US cosmopolitan spirit in Washington, D.C.


Located in the north of the United States in the Pacific coast state of Washington, D.C. Canada will come to this province adjacent to the ideal period of May, June, September and accounted for the remaining time in October.

The region is the most populous state of the United States, a place where the environment is equipped with greenery. The dense environment of green areas, helps me to breathe. The crowd then do a table like India. But the state’s cosmopolitan spirit of the region, which has also busier.

Washington, D.C., things to do from shopping areas, including alternative as far apart the restaurant’s nightlife. There are so many things to mention is of course very difficult to place the local dishes are combined. Because many countries place Washington in the kitchen of a luxury enough to accommodate under one roof, D.C. Namely, almost 2000 over the existing restaurant. Fogo de Chao, H & pizza, Zaytinya, Baked and Wired, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, Vidalia Restaurant, and Marcel’s aralarındawashingto of Founding Farmers, D.C.’s most elegant and high quality places.

Space diversity is one of the most beautiful features of vacationers laughing face. Both can be discovered to have different types of food you can live well with the standard you want your holiday menu to suit every price.


Let’s talk about the places to visit. Washington, DC, in this sense, how many places with even though you atamasa step into should not return even without the “White House” of different plants from each other, which culminated in the visual presentation “Botanic Garden”, maybe you visit the many museums, but you will encounter for the first time with a museum of natural history “Natural History Museum”, the way lovers will satisfy the “National Art Gallery”, many are able to access information “Newseum” in almost every town no longer find a place its “Chinatown” 3 President Thomas Jefferson to commemorate built “Jefferson Memorial”, the face of the animal to laugh “Washington Zoo”, restaurants, cafes and the province of shopping outlets at gezilemez and luxurious place “Georgetown”, the world’s top aerospace and aircraft collection “air and space Museum”, the US government conducted a museum and research center “the Smithsonian Institution” with a huge landscape with a length of about 700 meters “Reflecting Pool & Lincoln Memorial”, the world’s tallest standing stone (169 meters), “Washington Monument”, national parks “national Mall” and architecture will almost worshiped “Capitol” and I will end holidays my adventure here .

Of course ‘recent promise,’ I do not Washington, D.C., I go to the shopping section. State also the kind of shopping areas vie for places to visit. the most logical point of this anlada it can bring cheaply seyahatinizg Renwick Gallery reasonable price. Here you will find many art. Whether Washington, D.C. wants a souvenir from the gift shop 🙂 province’s sense of fun and entertainment festivals as split in two.

Film music is about 16 units and blues to jazz festival, with live music from the dance club, with an alternative to the cocktail bar of style venues in Washington, D.C., ambitious enough to push your boundaries fun!


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