by a majority of the historians’ Queen of the East “in general Although it is known as the blood of words with Arabic origin” nursing “meant that direction. Aleppo, Syria’s second most important city.

Syria is not known how dry summer. So I strongly recommend you arrive in the spring. I thought I’d do a cultural tour before arriving in Aleppo. Indeed, the fact that it was so. But there is more to discover here I realized that cultural trip.

Then I tried to express in written form Aleppo my experience. How yazsam also contains many beautiful places that you can not taste the same without going to catch spelling with a recommendation.

First, Aleppo ‘most’ containing’m going somewhere. This is, of course, Aleppo Citadel. This structure is the world’s largest and oldest castle of the city with many leaving the structure and positioned on the hill about 50 meters in height.

In the morning the entrance fee to the castle, which is open from 09:00 16:00 in the evening around 300 Syrian Pound. In a city where you came from Syria would not come here without visiting mosques. Umeyyed which is one of the oldest mosques in Aleppo mosque invasion results have been repaired and made additions to the mosque again.

Although I am a constant sweating are in the spring semester. I forgot the number of bottles I drank even though I no longer visit two places yet. I’m tired of crashes on a sidewalk. Light hitting the shade. Well I would not say there helluva cool, but I still feel that I relax.

Athan comes to the bottom of my ear. If you live in a Muslim country if you live in a metropolitan city that sound you do not hear so clearly. I’m old building behind the sidewalk I was sitting with my head, I close my eyes.

You know the difference between see and look at. I witnessed the difference between the sound of the call to prayer to listen and hear. Distance from a sound ‘coming from the sound’ to hear the sentence currently working on my soul ‘listen’ I can not tell the difference between typing words.

You will experience this moment is certainly the way to Aleppo falls. a beautiful sound from your ear while witnessing the azan not waste my skin. Ends Athan I come to myself. In fact, in my mind I had to do the tour, but the mood madrasas currently Jdeida says, I need to hit the road for the region.

a region inhabited by the Christians in the region Jdeida. Naturally population contains a mixed culture. This has improved the sense of tolerance in humans. I quite liked this place. consistency a little bit of history culture trip with its narrow lanes and old houses and live an enjoyable experience with beautiful photos. I therefore concludes my first day on the trail.

Aleppo, the second day of the ride I am starting from the famous madrasa. First, the altar is a remarkable Madrasa Sultani other is going Halawiyya Madrasa known as the place where Mevlana take lessons. After two madrasas journey going into Aleppo Souk. I’m giving myself a warning before entering.


I know I still make purchases so as not to close my suitcase because I heard many compliments about this indoor market. No not in the market with a different air with different streets and inns. gold from clothes, silver jewelry, all kinds of carpet rug describing Aleppo There are many products here.

The first product I bought was the Aleppo soap 🙂 I also bought two rugs as well. They were for me. If I use my preference on souvenirs in favor of sterling silver jewelry.

Did I hurt inside I did eat yesem hookah unstable before or after shopping. But after dinner, enjoy the sounds more pleasant to the ear to remove water pipe. I’m eating the kebab served with sour cherry sauce, accompanied by Lebanese Ksara wine. I want the next one in the eggplant appetizer. I get enough of the taste is so great that only an appetizer for dinner.

Time too early, drinking water pipe in one of the cafes across from the Citadel of Aleppo. You can not have the opportunity to enter the nightlife. The next day I got up early, but I can say that Aleppo’s nightlife is not very mobile. There are several nightclubs and spend time in the bar of the hotel usually come here as a tourist.