a winter day kütahya

It was the first week of a top newcomer in the cold evening when we Kutahya. wearing my gloves, my hat pulled well as myself, trying to protect from the cold Kütahya I could not look at very carefully. After staying at the Hilton Garden Inn we settled in the hotel Republic Street in the evening, we made a small discovery tour. In fact, everyone “Way of Love,” he knows that traffic off the street. to eat well on the road opposite the Ali Pasha Mosque Love went to the Ottoman Restaurant.

In the morning we woke up to a cold but sunny day. After breakfast, we began to explore the sun has risen slightly in Kutahya. I want to map from the hotel’s reception, but still stop by the best tourist information office would also receive brochures from there, I thought. But it was closed.

Kütahya’s center, tiled vase appears in the upper middle square photo. governors, mayors and clock tower here.


This square “Way of Love” that takes over. We go up to the end of the road to wander around the Grand Mosque in love. Road sculptures, mosques, while looking to the bath, not too long, we have come to the end of the road about 800 meters.

kütahya06Ali Pasha Mosque, built in 1796.

kütahya07Small bath is now operated as a restaurant.

kütahya08Karagöz and storks in front of the mosque on the road more …



Rotating Mosque, built in the 14th century as well as the semahane Mevlevihânes. Across the square there is a statue of the Mevlevi. Today was used as a mosque.

kütahya11Kütahya’s largest mosque and the majestic “Grand Mosque”. Returnees just above the mosque. Yildirim Bayezid time started to be completed in 1401 year.

It also has two mosques in Kutahya Archeology Museum. This is actually a madrasa built in 1314. Prosecutors cares thousand or Vacidiye madrasa. It converted into a museum in 1965 by the Ministry of Culture.

The most important work in the Archaeological Museum, Kütahya 57 km. Amazon’s Tomb in the ancient city which has been brought from Aizanoi Çavdarhisar away. World No. situation in the Amazon sarcophagus He was one of the best.


The road behind the museum (Sultan Bond Street) is reached upwards you exit the Geological Museum. In fact, this structure is made in the 16th century Sengul bath.

Geological museum and the door was locked the door of the paper was pasted. On the “old binasınd adjacent administration.” He wrote. We knocked on the door of the administration building, a young man opened the door. The keeper of the museum, officer, or rather it was everything! He opened the door to the museum, take the key, turned on the lights, lifted nylon on the works. He then began to give detailed information to the extent that surprised us as the expert in this business. Which is moved or removed from the mine, from talc to diamond mines of hardness, values, and he told me a very interesting things.



They organized a room at the Geological Museum in the form of coal mine. Here the material all, if they were real material used in an actual coal mine.

After a rather surprised at the Geological Museum, in the streets, we look for the traces of ancient life.





Among the old houses, and we have come to Kossuth Museum in Hungarian streets around the old streets.


Lajos Kossuth among the leaders of the Hungarian freedom fight, taking refuge with friends and family in 1850 in Turkey for about two years sitting in this house. Hungary Kossuth had prepared the draft Constitution in this house. Then the host along with the house donated goods and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has opened the house as a museum restored by Lajos Kossuth. It is visit for free.


Kossuth keyif adamıymış bence. Evin çok hoş odaları, çok özel köşeleri, tam keyiflik mekanları ve güzel bir de bahçesi var. Geldiğimizde buranın da kapısı kapalıydı. Çalınca içerideki tek görevli kapıyı açtı. Daha önce gezdiğimiz Dönenler camii, Arkeoloji Müzesi ve Jeoloji Müzesi gibi buranın da tek ziyaretçileri bizdik.



Kütahya in Beypazari or a street as the Hamamonu (Germiyan street) and on the street have restored the old house Kütahya. as well as asking the help of the map we have and that we find in the street. Kütahya Municipality in 1912 and made Şapçıza Khan mansion restored by the City History Museum has opened in Kütahya. Login $ 1. (This museum is also there that we need to write the only guest?).


The museum meets us at the door before our visit to the upper floors Wilson said, then they will give you more information when we descend to the lower floor.

On the second floor of the museum, the interiors of living rooms in homes and mansions in Kutahya bride, wedding, henna, selamlık, clothes, bed room, kitchen and animated daily life, such as carpet weaving.

kütahya35       kütahya36

The first floor of the Kütahya and all blacksmith with the obsolescent profession to disappear in Anatolia, a coppersmith, tinsmith, keçeci, basketware, carpenter, cutlery, semerci, farriers, saddlers, professional groups such as shoemaker, was enlivened by the model and photos into sections and the associated tools place It was located.

When our guide was waiting for us on the ground floor of Mrs. Farida. Kütahya starting from the pre-4000 years, until today told the whole history of the most minute details. Kütahya taken 100 years ago in a room behind the black and white photos and photos taken today were also new ones. We found a new turning the old photographs and compare.


Farida working at the museum after this enjoyable and rewarding promotion lady, Mrs. Wilson et al Ayça They served us tea. We relax and we warmed up and both had a pleasant chat.


I step out of the museum, we walked towards Ulu mosque again. Our goal was to explore the Tile Museum, but we feel we are hungry and our friend before who was a shopkeeper meatball Straw Market on the proposal Asim Şepitçi we went to Delicious Meatballs

kütahya40    kütahya41

This is a tiny meatballs hall. No menu. already have in place. table seating waitress to one of you. You can spot some of the long and narrow pulling the stool under the table.There ornamental pepper in small dishes on the table. There was also a small upstairs, but we realized later. Waiter simply “Is a Is it a half?” He asks. This was the most delicious meal I’ve had in Kütahya! Again, we taste halva halvah from across themeatball with Asim Şepitçi the proposal and have received a lot of fresh leaf candy.Next time I will take a more definite.


Saturation wife of our stomach, we have grown from closing the Tile Museum behind the Ulu Mosque. Who else do you think we got to the museum? It is to explain the beauty of Kütahya tiles, and there is no need.

kütahya43    kütahya44


I liked the work of this Tile Museum …

I know we were both very incomplete, and it was very ordinary post. Kütahya I go again, I will visit the remaining places will tell stories. But the weather warmed up a little after …

Kütahya (Part 2) What’s on?

1- Kütahya Castle

2- Aizonai (Çavdarhisar) The ancient city

3- Kutahya Tavsanli kitchen and roasted chickpeas

4- Kütahya fountains and bazaars

5- Dumlupýnar

6- Phrygian Valley


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