The iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa City


Pisa tower the correct squares pursuit of Arno walk across the river, getting lost among the green shutters historic Tuscan houses, a taste of the huge natural ice cream to cool off, tired of the one of the Italian coffee bar “un café” ceremony is … to see the fullest city of Pisa Italy as a stop never enough.

I wanted to see the iconic curved routes have long been known by the Tuscan city of Pisa Pisa tower was the valley. Google does not write right next to Pisa he writes “Pisa tower tilted why?” You will see that the most wanted of the question. There are many explanations for the cause of building the sense of bending. 1200s tower since its construction in the year starts bending with the completion of the third floor. located in the core sand, the tower of seashells and clay mixture understood to be strong enough to keep upright. the Miracle Square in 1987 entered the UNESCO World Heritage List Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens to visit the completed restoration work in 2001.

Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracles Square) located in Pisa Tower, the Baptistry and the whole square; whiteness, real eye-catcher with marble processing. Miracles occur, in fact, a result of Pisa better work unraveled racing at war with Florence in the arts in ancient times.

a spring day finally myself from Days Istanbul – I found the plane Pisa! Plane overheard’m passengers “does look, I’m not going anywhere in Istanbul three-hour drive to Pisa able to come in two hours,” they me they were singing my mind. Aircraft descent began Tuscany of plenty misty hills of cypress trees and abundant valley green landscape greets you.


The bus ride takes about 15 minutes from the airport can reach the city center.

I did, of course, the fun does not come from tourist şebeklik Pisa: Introduction to taking photos, he was trying to keep other efforts such as the Pisa tower tilted. This business of taking photos can not be easy as it looks. Angles can not be kept, you get lost in the crowd who want to make this move. Well as you expect. In fact you may even come across the joker spank your hand when making that gesture. The following may help in the manual shooting 🙂

Abundant rainfall in this region, I tried to photograph the Leaning Tower of Pisa from ponds formed immediately after rain. No bad olmadı.iste who is able to climb the hill out of the ladder tower for 18 €. also available in other parts of the Baptistery and entrance fees.

Pisa is not only composed of Pisa tower. Gone absolutely must do a walk on the banks of the Arno River, a few piazza (square) must see in my opinion. Students complete a Civic. Bicycles, young students, intermediate slogans on the walls in the streets, they graphite works of street artists. It is possible to see in town except the bell tower of the old Tuscany.

Eating and drinking

River Arno in a while nice walk yummy gelato and Italian coffee of pure (standing coffee), regardless of taste, these days my skin on your way to eating fried Pizza increasingly famous among Pisalı.


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