Eastern black understandıng



Eastern Black Sea never searched the sea, incomprehensible!


In fact, in the Eastern Black Sea mountain is hidden in the highlands.


The slopes of the winking of colorful flowers, crystal clear waters spilled from the rock, suddenly suppress rain is hidden in drops on the leaves.


villages lost in the clouds,


It is hidden in the corner of the road you do not know what will come up when you return to Eastern Black Sea …




Thousand tons in the green, in the spread of fiddle tunes, in U.S. Horon, the smell of freshly brewed tea …




Hep yukarılara, daha yukarılara çıktıkça, evden uzaklaşmanın yarattığı o tarifi zor, biraz da ürpertici his doldurur içimi her seferinde.


I had to go back in, but always go further. He does not want to go, but I feel now advanced steadily to return to more difficult.


I had passion for the mountains whether you alone with feelings I can not predict whether the captive.


As the flight of Icarus does not prevent myself from going into the unknown, after the Eastern Black Sea progressively darker green all up, I found myself going deeper toward …



Under drizzly rain, the distant sound of the fiddle and the remaining sour taste of my food I drink tea in dives to enjoy the unique scenery, accompanied by an understanding of the Eastern Black Sea postponed to an unknown time every time I …



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