Çanakkale poem as the poet also told us that the speed of the bat and a place at the heart of the country. the Dardanelles with its unique natural beauty and history of the legendary war issues, the world knows and heroism of the destansılaş worth seeing one of our provinces without dying. Is it possible to come here to be affected. Canakkale, on the one hand while visiting martyrs’ monument and history museums, on the other hand, you can enjoy the beaches and natural beauty.

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1-Canakkale Troy Statue

Trojan Horse has become one of the symbols almost Dardanelles. The legend of the Trojan horse from the outside, it looks as a work of art, but the construction at this planned for a different purpose. Troy with Greek soldiers who want to seize the city and sculptures made of wood in the form of a horse, he did not arrive until today. Troy movie horse sculpture made of wood used in the shooting, was a gift to the Dardanelles. At the entrance of the ancient city of Troy, Canakkale’s most visited places between. Getting there takes about 30 minutes through Çanakkale


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2 Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial

during the Gallipoli War, this land of martyrs almost 253 thousand martyrs whose iconic monument is made of, it was decided in 1952. Not enough money for it to exit from the war and stopped the construction of the monument several times and landing could be performed in 1960. The height of 41.70 meters and is located in the Hisar Monument nose. posited on the four pillars of the monument, our nation can not be destroyed and he stated that sits on a solid foundation. When viewed from a remote location seems to have M as soldiers. When you look up from the bottom of the monument mosaic finished you will see the Turkish flag figure.

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3- Kilitbahir Castle

sea lock, which means castle, built in 1452 by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The purpose of construction of this fortress siege Istanbul Papal Navy’s help to prevent the Byzantine Empire. 1451 on by Suleiman the Magnificent, and in 1870 it was commissioned by Abdulaziz restoration.

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4- Bazaar in the Mirror

We all know the market is mirrored in Canakkale songs, I think. domestic and foreign tourists who visited the Dardanelles Mirror Bazaar will surely want to visit. architecture with red stone gate and embossed floral pattern quite different. market in the form of neglected and in ruins until recently, have opened their doors to visitors to the restoration carried out in 2007. This place attracts a lot of attention to the sale of souvenirs Gallipoli spirit.

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5- Çanakkale Martyrs Museum

Çanakkale The sketches used during the war, guns, binoculars, taken photos, you can see flasks and food containers used by our soldiers. able to influence what you came here? bullet and shrapnel that stuck to the bone, you can see where bandages and bullets in the air colliding astounded. You can not dominate your feeling when you come here and you will be impressed too.

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in the immediate vicinity of the monument and was martyred for this country, you can visit the Çanakkale Martyrs Monument. Our country became a martyr to come from every corner of this country forget our brave.

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6-Fatih Mosque

Date of 1462 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque, which was built in Canakkale, the city’s oldest mosque. Architects rectangular structure and a single minaret of the mosque is the largest and grandest of Ottoman mosque located in Canakkale. A well placed near the cemetery of the mosque. Hafiz Ismail made the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Pasha in the cemetery’s graves.

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7- Namazgâh Bastions

Namazgâh Bastion was built by Sultan Abdulaziz and at that time called Rumeli mAktAymIş Azizia bastion. The biggest feature is a sheltered place looks like, and he was so affected by the attacks. The aim here will be known bastion Namazgâh mAsIymIş made the Friday prayer here. Despite the lag due to open during the war where He was one of the most important defensive areas of the throat.


8-Kabatepe Sands

Çanakkale unspoiled beauties of the land Kabatepe, clean air and sea fans with its gleaming leaves. The rear side of the front of the pine grove from the beach with a sandy beach, enter the sea where you can see all sides clear. visitors are able to picnic in the pine grove. about 7 minutes from the beach a short distance from Eceabat. You can bring food with you when you come here. There are not many facilities around you can buy something.

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9-Dardanos Beach

The beach is quite close to the city center Çanakkale able to see domestic and foreign tourists. Beach from the center of Canakkale transportation can be provided in a way quite comfortable. When you come to the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas. because the beach is pretty much wind, especially I’d say this place is ideal for people who want to do windsurfing. You can have a great time you take a day here.

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magnificent beauty of nature hosts Biga from places worth seeing. In summer a lot of visitors in front of the eyes of almost all the beauty of tea and demonstrate. Located in the town of Canakkale Biga district and dividing this tea offers nature lovers of all shades of green. There is also the history of the property; Alexander the Great fought around this tea. Biga dumped into the Sea of Marmara and trees reflected in the water leaves almost awestruck.

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What to Eat?

I recommend you to taste the flavor in Canakkale 3 of 3 locations I say below.


over here, and I recommend that you do not want to pickle juice from sardines and bread alongside. The taste of mussels and other fish products in bakabilirsiniz.balık quite fresh and delicious.

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If you eat meat this venue in Canakkale for you. Soucess very tasty marinated and prepared meats. If you do not get enough to eat steak, but you have to wait a little flavor. I think this is a candidate to be frequented by gourmets. Soufflé here is very famous. Just because there are coming to eat here souffle.

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Paternity Helvacı’nın of Cheese

This makes the candy Çanakkale’s oldest and most delicious cheese venue. Especially when you come here, I would advise you to eat fried cheese halva. Business continues to display the old structure intact for years. Employees here are quite friendly and cordial.

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How to go?

Canakkale – about 384 kilometers by road from Istanbul continues. You can come here in 4 hours and 30 minutes via Istanbul. the outside of Istanbul, you can easily reach by road. Pitch more in the way and the Dardanelles, you can choose the flight comfortable for you to visit. We have stayed hidden beauty of Canakkale and awaits you with its sights.


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