• Bamiyan (Bamyan) Valley Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains

Located in the valley of Bamyan in Afghanistan, the presence of the Buddha statues dating from the 6th century contains previously thought.

Buddhist art in the most beautiful place he represented Bamiyan (Bamyan) statue stands in your way in the valley carved rock in its most natural state. Even those with between 55 and 37 meters in length has taken its place among the world situation.

The region in 2003 were included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

  • Jam Minaret and Archaeological Remains

Ghurid (loudness on) as a structure of artistic creativity demonstrated by our civilization against the Minaret of Jam, complete an engineering genius.

The loudness and developed itself from art and literature, magnificent examples they have seen in Khorasan have managed to reflect them. The clearest evidence of this skill in the Jam minaret was added to the world heritage site by UNESCO.