Located at the southern tip of Portugal in the Algarve town of Albufeira. The city, which used to be a small fishing village, has now grown into a resort in full. Whitewashed Moorish-style houses, winding streets, beaches, beaches, old castle ruins and especially from the point of the slope will haunt the absolute need to go to a nice place for adrenaline addicts Albufeira.

The city is experiencing the winter in January and February, while temperate rainy, summer is the kind of long-term tourists can stay for the longer term and sunny nature. The city welcomes more tourists during the summer season.

Although it is experiencing a period of crowds and temperature heavier able to accompany many activities. Albufeira in terms of transport facilities to the closest airport, then take the city out of the airport in Faro.

In urban transport, I advise you to choose the option bus. Taxis are both expensive and very little cost. If you do not plan to stay more in Albufeira, via high-speed trains can switch easily Lagos or Lisbon.

A considerable number of the city’s hotels. In particular, there is an incredible diversity in the luxury hotel concept. EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel Falesia Hotel Vila Galé Praia, Sheraton Algarve Hotel, Hotel Riu Palace Algarve, Alfagar II Aparthotel, Pine Cliffs Residence, Vila Joya, Riu Guarana, Sheraton Algarve Hotel Pine Cliffs Suites Residence, Salgados Dunas Suites, Salgados Grande Hotel Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort, Eden Resort, Hotel Alisios, Aqua Pedra dos Bicos Hotel, Cerro da Marina Hotel Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa, Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa and Vida Resort Algarve brings home only a fraction of the city’s most luxurious hotel quality occurs.

Traditional Portuguese fishing boat in Algarve, Portugal
Traditional Portuguese fishing boat in Algarve, Portugal

because it is a holiday in Albufeira I agree with the other activities of the first to visit a particular venue. What do within these activities. Golf, Skateboarding, karting, parks, with Europe’s largest watercoast feature “Aquashow Park”, canopy climbing and you can take your paintball activities “The Luso Aventura Park”, those who want to learn about marine protection “Dolphins Driven trip”, with water slides and animals scrumptious you can accompany the show “Zoomarine” and I’m having a wonderful time in Albufeira.

Sweet fatigue crashes on me. Nevertheless, I intend to carry out visits to the remaining space. First, finish your holiday without doing scuba diving in the bays reserved. The famous clock tower “Clock Tower”, the enormous ruins “Paderne Castle (Paderne)”, the cave has a stunning beauty “Xorino Cave” church “Santana Church”, outside the museum as the “Museu Municipal de Arqueologia” and every taste for the night life appealing place “Montechoro Strip” and would like to end my trip route.

Of the most famous place for shopping “Algarve Shopping Centre.” You can obtain a lot of things here that you need. I’m going out again towards the evening meal. 16.00 percent of the day’s fatigue effect showed me wanted to get some sleep.

bacalhau in flavor (salt cod) is a single-pass. Apart from that famous soup “Caldo verde”, piri piri (spicy) There is a large dining concept in Albufeira with chicken dishes and other seafood varieties. A Michelin-starred restaurant I’d recommend the clifftop of Vila Joya.
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