haftada 7 gece canlı müziğin olduğu bir blues barı.

Montreal hem sakin hem de güvenli bir şehir. Suç oranı Kanada’nın genelinde zaten düşük. Her sokakta huzurla dolaşabilirsiniz. Kahvelerde veya barlarda insanlar sipariş vermek için kalktıklarında çantasını, eşyalarını bırakıp rahatlıkla masadan uzaklaşıyor. Siz de bu rahatlığı şaşkınlıkla izliyorsunuz. Bazı bölgelerde bolca evsizle karşılaşsanız da neredeyse tümü zararsız ve kendi halinde takılıyorlar. Üstelik bir talepleri varsa çok kibarca dile getiriyorlar. Ulaşım için iyi çalışan bir toplu taşıma sistemi bulunuyor. Üstelik şehirdeki çoğu şey yürüyerek ulaşılabilir durumda.  Tabi kışın -40’lara varan hava sıcaklığında ne kadar yürüyebilirseniz.

You can split Montreal into two regions. You will see that the Anglo-Saxon cult is dominant in the western part when the east is more French influenced. You can start walking the city from the old city. The old town was the first settlement of the French settlers. For this reason, you can find examples of old colonial architecture. After touring the streets and crossing Place Jacques Cartier and its surroundings, you can head for the old harbor. If your visit is winter, you can try skiing at the open ice skating rink created here.

After a while you can reach the Montreal Science Center. Here you can visit some of the most famous symbols of the city, the Notre Dame Basilica, after a little bit of your technological impetus. Then you can re-enter the habitat to see Habitat 67, one of Montreal’s modern architectural icons.

The buildings will rise and modernize as they move towards the eastern part of the old city. So you will be in the downtown area that forms the business center of Montreal. In Downtown you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which hosts many interesting exhibitions all year round. The Museum of Modern Art is also located in this area. For those interested in technological arts, Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) should not be missed. Dilersen can also tour in Chinatown.

Climbing through the trees in the Montreal Park is a bit of a hassle but a joy to watch from the top of the city, climbing Mont Royal. During this climb, if the season is winter, there will be cross-country skiing with you; Do not be surprised. Winter sports Canadians are favorites in terms of both cruising and doing. After seeing the city from the hill, you can walk again to the Plateau, one of Montreal’s most characteristic neighborhoods. Originally a worker’s neighborhood, the neighborhood is colored with the arrival of the art basket after the 1970s. Nowadays there is a claim that every Montrell wants to live here. There are plenty of vintage, second-hand clothing stores for shopping enthusiasts. Plateau city coffee field. You can spend time in many delightful coffee shops and breathe. Cafe Replica is a very sympathetic place.

Another popular neighborhood of the city is Mile End. Even Mile End is called the new Plateau. Particularly students prefer this place because of the more expensive prices. Located at Mile End, Cafe Olimpico is ideal to sit and watch the residents of the neighborhood. Neighbors who talk to each other, friends who return from hokey and delicious coffee accompanies the quantities. To see the city’s daily habits, you can spend time in the colorful Jean Talon market near Mile End. The most lively neighborhood in the city is the Quartier Latin & The Village district. There are plenty of music shops, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and bistros here. Especially the jazz festivals are very active and the neighborhood is also the center of Montreal’s gay community. The honor march is also being held in this region.

Because of the hard winter of Montreal, there is also a huge underground life. Reso is the general name of these shopping and living areas built with metro. In winter people usually spend time here. Although there are many ski resorts close to Montreal for winter sports enthusiasts, Mont Tremblant is the center for a distance of 2 hours. Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, also known as the boutique city, is another alternative to Montreal in 2.5 hours.

He knows very well what to eat in the sense of different national kitchens that he has in Montreal. As predicted, the kitchen is the French cuisine. One of the best examples of this in the city is l’Express. The stylish french bistro is ideal for evening dining. The fish balls are good for the bass. Fillet mignon of O’Thym, a mottled meat restaurant, is so famous that folks jumped out of New York to eat meat.

