One of the most notable routes between Verbier ski resorts in Europe. the town is one of the most ideal choice for an adventurous holiday trip in Switzerland, at the right address for ski lovers!

“Ski Paradise” I can term as Verbier, meaning tourist center of the country in the last 10 years have been the case. Kayaksever not only has become a popular spot in the field of professional athletes.

covering the slopes at a level to compete with touches of white clouds. The day of the most naive of the hours of sunset and sunrise time of the day to remove the stone to breed the red card out image.


The ideal period will vary according bride is made to happen. If you want to fly in a wide track winter, spring or summer for trekking and climbing routes, the famous Xtreme Freeride Snowboarding Contest in March to witness can come to Verbier.

You can have transport facilities on the scope of the Verbier for about 1.5 hours from Geneva Airport. If we are to address the hotel options in town almost every period of the tourist season to form a variety of home challenge it is increasing with each passing day. W Verbier, the Hotel Vanessa Hotel Rosalp and Verbier’s most luxurious hotels.

Verbier travel I was quite volatile. I would not be exaggerating if I said I was sitting in a minute. I drink red wine on the sweet taste of the fatigue I still forget. Did you get all that flavor is not known whether or my tiredness was the best red wine I’ve ever drunk.


412 km of ski slopes with you embark on a journey that does not end in Verbier. I learned the errors slip up eventually dropped because I’m not expert in the field. I feel like I want touch on the time you have to Teperi cloud. In some regions at night it is beautiful. With the stars are not required streetlight. You want to catch each one. like clouds in the sky to Verbier. Piercing the sky feeling the recipe really hard.

Days went by my excitement, I add different alternatives. Get pleasure of Human succeeded in grasping how things can be. Snowboarding, paragliding, hang gliding, helicopter skiing and sledding are cocked hat saying I’m going to speak. not content with just getting a taste of Verbier Switzerland buy unwind the field of wine. Apology Sang de Reine and Fava you need to taste the most elegant option.


The town is filled with ambient restaurant. Hotels with racing venue and see the number of different menu offering flavors from each other is difficult indeed to human decisions. Scandinavian and Asian gourmet delicacies to fondue, pizza, French and Swiss flavors here every kitchen that comes to mind to the present. Switzerland already contains a wide variety of cuisine in their own head. The world-famous chocolates, wines, cakes, pastry and cheese in the finger ambitious enough to cause confusion.

Entertainment life is also quite moving. I’m doing a little nap after eating food from the fatigue of the day. After my last day convinced me that I get enough sleep I’m getting Dragos amused. I have a flight in the morning hours but who cares 🙂 Verbier is the most conspicuous of nightclubs Farm Club, Le Rouge, the Casbah and the coup d’etait.
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