Why come to Turkey for 30 Delicious



  • Bursa – Inegol meatballs
    Turkey meets the blues and greens of the historic city of Bursa, famous for its meatballs made from lamb.

Both quality and cheap eat can this famous meatballs except yogurt and underground areas consisting of doner meat, served on the bread Iskender kebab is also a city where you can witness the flavor exceptional with sweet as you eat the chestnut.

  • Bodrum – Stuffed
    In fact, Turkey is stuffed with unique taste in Kayseri, an ambitious done so in the basement. Leaves the favorite dishes served on rice added into the wrapping made with yogurt and tomato sauce on top is instrumental to reach a different flavor.

  • Izmir – Elderberry syrup
    Elder, essentially depends on the Selçuk district of İzmir charming resort is a type of flower that grows in Şirince. Following the concentrated essence of collected beverage syrup sold as summer and winter regardless of the particular favorite of Ontario residents.

The taste is distinct boyoz can see the beginning of every street you come to Izmir out of it. cut into a kind of fried pastry balls with boyoz, usually eaten as plain.

  • Gaziantep – Baklava
    Not only abroad, which has become a general culture of the people of Turkey baklava, one of the most popular dessert of famous Gaziantep with food.

Made walnut placed between the layers of pastry desserts lined up a complete energy storage structure with plenty of syrup. Besides the famous kebab dishes in front of Sweet also it creates a distinct flavor.

  • Trabzon – Kuymak
    Another called “Nailing” which kuymak, corn flour, butter and corn flakes is usually served using a kind of salty cottage cheese, called the mincer.

Trabzon people of his favorite fish anchovy is now a general culture has become assertive enough to be the subject of almost every meal. until the rice fritters with anchovy Trabzon managed to add to every meal it is waiting for you with a nice flavor from each other.

  • Bozcaada – core apple jam İğde
    Turkey’s Canakkale province also depends on the country’s third-largest island of Bozcaada, creating unforgettable flavors on the palate with apple jam on the spindle core.

the day started with a nice breakfast this delicious jam, accompanied by stunning views of Bozcaada breath should definitely taste. Witness your palate with the image already has the irresistible flavor of jam, you necessarily should get plenty of returning to your home with you.

  • Kars – Goose
    dig famous flavor of Kars province in the northeastern part of Turkey Meat, French cuisine reminiscent in flavor. The taste or the presentation of findings out of the oven, accompanied by a brass also try to blend with the Turkish procedure.

  • Erzurum – Age kebab
    Erzurum is the largest city in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, thanks to its famous kebab age only is the occasion to come to the city’s many visitors because of the taste.

Another name is “Leaning back” with kebabs, mushrooms, egg whites, salt, yogurt and a salad consisting of portions of the content will not so yummy garlic.

  • Edirne – Liver
    Thracian part of Turkey’s Marmara region is located in the city of Edirne, the number one favorite flavor of both classic dinner of food and drink table with the lungs.

Especially taste forms a good combination with the national drink raki in Turkey, the flavor will be the first call when you come to Edirne.

  • Butler – Dry beans
    Especially indispensable for winter eating beans with hearty flavor, or if you wish sausage meat cubed bacon or simply want to form one of the most favorite dishes of the Turkish people with the kind of beat.

Turkey’s Central Anatolia and Aegean region constituting part of the transition in Usak provinces that make up the most popular dishes of dry beans, to be accompanied by further enrich the table with the buttermilk and pickles.

  • Antakya – Alinazik
    Turkey’s religious tourism is extremely important in terms of regional dishes of the province to the city of Antioch Review alinazik. the meat is actually a soft consistency which alinazik eggplant dish, covering the top of the eggplant and yogurt served blown onto the indispensable dish in red meat entrees.

Another flavor of Antioch, which künefe dessert after dinner must be your first choice. Hot served künefe, the palate with added leaves into a soft cheese taste.

  • Balikesir – Gum curd ice cream dessert
    Turkey’s Marmara region, located in the province of Balikesir, a district that is both light and sweet you can eat in Ayvalık consistency have attached a dessert.

By tourists, which is a popular holiday destination in its own flavor Ayvalık you ready to fall in love.

  • Denizli – Oven kebab
    Located in the southern part of Turkey’s Aegean province of Denizli sulandırıyor mouth of the famous kebab oven. Lamb kebabs made from the forearm of the meat, the meat hooks hanging is made by cooking in a stone oven.

After accumulate fat of meat hung on a tray in the tray by applying the accumulation of fat pita slowly leaked oil. Then, given the service closed over the kebab.

  • Antalya – Hibes
    located in the province of Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean Region specific Hibes, tahini, lemon, garlic and cumin is a kind of appetizer made with fine food with an outgoing rack.

  • Ankara – Sandal kebab
    a nice flavor of the zucchini into thin peel and then served in the oven with the meat carved for added kebab in other regions not only Ankarans kitchen. Especially decorate their iftar dinners during Ramadan.

  • Kayseri – Ravioli
    Turkey’s Kayseri province to another in a city famous for its local flavor. The city’s most popular dishes that have exquisite taste the bacon until the sausage ravioli.

ravioli, the most important of the most beautiful taste of Turkish cuisine is obtained by boiling water. Small dough into a variety of spices and dishes prepared by scalding be put in the interior material obtained by mixing the meat, then yogurt and tomato sauce to taste with the addition of a provision emerges irresistible.

  • Diyarbakir – stuffed ribs
    Kamurg bone with a knife divided into the fleshy part of the cooked bulgur with added butter in the dishes served, the release from the hands of famous masters in Turkey’s Diyarbakir.

  • Army – stuffed kale
    Located in the Army special stuffed cabbage in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, a wrap filled with rice for dinner where the beet leaf springs. Bone meal is cooked slowly in water, the region’s most delicious dishes.
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