Nature, Art and Architecture as the city with the invention; Oslo


Oslo was among the cities I wanted to go for a long time. As far as I can see from the picture of a spectacular nature and to have excited me that much more impressive architecture. I usually do extensive research before going to a place. Myself emits a nice list, I write all of the activities to be carried. But Oslo was a very different experience for me. almost all events we plan to have done within 36 hours. Before I came here, I know the city is small, but I did not know it was so small …

Where to Stay?

As you know, famous for being expensive in Oslo. So it may not be easy to choose a suitable hotel for your budget. We suggest renting the house from the Airbnb website. many travelers who visit the city is very expensive here, via Airbnb house or room to rent. That’s why we stay in an apartment in Grünerløkka, the most hip area of the city using this platform.

To stay in the city are the most ideal the two regions; Grünerløkko and Karl Johan’s Gate.

We chose to stay in this area Grünerløkka because a lot of restaurants, cafes and small boutiques. According to the relatively more live in other parts. Akaretler’de somewhat reminiscent of the coolest and nostalgic. Not far from the city center attractions. a region where young people usually prefer. approximately half an hour to walk to the center.

John Karl’s Gate is the area approximately 10 minutes walk from the marina. It’s a lot of theater, cinema, able to find boutiques and expensive shops. an area heavily visited by tourists. If you prefer, you can stay at sea while being close to the city center ..

But I must say it again that the town is really very small. To be able to go everywhere on foot. So how much is related to how you want to live the experience of staying in the region.

Transportation from airport to city center

From the airport go by bus to the center of Oslo approximately 80 pounds per person. I go by taxi, if you say I get on the bus taxi ride is approximately 300 pounds. Preference is up to you 🙂

Transport in the city

Although many titles we place on the subway, we chose to walk everywhere on foot. I also really like from too close together. 1 hour walk from the city you can almost walk from one end to the other. If you walk and you do not want to use the subway, you can use a taxi. All taxis take credit cards. However, I would like to remind the taxi how expensive. A 7-minute taxi ride is approximately 80 pounds !! That’s why I say think twice before boarding a taxi 🙂

Absolutely Necessary Activities


Usually there’s a Starbucks on every corner. In Oslo you a Kaffebrennerietbul every corner. Sunday open 10 to 11 hours in a cafe. However, this is open 9 nominal. Indeed no other cafes open at this hour. If you can not start the day without coffee in the morning as my place it is ideal. Be sure to try brown cheese prepared with a sandwich. everywhere I go I take care to try local cheeses. This cheese also scares me, especially with the appearance, taste really good. A little bit salty sweet. Full consistency. I would definitely recommend it.

Fjord Tours

Never come back from this tour to come to Oslo. The fjord is a geological formation more commonly found in Scandinavia. these formations formed by erosion of the glacial valley, thin, long and deep bays formed. Every day sailing departing able to see the fjord with the marina. 3 times a day sailing departing takes approximately 2 hours. very sweet home in this process, it is possible to see lush forests and tiny islets. Very peaceful and nice amenities. You


This is Oslo’s most famous park. Sculptor Gustav Vigeland, the result of 13 years of work, this park consists of 212 granite and bronze statues erected between the years 1920-1943. Park’s main theme of human life. Sculptures reflect people’s most natural and feelings. communication between a family, emotions, able to see the statue on themes such as physical proximity. When you come to the end of the park, you will see a statue symbolizing the very long life cycle. This statue was trying to explain life and death. sculptures I came knowing I was very impressed with this theme. Vigeland really successful in transferring emotions.

Oslo Opera House

The Opera House was one of the building in terms of design impressed me the most. Opened in 2008, this building is full of a cultural center. To follow the event, I suggest you go to a concert you are interested. This is not only a cultural platform. Oslo watched the most beautiful sunset here.

Generally it now because I have an extra interest in the setting sun against the sun set, I could not go taking pictures here. If you go in summer you work hard, because the sun is going down late last night …

Norsk Folkemuseum

There are many museums in Bygdøy side by side. So I suggest you come so investigate the museums in this region. We use the open-air museum Norsk Folkemuseum since our preference. The weather was so nice, instead of being in a confined space and see the open-air museum came to us more attractive.

The park is possible to find more than 150 villages and city building. Here’s how the 13th century until the 19th century, the Norwegians were able to see live. There is a separate story in every home. Some milk that Norwegian grandmothers While at home, sometimes at home you can see the lad engaged in stables. I hear a single word of explanation is necessary here; “Architects and culture gathers together virtually, educational and cultural park” I would say. Especially preferred by families with children, this museum can be an enjoyable Sunday activities.

If you have time, I suggest you go to the Viking Museum located next door. We went because we could not catch the closing. However, among the places to be seen in Oras.

smoked Salmon

come to Norway, I should eat smoked salmon. But a funny way to find smoked salmon was very difficult. Especially because we were there at the marina after the fjord tour we want to eat something. But we could not find anywhere outside of smoked salmon Louis. a restaurant located in the heart of St. Louis marina. Good sides menu are both located between lamb and salmon Norway’s famous dishes. After a nice walk you can eat dinner here a pleasant afternoon. Price per person in soft approximately 150-200 pounds.

Overall ideal for a pleasant trip to Oslo for two days. We held more than we might visit the museum, but you can easily place finish in 48 hours.

If there are nature tours departing from here if you have more time, and if you love nature. You can go hiking to the very beautiful island, you can climb mountains and you can take beautiful photos. This tour can be found easily googled. I would recommend, especially with human nature.


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