Poutine is the food that the Quebecers proudly mention that we are our food. The food prepared by adding various ingredients to the fried potatoes is quite satisfying. La Banquise, 24 hours in the city, is the right place to eat Poutine.

The most famous dining activity in Montreal is the only sandwiches with smoked meat and mustard. Founded in 1928 by a Jewish family who immigrated from Romania on the Plateau, Schwartz’s offers a tremendous flavor, albeit a bit touristy. Already in the first row you get from the sandwich at the door, you make sense immediately. Sandwiches are very famous not only in Montreal but also in all of Canada. Olive & Gourmando in the old harbor area also makes delicious hot panini sandwiches.

Another tradition of the city is the breakfast in the morning and the breakfast in the Mile-End in the La Maison du Bagel-St-Viteur. You can also have a coffee shop with cream cheese and salmon from the famous bagel shop, preferably Olimpico, where you can start your breakfast as residents after you have taken your drink. The maple syrup is one of the most important products of Quebec. If you are pancaking at home, you can buy a bottle.

Montreal does not offer accommodation at too many average rates. Either it costs expensive hotels or hostels. I stay at the Auberge Saint Paul Montréal if you are a staff, the environment is a sympathetic and clean hostel. Besides, there are also breakfasts to be served in the morning.



Montreal Top5 List

1- Mile End

2- Plateau

3- Montreal Parkı

4- Schwartz’s

5- Mont Tremblant skı center

Lıfe is berlin


I spend almost the entire train journey asleep on the last day of Oktoberfest when the tiredness of the 6-week interrail journey, like a leaf drifting in the wind from there to there, merges with all the fun. I go to Berlin in the cool of October night. I go to the hostel in Hauptbahnhof by train, and I find it difficult to go to the bus station. At the reception of the hostel a girl in front of me is quietly making transactions. Normally I am tired of being a hasty, waiting for the girl to finish the process as soon as I have no new city to go to. When it’s time, I extend my passport, make a slip and go out to the room.
When I enter the room, I am headed to bed like a guided missile. For this reason, I realize later that we stayed in the same room as the girl who registered at the reception in front of us. Since I have been doing it with dozens of people almost every day for 6 weeks, we are starting to meet the reflexive superficial hostel dating questions. It’s a line that goes on, what’s your name, where you come from, where you come from, how long you will stay.
Katrin is a German. I studied sociology in a city I could not remember the west of the country. It was the first day in Berlin where I came to make a master’s degree. It was a few weeks late to start the school and it was not a chance to find a house. After listening to our mutual footsteps, I am exhausted and Katrin is going to go to the book early the next day.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s 10 o’clock and the room is empty. I go down to the café under the hostel and have a quick breakfast. To visit for the second time without losing time, I want to change the interrail route and fall in the streets of the city I love as much as I can to extend my travels. I realize I do not have my camera while I go to the room and organize the daily commodities I bought. I do not completely empty my big backpack, I can not find the camera even though I put the bottom of the room on the bottom. I am panicked to lose a card that has all the memories of six weeks in the camera itself.
I’m quickly starting to count the movie out of my head. I’m trying to remember where I used the last camera, where I dropped it, or it rang. The first thing that comes to mind is the train. I’m just going down the road and I’m going out. The destination is the Hauptbahnhof. I tell the guy at the desk at the giant gala. If my focus is on how to find the camera, I give as much detail as the dash on the left. The German in charge wants me to write a form with all the coolness to write down my information, the estimated time of the event, train information and camera details. Since I did not use my cell phone during my travels, the next day, I told him that I could come and get information.
I go out hopelessly. For 6 weeks, the accident-free survivor camera, including the most risky streets in Europe, the most spectacular bars, the most disorganized drunks, is flying away on a fast train journey in Germany. I’m so angry at myself that I want to find a space and slap myself. I am disgusted all day by ridding myself of Berlin streets. I come to the hostel in the evening and sleep in the fetal position early in the morning.

