Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast


Sölden, with a full white heaven for ski enthusiasts, a village situated about 287 km from Munich. In particular, a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts Sölden, unfortunately somewhat limited in terms of other alternatives.

For example, food and drink and a bit thin in terms of apres ski. But several Sölden ski lovers who enjoyed the challenging ski slopes, on the other hand, when geçirmelik also hosts the delicious dinlenmelik with beautiful surroundings.

You can switch over to the Village at Munich Airport. Sölden is the ideal period of winter Giggijoch, Gaislachkogl peak and Rettenbach (glacier region) occur in 3 main areas. The Region hotels village narrow the possibilities.

Best 5 star luxury hotel concept “Das Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life.” However Hotel Bergland Hotel Tyrolerhof, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Alphof Soelden, Hotel Liebe Sonne, Hotel Castello Falkner, Hotel Valentin Hotel Sunny and Hotel Stefan is generating other senior with quality facilities.

I mention the 3 regions of Sölden. This may be the 3 main regions Giggijoch Tal. But to reach the runway options really requires a lot of experience and strength. Ideally Giggijoch Gondola bulunarak close from here to begin skiing.

The biggest reason it is so popular with the variety and prices of ski options in terms of compliance village tourists. If you are not beginners blue slopes will offer you numerous areas. Intermediate and audacity on the red tracks for all those to you, “Welcome,” he says.

If I were to talk about the nature of Sölden and stylish new lift; The 151-kilometer ski area, 14 black, 25 red, 27 blue runway track, has 3 snow parks. Things to include in Tiefenbachbahn, Freizeit Arena Sporthutte Fiegl, Schischule Otztal and Hochoetz is located.


One thought on “Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast

  1. He have been in many different resorts the last 38 years and this year we went to Sölden. Great skiing area and different slopes. I think that Ischgl is a little bit more compact whereas Sölden misses one lift to be perfect. Anyhow the view in Sölden is much better than in Ischgl. Both are worth a trip.

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