In 2016, we first decided to go to Kars, in front of my train options the subject of the most contested by me, I had what you need to spend all those hours on the train, there were attractions and the train was part of playing time in this plan, I thought. After our journey, the journey that I was the most loving.

Years later, when you go to Erzurum, I am protesting I aircraft option this time, right in my face I shot my state in 2016, after that day, as I want to ride every train … However, the train would ride, other options had not even crossed our minds, I think standing Orient Express. roundtrip three times since 2016, once I went to the big train ride for the return one, the most famous of them will tell you the Orient Express.

If you want to go on this journey, you first need to adopt these famous words; “Not the destination, but the journey …” So, in fact, is not your final destination on this trip, the trip itself is gaining personally.

Since I prefer sleeping in all the long train ride I ride, the information I give will be more than that for cars. First, the current Orient Express Ankara – Kars going to bed wagon from £ 213 return fare.

Trains depart every day at 18:00 and arrive in Ankara to Kars at 18:29 the next day, that the above mentioned is gaining importance at this point, one way or another delayed train doing. I’m not talking about a few delays, we had our first trip to Kars scheduled time of five hours late. After Ankara is one way track paved in many places, many places waiting for trains that stop your train will necessitate downloading. These are all going back as delays, but somehow you can not ever get bored, you meet a great pleasure even for the delays has increased the hours you spent in the train, perhaps …

for the first time in 2016 while riding the train, the trip was not so popular and had a sleeper car on the train, but this is no longer the case issued many times in the two cars. This means that 40 people will be able to travel to bed wagon at a time.

Train Journey Types What?

There are three types of facilities on the train journey, one Pullman, that classic seat train ride. The second option is covered couchette cars, where four compartments, the most important difference from sleeping. There is also a wagon-bed compartments with double sink and refrigerator. Implicit couchette on the bed in Wagon doors from the inside can be locked, while there is a door that will display anything inside in bed wagon, covered couchette doors in the wagon glazed and have to pay it to curtain camouflage can provide the same privacy every time.

Twin blocked by cars and trains most of the other parts are located behind the train conductor switching these cars, so 2 toilets in each wagon, you only share with 20 people.

Night Train How to migrate an experience?

After a very short time you exit from Ankara getting dark, especially in this season … After this time, the circuit enters the dining car.

Check the amount is high, though, the train on the way flowing from the edge of a hand, dark glasses, tea want according to your pleasure on the one hand, enjoyed a great meal meal accompanied wants a beer … I remember somehow trains and dining car denince direct Albanian lungs. We need to talk about a temporary information at this point, the dining car in 2016 which is a problem for the tender have not yet begun to serve, you can follow the TCDD page for the latest announcements.

You always want to come conductor making your bed. Linens are immaculate, whether you have no worries about it. It is going fast than it is in the night train day and sometimes more rocking, creating a cradle effect. He accompanied you sleep sounds. Decreasing the factors that would halt the night train for regional trains guess work. The way it moves out over the iron rail that you open your eyes you hear the sounds familiar, you fall asleep peacefully again, somehow you will wake up at sunrise. This is not a necessity, but one thing you want to do to you now … Still you miss the scenery to be protected from sunlight, you can reduce your light includes the introduction of glass for pulling the blinds if you want to sleep a little more.

Seasonal Factor Train Journey

Trains are quite warm in winter, cool in the summer is adequate, not overwhelmed, summer and the opportunity to see the train ride I’ve done for the winter season in both compartments and oldu.iş’s talk a little about the technology. No wi-fi on trains, going on the road frequently 3G. Phone out of their network, even if the mountain does not pull when going through tunnels. Thus, if a constant in your head “following the phone / I’m a little bit away from social media” If the idea of this journey as you provide it mandatory.

If you get a paper from the output with a train stop in your hand, you will be able to follow the Rotarians along the way. The following city stops of the Orient Express in both directions on I share the information provided by TCDD:

Ankara K 18.00 →
Kayseri K: 00:48
Sivas K: 04:12
Erzincan K: 10:07
Erzurum K: 13.57
Kars V: 18:29
Kars K: 7:45 →
Erzurum K: 12.26
Erzincan K: 16:16
Sivas K: 22:07
Kayseri K: 01:26
Ankara V: 08:05
Many towns and stands in the town of Orient Express outside the cities, towns conductor asking the station to take on a number of things you can get or leave the air in front of the door as possible, usually stands around 7-8 minutes. In the towns and villages they do not leave the train stopped so short a bit risky.

Orient Express sails every day, like I said, it is not as a means of transport, as part of the trip you are planning imagine. What is wind, what is preventing your departure even snow, whatever way is always open!