Bezel Datca almond and olive trees

located in one of the 12 districts of the province of Mugla in Turkey, but also the tourist center of Datca. Mediterranean and the Aegean region below the mountainous and rugged terrain in full at the intersection, which occurred in a region of plains. My first sight of Datça multiplier were almond and olive trees.

Both my face because of the image as well as the trees blowing in the wind turned me on vacation before it begins. Datca is quite a small place. Even though a great deal of built-in life generally increases during the summer by winter population here.

Become Datca tourism center, according to my information from the trades have occurred in the 2000s. It is a feature of my best sevice windy here. Destinations in the sweltering heat consisting of 52 that I put so used to Datça, rest my soul with sustained winds.

Honey, almonds and fish, famous for its triple this resort, is the world’s eighth Turkey has one of the most intense first oxygen. If I order a few other little knowledge about Datca, the famous historian Strabo said about this place, “she must send them Datca God wants people to live longer.” Even so that Spanish sailors on ships passing through this area they’re leper patients to keep their ships leave Datça.

Datca trip to where to put the trip route I heard that I started Undecided about how famous you wanted to start here. In addition, about 25 Datça – located at a distance of 30 km from Bonito like Buku, Ova Buku, Chaste and Red Twist Twist is among the places that must be seen.

In fact, my visit was one of my first point. Almost hit the beach with the sun shining so beautiful. Under the state it had a similar view. I spent my day going to rest just behind the cafe is located in a terrific way.

I saved the second day with the natural beauty of the region. Trekking activities, boat tours, picnics around the whole day like nature almond trees to nest I accompanied many activities. 3 days to recognize the historical texture of the Datca for me. In this sense, my first route was the ancient Knidos. Here’s oldest and second largest medical school in the world.

This school, which trains the most important and oldest ancient Greek physician especially attracts the attention of tourists. Other than that I have ever seen and one of the places you need to see the old ceramic kilns. The most important ceramic construction described as commercial activities before Christ, now left himself artifacts case.

Do not think that I was speaking of open amusement 🙂 so I said what the region is famous as the Almond. also here just to take home not only taste I must admit that I bought a while.

Acibadem, domestic almonds, almond-like taste varies according to age very kind available. Apart from that, in the region ensures the sale of honey in the region is quite famous for beekeeping. Natural pine honey in the same way I could not purchase in order to take home.

The flavors I recommend for dinner in Datça, certainly fish and seafood. Squid, mussels and octopus can be enjoyed as delicacies. You keşfedbil somewhere different but tastes like Datca.

Snails eat “karavilla to” dallamp, Hong is, grinding the roasted, denizkereviz of denizbörülce of tilkiot of white pea soup, carob, turpuc salad, and kışıyak elsewhere in the hard out of your way to eat although most beautiful flavors you taste here.

If you have time to Datca’s festivals too, I suggest you strongly disagreed. Silkworm Festival, International Short Film Festival in Datca, Datca Beach Volleyball Tour, Datça Open Sea Winter Swimming Marathon of the most fun events and Datça Cinema and Culture Festival Gold Almond destinations.

Another activity you spend the day in a fun way outside the festival certainly make shopping 🙂 olive oil, tooth almond, white almond blossom honey, thistle honey, industrial honey, thyme honey, thyme, goods made from silk, handicrafts, carvings, magnets, keyrings and ornaments are among the most ideal products you can get from Datca.




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