Pamukkale, from time to time to rest when we went to Aegean holiday from Ankara, was always longing troubleshooting tool for years. Marmaris, Bodrum, Kuşadası, even the way we stopped in Izmir, albeit one night changed our way of Pamukkale.



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by navigating to the bottom of travertine could be used to visit the travertine uncontrollably. The hotels and the waters were a part of the hotel to Pamukkale was going one more sad. Then the hotel was closed and pools were preventing the passage means, almost 1 kilometer away from the park approached him whether on foot. Wooden platforms were made and only some areas and it began to be allowed to enter barefoot.


Karahayıt Hierapolis ruins, its unique amphitheater, agora and gymnasium, although it remains in the shadow of the white travertine deposits, connoisseurs and aficionados do not forget to visit these places again.pamukkale17

If you go further ahead, go for a moment before, albeit for a few hours. Even if you the next time the ruins of Hierapolis, the warm waters of travertine Immerse your feet and it is a unique soft, nagging prickling sensation felt the soles of your feelings … we talklater …