Be happy self and travel


I certainly do not believe in me will go alone des holiday one year ago. Leave to go on vacation alone, it would come too far to go even eat alone. But a year later, and today I can eat my own, I can go on vacation, I can get both quite enjoy it. Everyone writes to be done the way to vacation alone. But this one does not mention that it came from the courage … So I wrote how I prepare to go on holiday this month alone.

I must admit that I did not know exactly until 8 months to be happy with myself. Happiness is a person, object or refering to success. However opened a new era of December with my life. I have learned that happiness is a perception management altogether.

We think this concept of happiness; a person, object to, its actually not happy when we connect or event “satisfied being” I understand that. And the adventure I started with this awareness. Of course, this concept was sitting one night. First, take a camera the first thing I went and had to learn to be able to take good pictures. subsequently tours to Istanbul from a tourist with my camera eye başladı Did you know how good is it?

Start was on my own I spent a whole day in the first place. I wandered alone in the streets from morning till night, I have a coffee break, I met new people, I increase my awareness and happily at the end of the day I left Balat. beauty around when people alone are able to see much better. So here it is the camera plays a very important role. Never though I could not take one of the following poses perhaps my side.

that gleam in the eyes of children, hope in them, but also fear, that difference is entered into, not from afar. this little sense to stay alone, helps the flavor of the beauty around us or eat us understand much better.

Start was my first step in my journey I can be of myself happy. I went by myself for the first time last month in Stockholm. It was the most beautiful experience in my life, I can empirically. I took what loneliness, nor bored. I toured the streets until midnight. I think I have ever felt so free in my life and I’ve never been so happy with myself.

Happy to be, I learned to understand the difference between satisfaction and true happiness. When I learned that I could be alone. I was alone when I could remain free. I have come to realize the beauty around me better when I’m free and I immortalize every moment with my photo. I realized that capturing life’s moments in this way can sometimes replace a best friend’s machine. So my advice to all travelers to ask yourself if you really want to go on holiday by yourself: “Am I happy with myself?” …


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