Is the subject of eating and drinking is essential for our travels. Even we visited, we saw where we discover, we had fun places and more sake of the activities we participate in our sometimes we eat, we drink flavors. Maybe a cookie, maybe alcohol, maybe a local meal. Especially if you have taste for the first time will leave your mind. Let’s see how the famous traditional drinks if they were in the world;


Austria, Germany and Glühwein which has become a tradition in Switzerland, is known more as a winter drink. This type of hot wine with intense spicy flavor also the most preferred drinks at Christmas time.

Pisco Sour

Peru and Chile are widely consumed Pisco Sour, if they live debate of this was originally between the two countries which both have the same consistency. Pisco Sour, a kind of liquor, liquor lime juice, syrup and egg white, which vary according to the region are preparing by adding.


Şili’ye özgü olan Terremoto’nun sözlük anlamı İspanyolca’da deprem anlamını ifade ediyor.Anlamı kadar güçlü bir etkiye sahip olan içecek, Fernet, Pipeno şarabı, şurup ve üstüne yerleştirilen ananaslı dondurmayla hem nefis bir tada hem de muhteşem bir görüntüye sahip.

Melvin or Melon con Vino

Again, Chilean melons are another specific type of alcohol made by cutting off the top of Melvin or Melon con Vino. Once inside strawberry pieces to give some shape to the edges of cut melon, mint leaves are placed according to the white wine and desire. A kind of melon, actually used as cups. You can drink this enormous cocktail straw after you insert between the fruit preparation is finished.

Fernet and Coke

One of the most useful drinks in the list Fernet and Coke. The reason is that it helps digestion thanks to the consistency of heavy spices. This review best-known side of the drink to be consumed species native to Argentina with the arm.


Cold tea is known as Club-Mate, a popular type of drink offered to the customers in the attractions of Berlin. The real name of which is considered as a form of mate tea is served hot and more of Ajanta, Bolivia, Peru, and is often consumed in places like Chile.

Before you drink this tea after a cold gin or vodka barman ilaveediy on according to your wishes. Do you step on the way to Berlin falls necessarily nightlife and enjoy this drink.


Inca Kola

Peru’s famous Inca cola drinks, a kind of sour lemon drink.


Peru’s also another favorite drink chicha. Chicha is a corn beer actually. If you go to Peru’s small village, you will see absolutely.


Liquor known as Pimm’s, the UK’s most popular beverage consumed in the summer. the consistency of soda you drink flavors, mint leaves, strawberries and cucumbers debtor.

Gold Strike

We think one of the most dangerous drink list Gold Strike. This beverage types that are specific to the Netherlands, cinnamon liqueur. Particles are described as gold in some parts will have your throat slit in passing. This speeds up the alcohol bloodstream. This being the case drinking the ideal drinking shots.

Bubble Tea

So smile more evocative name in the first place Bubble Tea, milk and added into the fruity tea with tapioca parts creates an excellent flavor.

Hwacha to

Korean-style beverage Hwacha, she get to enjoy Omija is from plants. This is also a kind of plant species grown and the resulting liquid essence forest in northern China. After cooling to compote consistency sold in Korea many points.


Karnemelk popular in Denmark, actually a kind of milk product. However, not a drink to be known as milk before sleep. is a vitamin store you reach a tremendous power in this way.


the drinking of the name “Kwak” the voice of the famous drink Kwak Belgium area, is connected to a wooden support similar to the hourglass, the view also has a structure which is quite nice.


As the name of the protagonist of Italian limoncello lemon with lemon drink can be understood. Especially Limoncello, which helps digestion after a meal, will be going pretty good next to the coffee.

I Unic

I Unic reminiscent of an elegant men’s fragrance When the bottle of cold drink consumed by a Hungarian. Jagermeister is next to help digestion is derived from a plant.


Spain and Portugal is the favorite drink of the people Sangria, red wine served by the carafe and occur from a mixture of different fruits.

Panache / Snow White

Soda mixture and a little taste of summer with a cooling effect, which sought Panache / Snow White, consumed by different names in France and the Netherlands. While the name of the name of the Netherlands in France Panache Snow White (Snow White).

white Tea

Especially good for almost every disease country considered for the Chinese white tea, it occurs in slightly oxidized tea leaves.

Jager Bomb (Flying Hirsch)
Germany, Austria and Switzerland is famous De Jager Bomb, beer or shot glasses filled into the prepared drink energy drinks Jagermeister type.


List of the most natural and traditional drinks Paraguay In Terere Side. After beating the air it is done by adding fresh herbs on sodas or water.