Drinking raki in Turkey’s Etiquette

raki As can be understood from the title, it is the only type of alcohol with meals. unlike wine or beer. Beer is more practical, fast potable. So stop by your friends to a place where you can get up and drink two beers. However, this ‘shame’ to be met as raki. Raki table to sit together and get up off the table with the same unity.

Wine on the table does not. Maybe a wine of the table. It adds flavor to food on the plate. That’s why you need to keep separate from other drink raki. Let’s talk about what’s needed to drink a little raki ago. Your drink glass (glass), add cold water and then cold raki before.

Just soak up the mouth before taking a nice smell. If you enjoyed the portion of the throat to the stomach you can drink raki now slowly. Yes raki should slow smoking. I would also like to drink a sip of raki in tequila. Even as a metaphor for “Raki stops beer run” can say.

Raki has a philosophy of its own. This is another feature that separates itself from other drinks like the same table. For example, you must be drunk. The goal of pleasant conversation, is love. Turkish people to the table layout ‘locksmith Supper’ he says. Supper is actually not full filled. Usually the places to go (they usually have bar) that equipped the look of the table. Because that is where asola appetizer. That is the purpose of contacting the fork to mouth.

of course, it is also meant the space bar. But is it necessary to open a parenthesis balcony where the desired chat is not necessary for raki tavern garden as well. As long as you get your loved ones with you night long. We have also known to drink slowly. If we try to describe perhaps as seed meal. You have to have a certain limit to enjoy suffering.

As there is no clear explanation before your mood actually. If we are to speak for the Turks generally happy sitting on the table, but somehow they are connected at the corner of sadness coast chats. You can not drink raki with happiness or unhappiness pressure. If only worth doing it is worth doing well also. That we knew enough.

Music is the sine qua non of raki table. Generally, this musical culture is divided into three. Turkish art music, folk and arabesque. If you remember your love can not forget is likely to play Turkish music, folk songs heard little more friendship friendship.

Especially from his childhood friends, “I wish it was possible here,” said a truck glasses friends main aspirations are not alive now. Arabesque also listened to the absence or love. The end of the month does not mean a kind, “Come one come not drink raki also sank fish as you go,” you could say, “Why could not love me,” he can be martyred. Of course, this is a culture from the past. Or the sound of the famous Turkish artist worthy of the fine to the raki table.

Yaşar, “Maybe when this turmoil focused, take the following table to get out of my sight, this is what is what so much glass of raki.” Or again, Sezen Aksu is a fan of the Turkish people, “Oh, man, not again not again flowers are beautiful, praise, thank god as Altınbaş glass of oil.”

Finally, on the date prior to the general manners of the rankings Did you know that there are a variety of raki raki glasses? Nightingale dish, a glass of eternal, nightingale, one glass, thimble glass of leylekboyn and the cur’a (cure-without, of Curam)

This entry then we have a little longer to sort of raki manners in general;

  • Addicted to smoking ones with sunset not know the limits on drinking raki time more enjoyable. to drink slowly, accompanied by conversation creates the actual enjoyment of the rack.

  • Double as a drink served with a glass of raki special stitching on smokers, it is better to drink small sips case though.

  • Half of the rack in terms of impact, while not essential immediately filled with water. The Dry smokers generally valid for many years to rack prevailing culture.

  • Whereas the glass of raki turned icy bottle to cup should translate into loss for the spread of odor.

  • After taking the first sip take a deep breath through the mouth waiting in the teeth.

  • The oldest person in the raki table to clink glasses of raki smoking without making any moves.

  • Raki table wine with an elegant dinner, a romantic setting, it is not an environment to do business dinner or a marriage proposal. Conversation further ahead of heartbreak, moose come from, will host the conversation going even rumors of the final moments to set up to archive the correct country.

  • There is a certain order of putting on glasses of raki. First raki, then water and then ice issues. In fact, it is wrong to put raki ice. Because the water in the ice raki same dose of alcohol less frequently due to the influence of alcohol out top. Thus the mixture should be irritated. The ideal is to drink cold raki.

  • Always snack should be eaten something before you start drinking raki. Especially olive oil is most suitable in this respect. The reason is to prevent the alcohol from reaching toward your nostrils.

  • Only once the clinking of glasses of raki table. The rest goes to removing only the glass. The only exception would be when the new one came to the table.

  • One from the raki table must sit for a long time. “Escape to take a glass of” raki table for the logic in this sense is not a suitable environment. Mezeyl with evening progresses slowly.

  • Do not shout, impact to the table is not one of these tables. There is a calmer environment.

  • It does not stand empty glass of raki. It must be constantly replenished.

  • The elder of the youngest of the table has to keep pace. The term – at least I speak out of his voice.

  • A bottle of raki last remaining drops are shared equally. Let’s find the justice is not enough he is given a new order.

  • One drinks in Raki Raki tables should be.

  • Frowned constantly to get the raki table. Telephone conversations are not in accordance with this table to undergo continuous sink. not leave the table unless something very important.

  • Best known raki dinner main course of sea bream, sea bass and picarel types of grilled fish are. Nihavend across from the arts and music works in his office, accordion, percussion instruments such as the violin and lute tunes and parts of the table.

  • Red pepper powder, garlic olive colored decorations on the full-fat sheep’s cheese, pickles (especially mountain pickled cabbage), entrees and sour watermelon or melon raki are optionally accompanied by other foods.
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