The next day a hope is in front of the desk in the morning in the blind. It sounds like he is asking questions and spending his hours in front of the desk. I have moments when I can master graduate thesis on the relative of time. The line is finally coming to me. I’m telling you about the situation. I find a document about the form I filled out. After you’ve phoned a few times, you raise your head and give me the answer I most like. One day I feel like a close relatives waiting at the beginning of the patient who knows he will die, and at the end of the night, my eyes are full. A bank crashes in front of the station and I cry out loud. I think of myself at the exit of Oktoberfest, “I will get the card out of the camera, I get a shit, nets in the middle of Germany” comes the word. I keep on blaming myself. Germany is a bitter country.
I am hitting the streets myself to gather myself, wash my face and look for consolation. I would like to say the first bar I saw to relieve the pangs and say, “hey bartender, prepare me the hardest drink,” but the microscopic budget, which remains long from the planned interlaced, only allows me to pound in Kreuzberg. Fortunately, tea is served. After feeding my car, I call my friend who lost his camera in Istanbul and give it as a shame. There is also a detail that is forgotten like the cameraman is entrusted. In the streets I darken the air, I get 2 beers and I go to the hostel. Katrin comes to the table in front of the hostel at the table in the neighborhood. We are beginning to talk about what you did and what you did. I tell you what happened. She laughs and tells her that she lost her camera with a memory card on her return trip to Brazil for 3 months, the reason for being late. He talks about losing all the images of the Amazon villagers, the 3 months he has met with dozens of people passing through big cities. Obviously I have to admit, the pace is a little bit compared to the comparison.
In the two cameras, when the few beers at hand are finished, we are starting to look for bars in the streets of Prenzlauerberg, which have not yet been subjected to hipster invasion, unaccustomed, occupied houses. We find a suitable bar and crash right away. The conversation that started with the cameras is darkening. Katrin tells a Turkish boyfriend that he has been together for a long time before going to Brazil, and he tells me about some of the movements that the Turks can not understand. Afterwards, he explains that he decided to pursue a postgraduate degree on the integration of immigrants in Germany simply because of his ex-boyfriend. We are debating the gaps in the integration policies of the Germans

From there he goes back and goes to Fatih Akin and his films. We are starting to talk about the Turkish community in Germany by giving examples from all filmography because it is one of our expertise areas. We start with the depiction of the immigrant world of short and painless. After agreeing how the Duvara Karşı is a tremendous work, the conversation then comes to Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul. He explains that he has visited the whole Mediterranean and Aegean line with his old manuscript and even he saw Eskişehir, but he says that he dies to see Istanbul after the film. I’m telling you what I know from the movie musicians.
While chatting, we encounter a member who is living / working in the hostel and that I am a buddy that evening. He joins us. When the bar closes, 3 musketeers are sent to the hostel. The conversation is so beautiful that I’m not the man who weeps in front of the station that day. That night he was scolding, good people did not need to be born in the same place, speak the same language or even meet for a long time to lighten each other’s troubles; The common language of mankind is another.

A Spectacular Safari Tour in Maun

Maun is the Botswana’s fifth largest residential area and tourism capital. My only motivation to visit Maun is, in fact, safari, but I’m looking forward to visit must-see places as well.

The first thing that gets my attention is the contrast in city structure. On one side, I see old cottages; on the other side, there are modern hotels and shopping malls. That’s why my emotions constantly fluctuate.

The ideal month to visit is April, and you can use Maun Airport for arrivals. In Maun, you can find accommodation in the nature. Rather than luxurious hotels, there are camping sites that are especially convenient for safari lovers. Dombo Farm, Magkadigkadi Camp and Cresta Riley’s Hotel are the most popular places to stay.

Because I’m planning to try as many activities as I can, my trip to Maun is full of adventure. The first stop is the Okavango Delta. As I walk by the river, I take lots of pictures of sunrise and sunset. Then I continue with the exciting safari.

