Winter can not get enough of the sweet taste of Turkey

Turkey is one of the best examples in the world of culinary delights. According to city and presentations ranging from traditional fare to visit places at least as ambitious. After the meal, eaten fresh, while the sine qua non of the table.

Summer lighter desserts prefer the Turkish people will speak for his skills with the coming of winter. Especially heavy syrup and sweets consumed more. Turkey desserts we recommend we eat any of your trip;

Aqueous orange semolina cake
with a sweet orange aqueous semolina tampon cake, it does not eat indigestion in the stomach because it is a wet taste.

Also on the palate with orange flavor caused by impact, why do not eat more than a slice. You can decorate top with coconut.

Quince is one of the favorite winter fruit of the Turkish people. As for dessert instead of simple dishes that can be served in a hard structure.

On roasted quince after being rested before serpiştirilerek sugar, especially when registration takes on a whole new flavor to be served.

Pumpkin dessert
a taste of the same consistency quince dessert Pumpkin dessert. Turkey just to eat pastries from not using fresh pumpkin in many areas. You can decorate your dessert with walnuts and coconut.

Chocolate Apple Shares
List of other names in the form of construction by leaving chocolate apple pie, sweet syrup taste is not intense flavor.

You can also choose not only summer in winter. Even on the ice and make it easy to defeat with a slice of lemon to decorate possible.

Chestnut Pumpkin Dessert
According to the plain pumpkin sweet pumpkin dessert is more intense and delicious chestnuts, walnuts and boiled into added a different flavor tinged with chestnut. If you can add a full dessert lovers on the chocolate sauce.

Chestnut Cheesecake
Cheesecake is not unfamiliar with the taste, I suppose. However, blending with chestnuts, a great taste for the Turks. From the outside it looks like a cake, but a milder taste the thick stubbornness.

Orange Chocolate Mousse
chocolate orange owed to the rendering orange and lemon taste with dark chocolate mousse, served over a sweet herb in adorned with grated chocolate.

Tangerine custard
List of the latest and slightly sweet with tangerine custard, whatever the season verbatim from slightly sweet to give up. it tastes just like chocolate, served with herb mousse with orange, mandarin owes its taste to the water.



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