Coffee Stop discovery that may provide a break in Florence

The heart of Renaissance Florence trip as you enjoy a good coffee is always a good idea. Whether you have played the Assasin’s Creed, Ezio’s footsteps go, go in pursuit of Dan Brown’s novel asks, whether the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo’s footsteps go. go once usually is not enough to Florence. Again go again.

The beauty of the Italian coffee culture emerges Florence added fabulous coffee stops. In this city where you will not regret if you drink coffee. Maybe you will enjoy an exquisite view of the duomo or a delicious espresso flavor. Moreover, the price you’ll pay for it an average of 1 €. Located next to me when my Italian friend € 1.10 ‘hood coffee costs more to say you got to admit I was quite surprised. According to him, the average coffee price € 0.80 ‘yu should not exceed.

I have access to 4 stops at coffee luck in 10 hours I was in Florence. Beauty and the famous Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, the Duomo in Florence against Scudieri a coffee place and frequented quite historic. elegance of the barista, politeness is amazing! Despite the intensity of the care they show their work foolproof. quite a classic interior air space. I must say that even a little glamorous chandeliers and ornate. However, this environment is actually pretty good in an old coffeehouse in. The first coffee before starting the city hustle and bustle ..

Scudieri Address: Piazza di San Giovanni, 19 / R 50129 Firenze, Italy

We reached by climbing the 463 stairs of the legendary Gothic duomo cappul cappul hill and looking for one word perfect view overlooks the Tuscan capital. We walked another high point of this magnificent cappula Villa Bardini in the city to watch remotely after. Here you can sip your coffee on the terrace looking to see Florence and type of garden. drink coffee in one of the best views in the city. a kahvesev wants more what?

Giardino Bardini Address: Address: Costa S. Giorgio, 2, 50125 Firenze, Italy

You mingle after the Ponte Vecchio in Piazza under the mixed Piazza della Signora tours to some of the other tourists and the tourist hordes in the Piazza della Republica. Palazzio Vecchio in winning back streets among the crowd called Ditta artigianali barista. I would suggest to both kahvesever vegan friends here because it can not be easy to find vegan food in Italy. In addition to stirring of coffee was as good as two.

Ditta Artigianale Address: Via dei Neri, 32 / R 50122 Firenze, Italy

As we approached the apperativo hours after Gilli suffered famous café in Piazza della Republica. I drank spritz I was surprised to be here among Italian fashion. Besides the drinks you drink, you can saturate the abdomen to evaluate the apperativo hours in northern Italy. Apperativo paying the money to drink you can eat buffet offered snacks. This is quite a classy venue and date. Gill Bar stop to sip your coffee or apperativo internal piazza (square) is a great place to watch.

Caffe Gilli Address: Via Roma, 1 / red, 50123 Firenze, Italy


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