After two days, I take a helicopter tour that has been quite popular lately. It is a perfect opportunity to see bird’s eye view of the city and to explore the city with an excessive amount of adrenaline.

Okavango Delta

What to eat?

Then I stop by at Motsana to have lunch. It’s a modest, but an indeed elegant restaurant. Right before I take off, I overhear the lady sitting at the next table orders brownie, and I decide to stay a bit longer to have the same. Despite the desserts, Motsana is a really cheap restaurant, and I strongly recommend it.

Maun cuisine is not so different from Botswana’s. Fruite purees, large-grained corn starch, vetkoek and boerewors are the traditional delicacies here. Salty meat pudding “seswaa” is another popular dish in Maun. However my favorite is river fish. Lamb meat and steak are two other alternatives. Kalahari Cafe, Bon Arrivee, Hilary’s, French Connection, Sports Bar & Restaurant, Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken and Matsana Restaurant are the restaurants I can definitely recommend.

Formed by Batawana tribe in 1915, Maun is now one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. In addition, the variety of living creatures doubles the pleasure. Lastly Maun is a perfect place for the couples who want to take a safari tour for their honeymoons.

Otherworldly Places That You Might Not Think Are Real



#15 Bull’s-Eye, Sahara Desert, Mauritania


#14 The Crater of Fire, Derweze, Turkmenistan


#13 Iron Spring, Beppu, Japan



#12 The Meeting of Tectonic Plates, Ethiopia, Africa


#11 Geothermal Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand


#10 Melted Fort, Russia



#9 Old Slate Quarry, United Kingdom


#8 Minerva Terrace, Yellowstone National Park, USA


#7 The Boiling and Steaming Earth, Iceland



#6 Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar


#5 The Patagonian Ice Field, Argentina


#4 Rio Tinto River, Spain



#3 Blue Lake, Russia


#2 Madidi National Park, Bolivia


#1 Dry Valley Desert, Antarctica


What I want is something different

What is similar to wood,

nor cloud I go on like this is not country sea separate sea,

air separate air I’d see where,

where I expect it another color,

taste another

I can explain my feelings about being on the road until the morning. Just because I’m going to this conference on the urban city. D was in the camp and conference in Cyprus.

Human nature does not ever think of yourself in the others. Even if you can not find something to demoralize. Everything commonplace, everything natural. Dirty cheese, a grilled eggplant, over the past insects eating a sausage tiksinmedig the only freedom rink. The earth is already the most, learn tips trek as well.

In the morning, you are beginning to get caught around the tent, so that after a while you have time to collect brushwood, you shoot a smile on his face, frosty the sheet to the other side.
Campers sirtcantali nature or people. Nature is like a cog, you see very arrogance. You and those who feel the same as you will find very easy. Do you experience difficulty too when you leave your tent at night doing a nearest neighbor friend. “I can not stay in ouuuglu tent” Your friend would say. The new camp locations they choose, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the first otostopu from home for the next route for those who watch you.

There are songs that are in your album, year, playlist meaningless unless they stand on. Do The sheer volume of long faces and an always cool head in the camp, the feet are hot, the sea salt on your lips, sun, color acilmistir wind while in the hair, move on you in a world of the other at a time. A disease such as chronic in my face on settlements before I get rid of this stupid smile.
90 in buldugum to each direct-ft-ft of climbing a childhood, happiness, wanted to know ..

It should never end..

The most interesting thing I ever did in my life

Today I ever did in my life was I guess the most interesting water. We stare a little pain. Money also was reset to reach the Emreyl have a try. This article is ultimately the yazdik and we sat down to a minimum of Stavanger Street. Magnificent, absolutely wonderful memories we live on in 1 hour. 1 hour a wall of the story occurred in our lives. (I will write again long)
In total they paid 50 € for people. 2 Big menu, 2 Chesburg, 2R Poga, the two had coffee gift gift to them whether we chatted Evil Eye.


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