With the famous Fish Lake City Sanliurfa


East of Mardin, Gaziantep, west, north, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir in the northwest and south of Syria that takes place in Sanliurfa. former name of the city is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey Urfa I have.

After the success it has demonstrated in the War of Independence in the city of Urfa, the only thing I know about the name almış.şanlıurf in Sanliurfa, was the fish of the lake. A very interesting story. But I will return to this issue later. First let me say that these beliefs and culture in need when you arrive.

Şanlıurfa, very hot in summer, too cold in winter place. Although the humidity felt little more than summer temperatures. The same applies to day-night difference. So the ideal come to the city in the spring. Transportation can be utilized within the scope of Sanliurfa Airport.

The urban transport buses and minibuses usually are preferred. The hotel does not count too much. Nevertheless, Vezirhan could perfectly say that the service and quality guesthouse, Nawal Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Sanliurfa, Hotel Urhay, Aslan Guest House, Manici Hotel Sanliurfa, Hotel Arte one of the hotels in Sanliurfa and Dedeman Sanliurfa is preferable.

Sanliurfa is the ideal time to visit the city switch this can not beat the taste of my eyes. My first stop was Balıklıgöl now become the symbol of the city. Prophet. Abraham is known as the lake is considered sacred by the people thrown into fire.

Rızvaniye mosque located in front of the lake is about 150 meters long and 30 meters in width and in depth with capacities ranging from 3-5 meters. At that time, the people trying to spread monotheism ruler Nimrod and the people worshiped the idols of the Prophet fighting. Abraham thrown into a fire by top ruler.

And it is said; Fire by Allah, “O fire, be cool and saving for Abraham.” fire, whereupon the lake, the fish became firewood. With magnificent views of the Fish Lake, one of Sanliurfa’s top tourist attractions.

Apart from this, the roundabout known as the oldest temples in the world Hill, 73 thousand over hosts archaeological part of the Şanlıurfa Museum, built on a hill consisting of rocks Girls Palace and the famous base in the cave and Yucel Cave among main attractions.


Harran houses and the third day I visit the Harran Plain. Harran houses include beauty will not be anywhere in the world. Oval shape in houses made of adobe and brick with a peak attracts a lot of attention. Harran Plain in the center of the ancient Mesopotamian idolatry yet another place to be visited here. I spend part of the exchange is the latest in Sanliurfa.

From crafts to traditional products Şanlurf jobs market are quite colorful. shopping concept here is based on general markets. Kazzaz, cavalryman, upholsterer, pamukçu, kınacı, keçeci of the city’s most popular markets.

You take care of after drinking a cup of bitter coffee in the famous shopping area specific. On behalf of “Mırra” they say. How Attractions Şanlıurfa is also important to return to that coffee drinking is just as important. Now it’s time to go to dinner chapter. Sanliurfa, Turkey’s most ambitious provinces on traditional dishes.

First, you should eat the famous raw meat. In fact, Gaziantep, Adana, Mardin and Diyarbakır as well with this flavor common in other eastern provinces, every indigenous individual has the shape of a construction. For example, the latest superheated oil dumped on the raw meat in Gaziantep.

One of the delights of Sanliurfa is famous kebabs after Raw meat. Kemali kebabs succulent kebabs from the boiler tike kebab kebab from a variety of kebabs and balcanli to Urfa kebab kebab from design saves feast officially my stomach. Also called a side salad Bostan My sympathy Theme of Sanliurfa than a rise.

Yogurt soup, Çağal vaccine, yellow soup, barley leben new, moon dumplings, tomato bulgur pilaf, dolmali meatballs, mouth closed, veil rice, apples vaccine, pumpkin sitting, poppy kebabs, lentil dumplings and whirring’m roasting other favorite flavors. I feel I will explode after the main meal, I was pushing my limits, saying in a sweet pastry dessert.

Gold Bar, Baklavaci Badilli Dedeoğlu, Dedecan lungs Hall, Çulcuoğlu Diamond Restaurant, trellises Pavilion, Cevahir Guest House, Holiday Kebab Shop, Urfa Persian Sofrasi, Hanzade Restaurant & Cafe, Symbol Restaurant Gülhan Restaurant, St. Masters and Gulizar Inn Sanliurfa’s creating the popular restaurant.
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