The World’s Most Famous Liquor


Scottish liqueur Drambuie has 40% alcohol content, since it has a harsh taste spicy.



27 different species of plants and spices made from Benedictine, a kind of French liqueur. First discovered in the monastery he was consumed in the period. Imported be a bit of a history of 500 years, it takes time based on the Benedictine, today the most popular liquor in the world.



Another French orange liqueur Cointreau also. The liquor produced in 1850, it is usually taken along with cocktails.



Drambuie Unlike sweetish taste with Baileys, as a kind of Irish whiskey, made with cream and coffee. Most of coffee drunk liquor caramel and mint-flavored types available. The alcohol content of only 17%.


Amaretto cocktail blend of fairly used, almond-flavored Italian liqueur.



Angostura Rum origin which was kind of a liquor produced in Venezuela in the first place. First produced as a tonic liquor has become one of the most popular flavors in the world flavored with a variety of flavors such as orange peel.

Southern Comfort

Fruit, spices and whiskey flavors that offer a combination list of the most unusual liqueur Southern Comfort, was produced in the year 1874 for the first time in New Orleans.



Although your choice of cold milk içils by the Mexican people. Kahlua coffee liqueur into one of the world’s most famous, is the flavor of Mexico you should definitely taste when you are next.


This herbal scented yellow liquor, because Italian fighter produced in honor of Giuseppe Galliano launched his name.

Tia Maria

More ice or milk consumed Tia Maria, a coffee liqueur originated in Jamaica.



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