Eskişehir getaway

The distance can be considered close to Istanbul urbanism, parks, streets and coffee have a city full of beauty: Eskişehir. Modern, plenty of greens, ideal for those looking for fancy city air routes.

It also sure Eskişehir a friend “Eskişehir very nice, modern like, so cool,” he said. 100% student-friendly, bicycle friendly, parking-friendly must be definitely on your list this city crawl amongst others. Dedicate a few days is enough even.

Still sold cotton candy in the streets, plus the city is also a separate stand of sweet aunt behind the wheel bench romantic travel (rail transportation) to be able to do. Where are visited Eskişehir?

Wood market

The tourist district of Eskişehir Odunpazarı, authentic and colorful Turkish-Ottoman press.These the happening area is restored. Avoid low-rise concrete of our eyes in Istanbul, narrow streets to get lost among the colorful houses is good. One to photograph beautiful houses, here we could not get enough of the selfie. If the density allowed in here the way that (because too crowded) from the Tartars çibörek Çibörek home (not the raw pie, çibörek have: P) I got to eat. Delicious.

Islands area and yew tea

Badger edge of Eskişehir exactly a center of attraction. Tea edge joggers, who ride the boat … Or Badger beautiful than the other top, fancy even cupid statuette of blue, green, attracting a selfie in front of a dark red colorful bridges .. conversations on the stool side by side in Kahveci in the sand .. The list is long. Eskişehr the European region most likened this place. emitting bad smells in the past Badger cleaned with a good rehabilitation work and has become a point of attraction in the city.

Patrol car

Turkish procedural drama mention of my mind always Revolution car coming film. I’m sure the story before mass production ended Revolution You are all aware of the car. 4 can be produced by the President’s order of the period and 4 – the implementation period of 4.5 months at an amazing car, the Turkish construction from the ground up and for that period, even today, even for an incredible event! Car Revolution is on display in a glass partition in the garden of Tülomsaş plant and would not go without this piece of misguided as far as Eskisehir. Even your humble servant have nothing to do with the car dragged the sense of feeling Revolution.

Sazova park

Here is a park where people lay in the grass. people is a huge green park not only satisfied only children and their fairy tale castle, pirate ship, such as train boy wandering around the park while attending can find entertainment. EXAMPLE I liked this little train ride around the park a lot of work. Single grandson traversing the pretext of a train ride, a lot of fun uncle, aunt to go there sitting J. unlikely.

Very it means, because it is the park Sazova also “Science, Art and Culture Park” as well as. Also within Sabancı Space House, meat Underwater Museum, where you can sit cafes, there are food stands and a large pond. Our rate at the time in a well where we Turtle car (beetle) had a beauty contest. big green doors in Sazova input eyes filling on the other hand is rushing around all the kids to Disneyland Tale Castle. not compete yet with China about the replica one – man everywhere Eiffel tower dikiyor- but Tale Castle, a really nice Disneyland replica respectively. with cotton candy colors of the exterior of the castle are coming to eat as cotton candy man.


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